Saturday, May 17, 2008

Erik Helland on TV

We have a hot Polk County primary in HD 69 (Grimes and Johnston).

One of the contestants to succeed Walt Tomenga (pictured right),
Erik Helland, (pictured left) is on the air with a sharp, name ID commercial.

Erik has the commercial airing on FNS so fundraising must be going well.

Ah…..the smell of competition is in the air.


George Raveling said...

Go Al Lorenzen!

Anonymous said...

Who is Eric Helland?? I live in this district I have no clue who he is. He has not signs, he's never come to my door. What is his background?

Anonymous said...

I just checked out his Website Helland offers nothing. Where is the substance. With yahoos like this running no wonder why we lose. Maybe he is a nice guy, but that is not a reason to vote for the guy. I want someone who has accomplished something. (not just some phony picture in a field.)

Anonymous said...

If you don't know Eric Helland, it's your loss. He may be one of the most articulate young Conservatives to come along in a long time. In fact the Republican party has a great crop of young, energetic candidates that will work hard and can actually lead in a principled, conservative fashion. Go Eric!

Anonymous said...

Did Al "the Vanilla Gorilla" really get $1500 from AFSCME?

Check it out Sporer.

Anonymous said...

The blockhead Al is the ONLY Republican reported to have earned support from AFSCME on their most recent report!!!

Otherwise, AFSCME gave to Democrat candidates and the Iowa Democrat Party!!!

Oh, and Big Al!!

Dig a little deeper and you find liberal Walt Tomenga, who this race replaces, was the ONLY republican to receive a contribution from AFSCME in their final two reports of 2006.

What did that buy AFSCME?

A democrat in Republican clothing. Walt Tomenga was no more a republican than Chet Culver. Walt was not allowed in some Republican meetings because he was disloyal!!!!!

ya think AFSCME knows they are buying a newer model in Al Lorenzen?????

TFS, if this isnt enough to get the POLK County Republican party to endorse Helland and trash Blockhead Al, I don't know what is!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's see:

AFSCME supports only democrats and fake republicans.

AFSCME supports Al Lorenzen.

Al Lorenzen = DEMOCRAT (or even worse, a pseudo republican who makes democrats like AFSCME all excited to get them elected)

No s**t, a so called republican who earns the favor and $$$$ of a huge labor union should scare us all!!!

Anonymous said...

Who recruited Al Lorenzen?

Anonymous said...

the only reason afscme would support a republican is if that republican supported their fascistlike takeover of state government.

not good

Kim said...

Eric Helland is supported by the Right to Life for good reason. He doesn't just "claim" to be pro-life, he is pro-life. Unlike Walt who took the side of the Democrats when they repealed Iowa's Human Cloning ban from 2002. Walt also supports funding abortion groups with our tax dollars. Now Walt has endorsed Al who is following in Walts foot steps by taking money from Knapp who sets up Planned Parenthoods.-- Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

At least Erik looks the part. Nice suit, clean shaven.......

In other words he doesn't walk around looking like a creep with a damn goatee, wearing a hard hat, and always shooting his mouth off like a damn fifth grader.

Oh wait.........

Anonymous said...

Eric Helland has worked for pro-choice candidates and could care less about abortion. The guy has no church home and has a general disdain for social conservatives!

Urbandale R said...

Lorenzen is also supported by the Iowa Association of Busienss and Industry, the states largest business organization. I'm pretty sure Lorenzen is a real republican.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pix and reading the comments you'd think Helland was running against Tomenga! Oh - now I remember, Helland was recruited by ITR when Muscatine targeted Tomenga to be the next Republican purged from the "Big Tent."

Now ITR and the Stanley family are stuck with Helland against an opponent that they ordinarily would have been thrilled to support - and $20,000 poorer (90% of Helland's money came from out of the district!) and they are STILL running against Tomenga!

Hello??? Walt isn't running. Lorenzen is Helland's opponent - pro-life. business oriented, tax cutting fiscal conservative, Al Lorenzen. The difference is that Lorenzen will call people from his district to see how to vote, rather than getting instructions from Muscatine.

Anonymous said...

I am an ITR member in HD69.

I am a member of ITR.

I gave money to ITR. That's in the district money.

I want my representative listening to ITR over unions!!

Anonymous said...

Al Lorenzen does not need to be bought by anyone including AFSCME. Just because he was endorsed by a labor union does not mean he will let them walk all over him. HD69 needs a candidate that will fight for what is right for ALL of his constituants not just ones with deep pockets. It would be nice to have a Representative that thinks the opinions of all people are important. It amazes me that people would dislike a candidate because they might be in favor of families making a living wage. And if you do your research around the nation, AFSCME has endorsed Republicans for House seats, congressional seats, Governor, etc.. They endorse candidates based on how they approach real life problems for working families. That seems like a nice change for those of us who have remained Republicans through the last 8 years!

Anonymous said...

Poor Kim (May 19). Why in God's name do we keep giving her a pass? She can hate Walt all she wants (most righties do) but she ought to at least do a tiny bit of homework. Facts:

1. Tomenga voted with Republicans against the cloning bill.
2. Tomenga voted with Republicans against the bill which had the PP money in it.
3. Liberal abortion promoter Bill Knapp also was a big supporter of conservative "Hero" Brad Zaun last time around, making Brad an evil abortionist. Follow the money.

Never let facts get in the way of dogma, right Kim?

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