Saturday, August 12, 2006

The broken record.

I had the opportunity to debate Jerry Crawford, noted long time Democrat spokesman, on the WHO-TV program "The Insiders" Friday. Jerry is good, very good but his arguments, however forcefully made and repeated, demonstrate the absurd disconnection between reality and the usual Democrat line.

For example, Dems are now claiming CIETC is a Republican scandal because Ramona Cunningham got her first bonus in late 98. Of course, the facts that it was still a group of largely Polk County Dems who provided the bonus and the reports that would disclose the bonus weren't completed during the Branstad administration disclose the utter absurdity of that argument.

Or, Deb Desert's husband-Democrat Steve Bargman-received the outrageous bonuses so, naturally, Deb would have known the bonuses to be of questionable or illegal sources or bookkeeping, and hence CIETC is a Republican scandal. I've covered this before so I'll just ask the readers to ask themselves if they would volunteer such shenanigans to their spouse or maybe just say"Honey-I'm getting a hell of a bonus this year". Twenty years of lawyering leads to the latter conclusion. What do you think?

Dems claim Ako is beyond reproach, even with the public learning of the bottomless siphon of public money that is Creative Visions because, well, he's black. Outright race baiting pure and simple. Ako's race and skin color are irrelevant to the deep pocket scams he's running. This is a run to the ugliest politics of all. Kind of like the NAACP comparing opposition to hate crimes laws, that punish thought, with support for lynching/dragging murder. If racism is as bad as liberals say it is I wonder how we Republicans should respond to the endless charges of racism anytime we criticize an African-American Democrat?

Even more silly is claiming the factual criticisms that we've directed at the Polk County Democrat Machine is an ethnic slur at people of Italian descent. That means that "Boss Hogg" John Mauro's involvement in the Polk County corruption places those other real Italian sounding characterers Brooks (Nathan and Archie), Vlasis (like I'm not Greek), Hockensmith, Connolly, and Albritton is a 19th Century style ethnic slur. I'm pretty sure that Republican State Senator and Congressional candidate Jeff Lamberti and Republican Polk County Supervisor E.J. Giovannetti would be surprised to learn that CIETC is really code for anti-Italiansim.

In short, we know this strategy of denial, distortion and division. We saw this divisive propoganda for eight years of the Clinton Administration. This time, in Central Iowa anyway, we're calling them out on it!



Anonymous said...

Reading the paper this a.m. and who comes on but Uncle Teddy.

Called out Crawford in all the Democrat usual spin lines.

Way to go Teddy.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts on Sporer's appearance on the Insiders...
1) Loved the line about how Sherry Howard (Republican TREASURER of CIETC) didn't do anything wrong. She just signed the blank checks she didn't cash them. Hmmmm. Glad you weren't at Nuremberg. As an attorney you can certainly spell FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY. Thought that was what we were looking for in TREASURERS?!
2) Only a Republican would assume of natural course that a husband would keep his financial-doings secret from his wife--who, in Sporerland would no-doubt be barefoot, pregnant and burning down Planned Parenthood facilities. Do you honestly believe that a Republican, bright enough to secure her own $50,000 "consulting fee" from CIETC, wouldn't know that her hubby was bringing down six figures and how he was doing it?!?! A bit old fashioned don't you think Uncle Teddy.
3) Best line of the show by far: CRAWFORD in response to Sporer's attack on Kerry: "Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the illustrious military record of your president."
Keep it coming Uncle Teddy. Just waiting to see what you do next.

Anonymous said...

As distinguished from the great war hero Bill Clinton.

Kerry has besmirched his war record at every turn since he returned from Vietnam.