Saturday, June 21, 2008

The GOP at Johnston Green Days Parade.

One of the truly charming duties of a County Chair is participation in parades and festivals. We kicked off the parade season this morning at Johnston’s Green Days Parade. What could be more fun than walking down the street and throwing candy to kids?

The GOP was represented by not just our County Party but also by our Second District Supervisor EJ
Giovannetti, Senator Larry Noble and our HD 69 nominee Erik Helland.

E.J.’s immense popularity in the northern suburbs is evident from his parade performances. No Republican gets louder or more sustained parade cheers than does EJ when he processes through the streets north of Des Moines. It’s a tribute to the Democrat organization that they put a candidate in the field against EJ, a lesson we Rs need to learn, but Officer Scarpino is going to look a lot more like Koby than Kevin when the polls close on November 4.

The Big “E” had multiple luminaries in his troupe. The “Give ‘em Helland for the House” group began with Kimmy Lehman and ended with Timmy Albrecht with Matt Gronewald, Jo E Hill, Josie Klingamen and Ashley Espinosa in between. This was a great group for a young candidate.

It’s also great to see Larry out building a network beyond his Ankeny fortress precincts. There’s a reason that Larry was one of the few bright spots in our otherwise dismal Senate effort in 06.

If you’re a Polk County Republican-not just a Central Committeeperson but any activist at any level you really should join us. So Polk County Pachyderms, let’s get off our butts and on our feet. We’ll get you a Tee shirt and you will help us show some pachyderm power in the big July 3 and Independence Day parades and we’ll all have some fun doing it.


Anonymous said...

EJ goes into battle with the Polk county democrats every day. Polk county republicans have to rally around him...take a couple mintues and make some calls or knock some doors for the guy fighting like mad for us.its a small investment for a great supervisor

T. Fred said...

Hear hear!!!

Anonymous said...

Do the log cabin republicans get their own special pink shirts?

Anonymous said...

Check with the DNC, I think they supply all the pro-gay clothing.