Thursday, November 23, 2006

A glimpse into the future ……………….

…………….. and it’s already getting scary as hell. Its only Thanksgiving and we are already beginning to get a real look into the new Iowa Democrat agenda.

Right off the bat, Chet opposes merit based pay for teachers. Chet supports bonus and merit pay in other, non union, state positions but the ISEA (Tusk & Talon recently provided some great insight into the educational achievements that the status quo is producting) gets the lead payoff-properly rewarding its role in electing liberals in general and Gov. Culver in particular. So, Iowa, kiss goodbye the one real incentive for improvement you are ever going to see in Iowa’s rapidly declining schools.

Then, the Democrats start lubricating the public for a big hike in the gas tax. Clearly, the road to encouraging travel in Iowa is higher gas prices. Do any of you think that higher gas and diesel prices are going to provide any long term benefit for Iowa?

What happens when higher gas prices reduce consumption producing declining fuel tax revenues-I’m pretty sure another tax hike from Chet and the vampires? Doesn’t this sound like just another plunge into the black hole that state government has already become?

The Democrats aren’t even in full control of the legislature and they are already providing a most illuminating idea of what the next few years will look like. Our job is to make it clear that we stand for something different and better.

It should be an easy task if we keep pounding away in every opinion forming venue that opportunity and effort lay on our doorstep.


Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Teddy-is Jo Hill going to sign up with Gingrich now that Jr. has dropped off the Pataki team?

the Heine said...

Ted, I am taking your advice and returning to the blogospere. We can't let the democrats have there way with our state we must put up resistance! They are very much trying to raise the little taxes that we will "barely" notice. But let me tell you that all these dollars and sense addd up to real money of ours they want to spend. All the while they are going to try to paint themselves as moderates and in the center. Let's expose them for who they really are- Liberal freaks!

Kenboiraq said...


We should also realize there are some RINOs out there and I don't mean the standard definition of such persons. I mean RINOs caring only care for their job within an organization, not unlike a prostitute, and happen to work for Republican Candidates. Such persons care nothing for the core values of the Republican Party and seem bewildered why their candidadates lost elections against rather weak Democratic Candidates. Mmmmm, perhaps it could be a result of the public's confusion as to why they should vote for a Democratic Party Lite version? Ah, that's a reasonable answer as to why luke warm Republican candidates have been bounced.

Yet, it seems some of those vile types lacking any real argument have come after the man making arguments as a way to seek revenge. Weak campaign staffers know they have no chance for another "paying" job if Uncle Ted is running things as he hires fighters not weak kneed slackers.

It is obvious from many different postings we have a turn coat RINO (the most deplorable "prostitute" type of political operative known to man) blogging away with non stop innuendos and personal attacks on Ted's wife. I've written before my belief 99% of human kind finds such actions to be atrocious.

I am simply amazed Ted allows such nonsense to remain posted. I believe all posters should have an identity and idiotic content should be removed.

Ted is one of only a few calling the Democrats for their failures and last time I checked he has never resorted to smearing an opponent's family. Perhaps it is also because Ted wins on the issues at hand and clearly puts his thoughts out there for all to debate.


Sporers Spouse said...

Hi Ken

Thanks for your kindness and consideration for my feelings about the nasty personal posts. I told Ted to keep them up so that people can see the kind of people with which we are dealing. We know who they are.

They are evidence of one of the problems we have in our party. We find ourselves having to deal with nasty people who would rather lash out at innocents rather than good people who wish to win.

We may as well let those nasty words speak for themselves. They speak volumes about the person who spoke them. It doesn't say anything about me. It is evidence of their character for all others to see. The dark hearts knows who they are, as do others, and must live with that blackness.

I'm fine.

Take care over there and Thank you for all that you do for us over here.


Sporers Spouse said...

And lets not forget the stereotype of the type of man that will attack a girl. Only pussies pick on girls. It's pretty easy to spot the pussies in the room.

Yes, you can hear the shrinking from across the room.

That's the fun part.

Heine said...

The best thing about Sporers Hot Spouse is not only is she hot but smart to!!! Good caught Ted!

sporers spouse said...

Thanks Jay!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too.

Maybe if I brown-nose enough to Ted's wife somebody will hire me said...

I hear there is an opening with Pataki Jay.

(rolls eyes)

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should stop rolling their eyes and see who ---- is working for, instead of engageing mouth before brain.

new blogger said...

Sporer is a message machine.

Kenboiraq said...

Sounds like some are forgetting the point of what we are doing is to win on issues and change the way our government does business. Actually, an argument can be made we aren't changing government as much as returning back to where it used to be.

We became a giant without the aid of oppressive taxation and intrusion into our personal lives so why would we want more of the so-called "Great Society" as well as the resurgent McGovern wing of the Democratic Party?

Obviously there are those more interested in financial gain and small wonder they are out of a job because moderate candidates became weak listening to their middle of the road advice. I am saying this from afar and lack specifics but the decline has been in place for years and it was time to pay the fiddler.

Ted is a fighter and hasn't changed in the seven years I've known him except he is getting better with age. RINOs looking for a job need not apply with Ted. In case anyone is wondering about my use of the word RINO I am not referring to moderate Republicans but in this case I am referring to workers with no understanding or concern for Republican issues beyond their personal financial gain.

They certainly could find work and far more kinship in the Democratic Party. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

So you would consider Scheffler a RINO then? Me too, I agree.

The Hunter said...

I want to point out 2 things. One, TED did overachieve in the marriage dept.(wink)Two, Steve Scheffler has done more for the RPI than all of you anons put together. You think just because you've had a staff job you know it all. Scheffie has turned down better jobs than you'll ever have!

Anonymous said...

Joe Hill,
you say real men dont attack women...but arent these posts likely from Sporer's girl, Connie?

You Know who said...

Way to go Keith!!! Glad your here!
Your friend from Flannigans--I still owe you one!

Kenboiraq said...

I am not here to carry Steve Sheffler's water but I can assure everyone he is not a RINO. Also, he is not gladhanding to Democrats when he finds himself in a disagreement with other Republicans looking for work. Steve is the type of guy to build an organization and make his own job while those launching personal attacks don’t seem to get they lost for lack of ideas rather than the wrong ideas and nobody wants to hire them. You don’t hire losers when you have winners around ready to fight!

Uncle Teddy is a fighter and he will use whatever weapons he has available and just like a great QB he spreads the ball out for maximum effect. RINOs are part of this great Republican Party and we need them as long as they are with us most of the time.

We can debate issues all day long and refining our arguments/tactics coupled with lessons learned for mistakes only makes us stronger. Turn Coats taking anonymous pot shots at decent people dropping names giving the appearance of inside knowledge demonstrates such persons don't even rise to the level of RINO.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to the party...but explain what RINO stands for...I know what it means, but what do the initials stand for?

Anonymous said...

RINO means "Republican in Name Only." It's a way for the radical far-right Alan Keyes/Gary Bauer fringes to smear moderates in their own party and also feel good about themselves.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know why the straw poll keeps changing. A while back, Dr. Mark Klein was listed and won 52% of several hundred votes. Now, his name is OFF Sporer's poll and replaced with other little/unknown candidates such as Mike Huckabee (whoever the heck he is). Funny thing too, is that there have only been 14 votes cast since Sporer dropped Dr. Klein. What gives, Ted? Don't YOU care about the 25 million, non-custodial PARENTS and their children???

The Real Sporer said...

Anon 4:44-easy on the paranoia. I rarely answer on line critics but I am going to make an exception for you. Dr. Klein was dropped months ago.

The poll has been reset several times since then, and will continue to be reset as circumstances warrant. The first time, Dr. Klein, Haley Barbour and Lindsey Graham all dropped off. Then, reset again to add Duncan Hunter when he announced. Then reset again to drop George Allen after the election. Then reset yet again late Thursday (Thanksgiving) night to add Tommy Thompson.

As I said at the time, Dr. Klein can make his way back into the poll by showing some real legs as a politician, like John Cox is doing.

Also, you display a lack of serious interest in the Republican Presidential horse race through your ignorance of Gov. Huckabee, which proves the point of removing Dr. Klein until he shows the aforesaid real political legs.

Finally, we already hashed this issue out, so check out my archives. If Dr. Klein appears at more events, starts building an Iowa team, begins donating money to local parties and candidates and helping in other party building activities and becomes included in other, shall we say more well known polls, like Gallup etc.... then his name will reappear as a voter's choice on The Real Sporer.

As a lawyer with 25 years of family law under my belt, and having helped raise two wonderful children I assure you I feel it is very important for children to have two parents actively involved in their lives in almost every situation.

However, thanks for reading and I hope you will find the site informative and challenging.

Kenboiraq said...

Ted has been very helpful with legal and political support of Children Need Both Parents. His statements regarding Dr. Klein's need to build a strong campaign before he will consider them legitimate highlight the dirty truth within "Father's Rights" as it seems all too often only a small group cares. Any small group will fail in politics regardless of the merits or abilitites of those involved.

Dr. Klein and the Children Need Both Parents crowd must build a real political movement. In the meantime, those within that movement need to avoid taking shots at Ted Sporer as Ted truly has not been our enemy.

On another note, if Ted could pull Dr. Klein from the poll as he felt it was an unrealistic abbheration (and it could have been) why can't he edit out the truly crude nimrods launching personal attacks on his family? Ted and his wife have teflon skin but I think similar logic should apply to delete such nasty posters.

Anonymous said...

Ted is smart,
First who is Klein, oh yeah the scary guy that looks like he is drunk and has no idea what a campaign is.

Second, by letting his detractors show their face a little, his detractors look like jerks.

If you know some of his detractors they are jerks.

Anonymous said...

The only concern you should have is the lastest rumor that Ted has partnered up with Ray Hoffman and Bonnie Hall. If Bonnie Hall has any further dealings with our party --I will leave and I know many others who will also!

mohammed was a pedophile said...


I think you are overlooking the elephant in the room (no pun intended)when you go after the RINOs for caring only care for their job within an organization, not unlike a prostitute, and happen to work for Republican Candidates.

Another threat here are those who are so completely blinded by their allegiance to a "Party" that they will forgo reason and continue to pull the "R" lever.

The Party Uber Alles folks go after anyone who criticizes the Party. The Bushbots continue to deny that Iraq is a complete clusterfuck and that "their guy" (who walks on water to them) is responsible for it and refuses to do what it takes to win. To a good Bushbot, anyone who disagrees with his Iraq policy, no matter how legitimate their disagreement, is automatically a traitor.

We are going to have to wait anywhere from 10-20 years to see how much damage this Administration has done to the country. The Bushbots will still be in denial.

Yoda said...

Hmmm... Don't forget Glen R. Stine...

he he he....

Kenboiraq said...

I do know the insurgents and global jihadists appreciate all the help the they can get from the same self-hating liberals who plunged SE Asian into oblivion 30 years ago.

We are lucky such weasles were not in charge during WWII or we would have lost. Can anyone imagine George McGovern or Charlie Rangle facing down the Nazis without the Nazis landing on our shores? If we had not fought them they would've had the bomb and used it not to end a war but to dominate the world (since Uber Alles is party of our conversation today).

I feel the need to address the Michael Moore defenders by stating up front the United States has not oppressed the world since we are the superpower as I am sure many on the lilly left feel we are just as evil as the Nazis.

As probably the only person on this blog feeling the explosions (and there are explosions lately) and furthermore since I have been in Iraq since the end of 2003 I feel uniquely qualified to guage the direction of this war. We can win or we can lose but it will not be decided by the insurgents. Only we can defeat ourselves and for some reason it seems the Democratic Party would like nothing more than a defeat.

Anonymous said...

Ken are you saying that we have made all the right moves and have never made a mistake? We support the war we have a problem with the administration running away from its mistakes and hiding them and not fixing the problems. Fix the problems and don't make it political--that goes for the dems to, you just want to lose the war for political gain with disrequard to our country!

Kenboiraq said...

I am saying we can easily win this war if we treat it as a war and not a politically correct police action.

We need more troops (not a draft mind you) and we need to change our rules of engagement to stop putting our soldiers out there like police. Soldiers kill and break things and if you do it well enough the enemy reevaluates the desire to fight you.

We could win this think in 3 months with a major change in strategy and with the US behind. Right now the Democrats want it both ways and President Bush cannot win this fighting a limited war.

Time to fish or cut bait.

mohammed was a pedophile said...

Bush does not have the guts to fight the war. Every time our soldiers actually fight to win, Bush participates in national self-flagellation (Abu Grahib) or has them tossed in the brig at Camp Pendleton.

He has completely screwed this war up.

Kenboiraq said...

I say the Liberals screwed it up consorting with their accomplices in the media creating an atmosphere in which President Bush cannot ask for the necessary sacrifices needed to win this war. He sugar coats and exhorts while Quislings poke him at every turn. Bush has not messed this war up and he has the utmost respect afforded to him by the soldiers fighting in this war. It is the left not doing their share as they falsely claim to support the troops but not the war.

Murtha stated we can fight this from Guam if necessary. It makes me sick to believe our Democratic Party has such leaders. Bush is not the Problem.

the chad said...

President Bush IS the greatest president since Reagan - who, in turn, was the greatest president since Calvin "The Business of America IS business" Coolidge.

When are the Dems and the Self-Loathing Republicans going to see the truth!?!?!?

mohammed was a pedophile said...


This has NOTHING to do with the left. The REPUBLICANS had power for SIX YEARS, FOUR of which we were at war.

We could win this thing in two weeks but Bush does not have the guts to do what it will take.

How has Bush NOT messed this war up? Did the left make the rules of engagement? Did the left decide to fight a conventional war against an unconventional enemy? Did the left wait so long to armor up the trucks and Humvees? Did the left leave Sadr alive? Did the left dictate the military strategy? No, Bush did. As CINC, the buck stops with him.

Democracy is not a cure-all. Hell, democracy is not the same as liberty although people use the two interchangeably.

The Chad:

Bush has been an unmitigated disaster for this country. Unfortunately we will have to wait about 10-15 years to see just HOW big a disaster he was.

the chad said...


You tell me Bush has been a disaster for this country!? How many 9/11's do you think we would have had if Gore was elected in 2000? Or maybe you want us to do nothing about terrorism as the Clinton Administration did for 8 years. Oh wait. I forget. Clinton did fire a few missiles at to alleviate attention from Monicagate.

No more terrorists have gotten away with mass murder because Bush has a warlike attitude against terror - and that's what it is: WAR. Bush has made a few mistakes, but he's enormously successful.

the chad said...

Bush-bashers like Pedophile really sicken me. We are at war, and Bush's only mistake is not to follow the example of President Wilson and lock up the more treacherous critics. Yeah, that's right.

RF said...

I have to agree with MoPed to a certain extent. To me, Bush has created two major disasters: the Iraq mess and the budgetary mess. Plenty of other stuff I disagree with, but after losing an election you have to suck up the smaller stuff. I suspect history will not judge Bush kindly due to the two major screw-ups. But to be fair, it is too early to make any final judgments.

I also find it interesting that many R's attack Gore when defending W's performance - along the lines of "thank God Gore wasn't in office on 9/11". Interesting and very telling, my D self thinks...

mohammed was a pedophile said...

The Chad:

How many 9/11's do you think we would have had if Gore was elected in 2000?

Just the one. You have to take into consider that the American people tend to have a low bullshit tolerance when it comes to someone smacking their mother. If Gore would not have stood up to the terrorists, he would have been thrown out of office.

Or maybe you want us to do nothing about terrorism as the Clinton Administration did for 8 years.

On the contrary, I want us to actually kill terrorists in a brutal and efficient manner instead of dicking around fighting a guerilla war on the terrorists' terms. You bring in overwhelming force.

Sadr wants to screw with us, fine, cordon off Sadr City, launch the B-52s and level it. The terrorists want to burn the bodies of contractors in Fallujah, fine, cordon off the city, launch the B-52s and level it. Deal with them like Alexander dealt with the Thebans.

Al Jazeera would have problems broadcasting terrorist propaganda if it was hit by a couple of Tomahawks.

Kenboiraq said...

Bush needs to listen to the VEEP and go for broke in Iraq. Treat it like a war and go "all in." As for "today's Dems - no thinking person believes they care about winning anything but elections and treasury hand outs.

The best part of America is fighting and dying while Quislings and cowards stand back and take pot shots. I have no time for many of those in the "SAFE" USA pretending to know what is going on in Iraq. I've been here three years (one as a soldier and two as a contractor) and I only wish President Bush had the gumption to do what he wants to do without listening to the left.

It is not Bush's fault and he will be forever remembered well by the soldiers.

I still like the name Mohammed was a Pederass as the irony and reality of my existence around this great religion does make me laugh. And of course I have to ask myself, "Why are we playing with these people?" I feel like the F-14 Tomcat pilots in the movie "Final Countdown" watching the Japanese Zeros. We are soooooo stupid as a country.

mohammed was a pedophile said...

It is not Bush's fault and he will be forever remembered well by the soldiers.

McClellan was adored by his soldiers. That did not make him a good general or the Army of the Potomac a ruthless fighting force under his command.

This IS Bush's fault. I don't want to have to re-post all of that again.

And Islam is not a "great" religion, it is a Satanic death cult.

Kenboiraq said...

Agreed about the Cult. Little Mac were never a good General because he failed to fight and knew nothing of it. He was the greatest General the Army had as long as we didn't have a war. He was also a Democratic Party pacifist who felt we should pull out of the Civil War. Good think Lincoln won in 1864,

Cancer Man said...


Great use of a movie moment to capture EXACTLY the way you feel. Well said!

WAR The Final Countdown (and the two zeros that got "splashed"

Kenboiraq said...

We need to "Splash the Zeroes, I repeat....Splash the Zeroes."

mohammed was a pedophile said...

Little Mac were never a good General because he failed to fight and knew nothing of it.

Kind of like Bush.

McClellan was a relic, he just didn't realize it.

Kenboiraq said...

How can any general win a fight he when is scared of violence? A bad plan well executed is better than the best of plans poorly executed. Little Mac wasn't a relic he was an administrator while Grant was a calculating killing machine. I think Sherman said it best, 'why don't we just start burning sh*t?' Indeed, if "War is Hell" you get a conclusion while attrition solves nothing. Mac liked attrition and Grant liked Victory.

Democrats are still the same except for a few flashes of brilliance (FDR and maybe Kennedy) but for the most part they never saw a fight they preferred to run from if given the chance. And we wonder why we have no credibility. At least the Gipper and now Bush don't have credibility problems as when they speak what they mean.

President Bush is fighting against Al Queda one front and the Democratic Party on the other. It makes me sick to know we have those in our country literally on the side of Al Queda for short term political gain.

Lincoln suspended certain rights as did Wilson and FDR to make sure they never faced what GW is facing. It makes me sick to know we have those in our country literally on the side of Al Queda for short term political gain.

Democrats just don't get that we are really at war. Case in point is the recent flight with 6 Muslim Imans loudly chanting Allah, exchanging seats with each other (First Class & exit rows in Coach) and generally scaring the crap out of everyone on the plane getting the backing of Democrats for profiling.

This is incredible these fellows claim they are the new "minority" equating their condition to driving while Black etc. I know Rep. Steve King would not excuse such behavior but Dems trip over themselves to apologize and furthermore ask for action to stop the removal of obviously suspicious activities on a flight.

I just shake my head and in the words of one of the best Democrats (too bad he is in jail now)

Beam Me Up Scottie!

mohammed was a pedophile said...

I disagree with your assessment of Mac. Mac was Jominian, old school. He believed that war was for professionals and that battles could be won simply by maneuvering. He hated losing troops and was constantly overestimating Lee's numbers.

Grant and Sherman knew that the purpose of a war was to kill more of theirs than they kill of yours. They also realized that destroying shit in the confederate countryside would sap the confederacy of their will to continue the war. A modern lesson in that same principle is LeMay's euphemism "morale bombing."

Bush most certainly could benefit from reading about Grant, Sherman, Pershing and Alexander.

mohammed was a pedophile said...


Still think Bush wants to win the war?

Kenboiraq said...

I think President Bush lacks the political support and he is far too nice to pull a Lincoln.

We need to start kicking butt and stop asking for permission to do it. Maybe with the former "Maverick" Sadr forcing our hand we will start dancing with the devil in the pale moon light. I am tired of playing cop.

mohammed was a pedophile said...


He may lack political support NOW, but he had the politicial support for FOUR YEARS!!!!!!!! He blew it.

This thing should have been over in two months. Even now that we are in, Bush could end this in two weeks if he had the balls.

Bush is CINC, which means that he does not have to get permission from Murtha, McLame, Webb, Hastings or anyone else before he unleashes the B-52s.

the chad said...

The Iraqis already live in a world of shit, so what is there to bomb and destroy? All you're going to do is blow up their huts and hurt the infrastructure of their fledgling government.

Strategic bombing didn't work in World War II. The Germans bombed the shit out of London and that only strengthened England's resolve. We bombed the shit out of every German city and that strengthened their will as well - tank and aircraft production in 1944 outnumbered production in 1941 and 1942 before the U.S. and British air campaign was well under way.

mohammed was a pedophile said...

We bombed the shit out of every German city and that strengthened their will as well - tank and aircraft production in 1944 outnumbered production in 1941 and 1942 before the U.S. and British air campaign was well under way.

That does not speak to their resolve, just their ability to improve. They got better (or worse, as they took many shortcuts and produced a lot of crap during the last years of the war) at making stuff.

They were finished as a military power after the Brits took out Peenemunde in 44.

The Brits hated getting bombed. The only reason that it strengthened them is because they had Churchill. Bush is no Churchill. Not even close.

The Wehrmacht did not gain resolve by getting the shit kicked out of them. Instead, perhaps taking a cue from their French allies, they began surrendering in large numbers and realized the war was hopeless.

I'm not talking about strategic bombing, I'm talking about indiscriminate bombing. Morale bombing, if you will. If the citizenry of Iraq is unwilling to help us kill terrorists then they are no better than the citizens of Dresden and they deserve the same fate.

RF said...

This ain't 1945. Reality check, please.

Kenboiraq said...

We can win in Iraq if we put our hearts into it.

We are facing some Al Queda, religious militias, and opportunistic crime. Neighboring countries known for terrorism of a different flavor than Al Queda are fueling the flames. Finally, every person in Iraq is allowed to own an assault rifle thus making it impossible to identify an opponent as such until they begin shooting.

We are so PC we've eliminated every reasonable advantage and given our opponents extreme advantages to make up for their lack of ability and training. We could win this but fighting it with both arms behind our backs while blindfolded is a big part of our problem.

the chad said...

Ped, you're so right... I forgot Germany surrendered in 1943 because of morale bombing...

Ped, in April-May, 1945, 500,000 Soviets lost their lives in the Battle of Berlin alone. If your precious morale bombing really worked, the Hun would have surrendered at least by the last US air raid that sent a fire storm through Berlin the likes of which you cannot imagine.

Ped, go back and read your history. Morale bombing of cities did not cause the Germans to surrender.

If you think the German war effort produced crap late in the war, I dare you to tell it to any of the thousands of the Americans captured in the Ardennes after the outnumbered Panzers initially ate through us pretty hard and were driven back by the superior American fighting spirit such as the Airborne fighting to the death and Patton hauling ass. Tell that to the pilots who fell to the Me-262. Germany lost because they took on the Western Powers and USSR at once.

If we didn't have a friendly government (albeit fledgling and weak as we were in 1789) in power, I'd say bomb them into the stone age, but we are beyond that now. Bombing the Iraqi towns will only strengthen the insurgents. We aren't fighting a civil war but thugs sort of similar to inner city gangs of thugs. We are fighting the nutties. You shouldn't bomb their cities any more than we should bomb all of L.A. because some Crips and Bloods live there.

Our struggle in Iraq is to train the government's police as fast as we can and make it a race to get out of there - but not at the expense of leaving prematurely.

the chad said...


I'm hoping the rules of engagement are changed so you can come home in time for your former-roommate's wedding. It's the fall after the fiancee graduates Mercy Medical College in April.

I was so pissed off since the 7th almost enough to look past the Republican self-abuse and cannibalism long enough to dive back into political waters again.

Kenboiraq said...


I wondered if that was you! I wish you well and if you give me the date I will be honored to be there!

Take care ol' buddy.

email me at

mohammed was a pedophile said...

I agree with The Chad on this.

Godspeed Kenbo.