Monday, August 14, 2006


Part 1

Congratulations to Mary Ann Hanusa as the 2006 Republican nominee for Secretary of State. Mary Ann will bring a youthful and aggressive face to the Republican ticket. Mary Ann campaigned hard for the nomination. She was the only one of the four finalists that called every member of the SCC, an aggressive attitude that will help in the short campaign to come. Mary Ann isn't from Des Moines so her fresh face will be especially helpful when contrasted with an old pol like her opponent.

Mike Mauro hasn't had to wage much of a campaign until now, but the Minnow has landed and the show begun. Mary Ann's short campaign has provided early signs of the Professor's smart's Thurston and Lovey's humor and Ginger's [political] sizzle.

All right sister, you've got the job now let's see the campaign.

Part 2

A second and more subtle campaign is also is kicking off. Pete Rose is trying to elevate his campaign for clean government to the next level-Boss Hogg Mauro (as distinguished from brother Mike) and his minions on the Board of Supervisors.

Pete's job is going to be much harder than it was with the City because the stone wall is much higher and thicker. Pete cannot even get on the agenda to address the Board.

The Supervisor's clerical staff first told Pete that he couldn't get on the agenda. Then he was told he could get on the agenda if Supervisor Angela Connolly put him there (good luck on that one Pete). Then he was told that he could get on the agenda if the Auditor put him on the agenda. When Pete called the Auditor's office they told him, accurately and sensibly, that they just print the agenda, not set it, and referred Pete back to the Supervisors. So, Pete started over with the Supervisors and was once again told he couldn't get on the agenda.

We call this a Court Avenue freeze out. What do you suppose the Mauro/Connolly/Hockensmith trio of machine politicians have to fear from a well known and widely respected member of the Polk County Democrat Central Committee. Perhaps the Machine prefers to keep their darkness at the edge of town?

The freeze being directed at Pete sure makes Tim Brien's version of his ouster for refusing to provide patronage jobs for the Polk County Democrat Machine's a lot more credible, doesn't it? Hopefully Pete's campaign to receive a fair hearing from the Democrat Supervisors will be sucessful, or we will see another 7000 Democrats demanding the ouster of the three Democrat Supervisors this fall.


Big-killer said...

It is quiet Ted???????

Anonymous said...

Is the RPI going to have a welcome to Iowa party for their new candidate for SOS? Where should house warming gifts be sent?

Anonymous said...

She was the only candidate

Anonymous said...

Who arranged that?

Steve Churchill
Mary Ann Hanusa
Mike Hartwig
Jeff Heil

The only candidate? Or the only candidate given consideration? Couldn't find a single candidate in Iowa?

Anonymous said...

The only candidate to vote for; sounds like theothers withdrew.

Anonymous said...

Or told that the head of the ticket wanted a woman to run. Didn't matter if she lived in the state or not. Something here stinks and it smells like a fix. Real democracy at the RPI State Central Committee meeting.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how the losers always think that the fix was in against their candidate?

It sounds like Al Gore and Howard Dean are blogging at The Real Sporer.

Anonymous said...

No, its John Kerry and the mysterious Ohio computer program that stole this election from Hartjqdwig, Churchill and Heil.

Anonymous said...

Get in Line GOPers. We'll tell you what you want and what your opinion is!!!

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone think that there was some conspiracy here? No campaign called anyone and said they wanted a woman on the ticket.

How about the better person simply won and she coincidentally is a woman.

We are the R party. We judge people on the content of their character rather than the color of their gender or anything else that has nothing to do with character.

It's democrats who feel the need to color/gender stripe everything without regard to character (Ako Samad being the current example).

Anonymous said...

Because by the time of the meeting all but the woman from DC had been told to step aside.

Oh, and nice referral to King's speech - was he a Republican?

Get in line and do as your told, you are a member of the RPI.

Anonymous said...

King was a conservative and had conservative principles - such as judging people on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. That is a conservative, even biblical and therefore, Christian, principle.

No one told anyone to step aside. Who is the person that you believe has that power?

You can't be an insider because you don't know how the party works. Perhaps you are a D and assume that our party works like a commmunist polit bureau too.

Our party decides nothing, as prior complaint posts have indicated.

Anonymous said...

Anon said:

Because by the time of the meeting all but the woman from DC had been told to step aside.

Yes - the others stepped aside. It's a coincidence that she's a woman. How D of you.

Oh, and nice referral to King's speech - was he a Republican?


Anonymous said...

Hi Teddy

I've read the news today and listened to Deuce on the way home from work about the continuing saga of Muslim Iman Ako Abdul Samad.

I had this thought. So, Creative Visions is a Social Service Agency?

How does that work? Can anyone just decide to set up a social services agency and just get money because you've declared yourself to be a social services agency?

I mean..does AKO even have a high school diploma? Don't you have to have some kind of professional background to deliver social services?

He can get people hired that all the education and public funds expended on behalf of hiring folks (CIETC) can't get hired?

Are we saying that AKO can do what no one else can do? AKO, Iman of Louis Farahkan's racist muslim religion can do it? Ako, formerly Steve Green, former Black Panther, former Gang leader, felon, not high school graduate? He can get it done, but all the professional social services agencies can't??????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Just saw this in the Register online version:

Basically, Mauro is check mated.

War Truth Justice and the American Way

War Pete Rose (a Democrat who believes in the content of the character instead of the color of his political party)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed? It is only white men who don't understand why our local government should not be run by just white men.

There's nothing wrong with giving the candidate that has the "disadvantage" of being non-white or non-male a chance at office - assuming that person is sufficiently qualified, but not necessarily the best qualified. I know plenty of white male gov't officials who have been thrown in the ring with thanks to the good ol' boys club.

I'm glad Hanusa's on the ticket. Even if she was the only choice. Not only is she well qualified, but also at least now the Iowan Rep. executive office candidates will not be all white men.