Sunday, July 16, 2006

Special Nominating Convention-"Git 'er Done"

The Polk County Republicans are going to hold a series of special nominating conventions for both legislative and County offices. The special convention will begin at 6:30 p.m. on July 28, 2006 at the downtown Holiday Inn on 6th Avenue 1 block north of the I-235 Freeway.
We will be nominating challengers for Jo Oldson in HD 61 and for the open seat in HD 66 being vacated by Ed Fallon, Jr. We will be nominating candidates for County Recorder and County Treasurer, and we will take nominations for Supervisor Districts 4 and 5.
We have a once in a lifetime chance to win these seats. The Dems are embroiled in scandal with CIETC (Ako's involved and got a ton of money from this money pit), consulting contracts, and cronyism. Isn't it time to sweep out the Courthouse?
Jo Oldson's constituency doesn't support special homosexual marriage rights or unlimited power to seize your property. Oldson looks even worse 'cause her husband lobbys for a municipality that supported upholding the veto. Ako's in a lot more trouble than we thought a month ago-it looks like Creative Visions in now under investigation.
See you on the 28th. Let's cowboy up and "git 'er done!


Anonymous said...

What's happening in those locations where the D's are that voted not to override? Can you update us on those statehouse races? Do we need to recruit in those areas?

What's up Sporer?

The Real Sporer said...

I am still looking for candidates. We can take this but we have a lot of years of defeat to put behind us.

We have a few more weeks to nominate legislative candidates.

Luis Rukeyser said...

i hear through the rumor mill that an up and comer/insider is going to be making a run against Haggerty for Recorder.....i believe his name is Chris Hagenow--i only know of him through the Po Co Treasurer, but i am pleased to see Teddie get some good candidates to run....

Anonymous said...

The same thing happens on the School Board. How is it that ISEA union members or immediate past members of the union (due to retirement), can negotiate salaries with the union to which they belong?

The school board negotiates with the union, yet the school board is made up of members of the union.

Isn't that a lot like immediate past members of Congress can't lobby for a few years due to the undue influence?

The more I learn about my local politics, the more I want to throw the bums out.

Anonymous said...

Who is the Hagenow guy running for recorder?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ted, why run good Republicans to the slaughter? No way in Hades do we beat Oldson, Haggerty, Maloney, Connolly, Hockensmith or either Mauro. Why not use our collective energy to elect Nussle and Lamberti? Just putting people in place to run against entrenched Dems seems stupid as they will wake up and raise money and get their bases out. Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

All politics is local. Perhaps if we gave people a reason to vote out their local legislator, they'd be more like to vote UP ticket. We all have a reason to turn voters out. The trickle down theory didn't work for anyone else in the past, including Bush 04. Mayber we should concentrate on trickle UP.

Anonymous said...

If we fight the terrorists, it's just going to make them madder and madder and then, oh my, then where will we be?

If we fight the democrats, its just going to make them mad at us and then, oh my, then where will we be?

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