Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A few good Democrats………….

…………still exist and they are at Drake University. Around 4:00 today I stopped at RPI to find a gaggle of young lefties, bright eyed and bushy tailed, actually protesting, well, me. Seriously, signs that read things like “Sporer = Hate”, “Sporer = Fake Morals”, and some other equally loving statements were splattered on homemade posters all over East 9th Street by about 15 Drake Democrats.

I suppose some other, more cautious, personality would have hidden or snuck out the back. Actually, when the kids heard that I had “arrived” about half the worker’s brigade moved to the back door, so that option would have been foreclosed anyway. Since we all know how Kurt Russell handled Ike Clanton when Curly Bill shot old Fred White, I decided to cry havoc, and wade into the crew just to see what would happen.

Well, not surprisingly, the kids didn’t fair very well in the clash of wits, which isn’t really saying a whole lot for me. After all, if a 47 year old trial lawyer, who coached debate for a hobby, and majored in philosophy before serving as three term county chairman in Iowa’s most contentious political environment can’t outwit adolescents, then he’d better find a whole new life, eh? So it wasn’t just my love of argument that made the discourse so much fun.

What was a pleasant surprise was how both polite and sincere and, what’s more, reasonably well dressed were the young Donkeys. This was such a difference from the dirty, hysterical, rude leftists of my college days. There was little interruption and no attempt to shout me down or make a childish drama in evidence today.

There was none of that name calling and emotional bombast that the Baby Boom and older Gen X lefty types usually employ, as is well evidenced all over the Republican blogs. The kids actually wanted to argue the merits of stem cell research. While they are both misguided and mistaken, the young Donkeys exercised their First Amendment rights in way that would make Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton and Madison proud.

So the future isn’t as bleak as we think. But here’s a lesson for you, young Donkeys-using victims like Michael J. Fox as your spokesman is designed to terminate debate because it seems so mean to respond to a guy, who probably seems old to you but is actually the same age as me, who suffers from a visually graphic terrible disease. It is very much worse when that spokesman, shall we at least agree, distorts the debate by saying things like “John Doe Republican opposes stem cell research” as a universal deductive statement when we know that it is not a contextually accurate or fair statement.

Here’s another tip of the hat young to the young Donkeys-you dared to go where your political elders won’t. Otherwise Chet and Leonard would have been willing to have a three hour real Lincoln Douglas debate with Jim and Jeff. Your party leadership won’t even debate me. So at least someone has some guts on your side of the aisle.

P.S. Special thanks to all of the volunteers who gave me such a warm and supportive welcome at the Victory Office tonight. We’re in this culture war together and I remain proud as hell to be leading you-and your ovation tonight is utterly energizing for the fight at hand.
Like I say, truth and reality are powerful weapons when you use them. Compare our response to the Democrat's preposterous claims and you'll undertstand why the IDP has dropped this distraction in a hurry.


Tyler Buller said...

Kenboiraq said...

This certainly deserved a post in Uncle Teddy's defense. Liberals are irrational hypocrites and reality has no place for them.

Facts and results don't matter to liberals but emotions and feelings in between philosophy are completely valid to them. Ted is my hero as he fights with superior arguments as opposed to those lacking the same using shouts as a substitute. Ideas and facts should prevail over ignorance and irrationality in my mind which explains why I vote Republican. Furthermore, stem cell research doesn't have to be sponsored by the US Government does it? MJK failed to mention private researchers are free to pursue this option. Perhaps private companies are scared to spend billions knowing communist leaning liberals will prevent them from recovering the financial benefits of such research by regulating drug costs? So the liberal answer remains Big Government with Big Taxes.

Since you are all legal eagles why don't you ask Judge Charles Pelton of Iowa's 7th District to resign since we can't find an example of him granting father custody in this decade. I thought liberals hated discrimination or is it a moving target open to interpretation when focused on liberal friendly constituencies?

Anonymous said...

We think that it's unfortunate that Congressman Boswell, the IDP and Mr. Sporer are using human suffering for their own partisan political purposes, and Jeff (Lamberti) will not be participating in that," Lamberti campaign spokesman Tim Miller said.

This was Lamberti's response to an issue that is buzzing with voters. Their reaction could explain their dismal showing in the polls. The people talking about this issue are going to get elected and Jeff, by ignoring it, is going to lose.

Tim - nice job buddy. Always a good idea to attack the leadership in the largest and most important county in your district and the most important to your victory...and, I might add, the only one talking about what the voters want to talk about.

Anonymous said...

According to KCCI, Boswell leads Lamberti by 12 points, 53 to 41.

In the gubernatorial race, Culver leads Republican Jim Nussle 50 to 45.

I guess Lamberti and Nussle have decided that not talking about issues the voters wish to discuss is a very good campaign strategy.

This issue is BIG with voters. Keep telling us about raising teachers salaries though. That really fires us up.

Big-killer said...

I do not know Miller personally but I assume he's on the Lamberti campaign payroll.

What I am afraid that I do know is that when people get paid to manage/run/administer a republican campaign or our party, they too often apparently swap their brain and all common sense for that pay check.

I have enjoyed MJF's work on TV and I feel great compassion for him and others similarly afflicted, however folks, A LIE IS A LIE !!!!! Steve Deace on WHO has been calling Leonard a liar for weeks on the radio. The REAL Sporer calls it as it is - A LIE.

We have an ACTOR (remember what actors get paid to do) delivering an untruth and when the R leader of Polk County calls it as it is, we announce we will separate ourselves from Mr Sporer. ICFBI !!!!

Ted could we get a listing of the donors to Jeff Lamberti's campaign and file a class action THEFT suit over something this insane????

The President comes in to help Jeff and less than a week later we hear this crap??

Jeff, man up and be a leader and fire this fellow and really take your message to the people and you have a shot - even this late.

The D's hate W because he has a backbone and a pair. Throw the red meat out there this last 5 days and see what happens.

WAR - The REAL Sporer

Anonymous said...

Last known, Miller also worked for Bill Dix's failed three way primary. He's not from Iowa. Just came here for resume purposes, like they all do. Come in and tell us what we should be caring about and after their candidates lose, they go onto another one in some other state. Thinks he can get a presidential campaign to hire him. He has no vested interest in issues that Iowans care about, so I guess that explains the inexplicable comment from him.

Tim is 23 I think.

Anonymous said...

Read this this morning when I got to work and I can't believe my eyes.

Boswell brings in Fox to lie about Boswell, Sporer calls Fox and Boswell out on their lies and Lamberti attacks Sporer?????????

I guess this explains why we keep losing to Democrats-we spend all or our time figuring out how to fight with each other and come up with excuses and scapegoats.

Anonymous said...

Some of you have taken the words right out of my mouth.

This is like 2002 all over again.

Anonymous said...

Republicans are losers, this is why I'm leaving the party.

Anonymous said...

For what purpose is Jeff Lamberti running for Congress? Is Tim's statement to be taken as Jeff isn't a partisan? If you run for an office as a member of a political party, doesn't that make you automatically partisan? What a stupid statement. No wonder we lose with communications professionals like that. Jeff could have siezed that issue, made it his, owned it and led us with it. Instead, he ran and hid from an issue raging across the US and upon which he would have to vote if he were to win his race.

What makes Jeff run?

WTF - at least Sporer wants to win.

Anonymous said...

Repeating from above:

...for their own partisan political purposes, and Jeff (Lamberti) will not be participating in that," Lamberti campaign spokesman Tim Miller said.

ahum er...(excerpt from the Register) "Jeff Lamberti...spent the day questioning his democratic opponent's connection to Kerry...and saying that US Rep Boswell should call on Kerry to apologize"

Well, at least he isn't being partisan about it for political purposes.

Anonymous said...

I've been around Republican politics in Des Moines and Iowa for a long time, too long.

This is silly. We are five days out of a tough election and one of our campaigns has time to criticize one of our more visible party leaders.

Sporer is kind of a wild man, but maybe that's what we need. All of the media in central Iowa, which means Iowa's biggest media market, were in town with Pataki yesterday. Not one of our candidates said anything sufficiently newsworthy to appear on any television news lst night, not even their pictures. Sporer made it to at least one broadcast, KCCI, and he said exactly the kinds of things we need to rally our base if we are going to pull this thing out.

Let's pull together for the last five days and then we can reorder our priorities and practices after we know the magnatude of the problem.

Anonymous said...

That was the only campaign news in the paper today for Jeff. Page 9A. Did everyone see it?

Nice earned media.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic. The only person earning any media isn't even running for an office.

The Scarecrow said...

I guess Lamberti's running because Leonard is the least effective congressman from Iowa.

Wasn't that Thompson's primary campaign issue? How'd that work in 2002 and 2004?

Come to think of it, we should have just renominated Gross and Thompson since Nussle and Lamberti are running the same campaigns with the polls showing the same results.

Anonymous said...

That piece on 9A was all there was about the Statewide candidates swing through the state with Pataki.

Did anyone see anything in any of the other papers? Did our candidates say ANYTHING newsworthy at any point in the day?

I saw the Pataki office thing on KCCI, but didn't see any candidates being interviewed about anything. Maybe they didn't do interviews and only cared about Pataki????


Jordan said...

Is it just me or is this "Anonymous" guy all over the board today with his comment. Pro-Republican one minute bashing them the next...

Anonymous said...

Lamberti's latest ad says Boswell's been in office too long. Did anybody tell Nussle that ten years is too long? Or Grassley? or Leach?

Lamberti is imploding.

Anonymous said...

Teddie, you are better off matching wits with kids than the likes of Gordo who chewed you up and spit you out.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:53--you are derranged.
Gordo is absolutely no match for the superior Sporer. Lets we repeat again and again, Gordo had the opportunity to debate Uncle Teddie at Centro and refused. Sporer's wife could take Gordo on. Gordo may be spitting, but it aint sporer.

mohammed was a pedophile said...

Is Tim Miller retarded?

Bob Waters said...

Sorry you had to be victimized by the Party of Hate, Ted.

Anonymous said...

Sporer: You're a pathetic hatemongerer suffering from one of the worst messianic complexes imaginable. Now you're leading the "culture war". What a loser.

Bob Waters said...

I find it fascinating that people who smear this website- and the American political landscape- with such raw, undisguised, paranoid hate can accuse those who simply disagree with them with being hatemongers. "Projection," I believe Freud called it.

Hey, Oh he-who-lacks-the-guts-to-use-his-own-name, tell me. I've always been curious. At Democratic rallies, does the "Five Minutes' Hate" come at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end??

Anonymous said...

I hardly think Lamberti and Tim Miller are the problem in this situation. I also hardly think the statement was an anti-Sporer statement, but more Boswell for trying to make this an issue.

mohammed was a pedophile said...

I hardly think Lamberti and Tim Miller are the problem in this situation.

Really? Then who put out the press release?