Sunday, November 05, 2006

The real choice……….

………. is startlingly clear. On the big issues here’s what the last 5 years of Republican governance have given the American people.

George W. Bush inherited a recession, a plunging stock market, a major energy shortage (remember the “Gray Outs” in California), the corporate scandals and 8 years of steady terror attacks against American targets at home and abroad. Here’s what we’ve done in the five or so years since.

Five years without a terror attack in the homeland.
Five years without a mass casualty terror attack against American civilian targets abroad.
The end of three major terror regimes, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.
Two WMD programs, Iraq and Libya, gone from the world stage.
Global terror leadership shattered with its core of leadership figures killed, captured or hiding in caves.
Record high employment, 6.6 million jobs new jobs since 2003.
Record high stock market values.
Low inflation.
Record high personal incomes.
Record high home ownership, particularly among minorities.
Declining illegal immigration.

All of this was done over the Democrats objections every step of the way. While nothing’s perfect, that’s a pretty good job of focusing on the majors. So, please, take your head out of the minutiae and the stream of liberal press and Democrat propaganda and vote the real world.


Anonymous said...

Down in flames again, Teddy. Wes loses, Tim Brien and his mini-me both lose to Haggerty. Mauro returns and the other one is in charge of elections at the state. Ako beats Whitver who almost loses to the independent running. Thanks for recruiting such a great ticket.

Anonymous said...

Haggery is barely qualified to run a Burger King. she manages a NON UNION print shop, was a Repub a few months before running as Dem, and has a high school diplomoa.

Ako is either corrupt to the bone, or amazingly unaware of reality.

Ted, keep doing what you are doing, you are the only Repub out there now that we can rally around! i see state chair in your near future!

Anonymous said...

Hagenow is a top notch candidate. I hear all the insiders really like him and he recruited the party b/c he actually wanted the job. he didnt run for the office b/c he was mad at brien for sexually harassing him like Haggerty is doing...

Anonymous said...


where is Sporer's former lieutenent, Nemmers?

Jordan said...

Hey thanks for link to Corn Beltway Boys, Sporer!

Rockin' Robin said...

Nice shootin' Teddy Bear.

Wasn't this the RNC ad we never saw?

mohammed was a pedophile said...

If its not close, the RATS can't cheat.

Big-killer said...

Rockin' Robin - you nailed it!!

We should have seen it, but never did. For whatever reason the "DECIDERS" have not wanted to paint the picture:

Show what we have done and share what the D's have done and have wanted to do.

mohammed was a pedophile said...

big killer:

What HAVE the Republicans done?

Iraq is a mess, spending is out of control, nothing has been done on immigration, the size, scope, and power of the Imperial Federal Government continues to expand.

Sporer made the point that there have been no terrorist attacks on the US in five years. He gives credit to Bush and the WOT.

There were no terrorist attacks prior to the first WTC hit. Does that mean the American Revolution was THAT effective?

Iraq is a hellhole and the Bush Administration is not willing to fight the war and instead has our troops caught in the crossfire of a war that he does not have the courage to win. Rumsfeld needs to get shitcanned ASAP.

The runup to the war was sloppy, the invasion plan was flawed, the execution of a flawed plan was excellent, the post-invasion occupation has been a complete disaster. This is partly due to the fact that Islam is incompatible with freedom and partly due to the assumption of the Bush Adminstration that, once Saddam was gone, Iraq would simply sprout Jeffersonian Democracy and all would be right with the world.

Republicans have VERY LITTLE to be excited about this election.

Anonymous said...

You forgot record high federal tax revenues.

Chris Hagenow said...

Anon 8:28,

I'm proud to stand on my qualifications and strength as a candidate. I believe that even a modest amount of scrutiny makes me the obvious choice.

I've met numerous democrats along the campaign trail who have indicated that they believe I am the best candidate for the job, and will be voting for me tomorrow. I met several democrats on the south and east side who asked for extra copies of my literature to share with their friends and family.

My only regret is that there isn't more time to meet the people of Polk County.


Jordan said...

"There were no terrorist attacks prior to the first WTC hit."

I am guessing you don't have a very good grasp on history...

mohammed was a pedophile said...

Why, did I miss OKC?

Jordan said...

for your education...

Anonymous said...

"'s what you (Reps) have done in the last 5 years"???????
None of your "listings" are true!
You couldn't recognize the truth if it bit you in the ass!

curious george said...

Anon 9:22

You prove Sporer's frequently made point. Sporer's statements were facts-you have responded with blind emotion.

Still the little children may still lead us, for a couple of years.

Kenboiraq said...

Soldiers support Bush and Republicans with 80% of our vote.

mohammed was a pedophile said...


Forgot about the Weather Underground and the FARC. I should clarify the 8:03 point that those who meet the generally accepted criteria of "terrorist,(read Muslims)" had not hit us until the first WTC strike.

NaNoWriMo Progress said...

To say that it is the Republicans to thank for no terrorist attack in America in 5 years is nothing more than a logical fallacy.

How about 9/11? How about the docuument "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States"? Clinton, I suppose...that's fair.

curious george said...

Nano-what is your point?

Its been more than 5 years since 9.11.

Anonymous said...


Democrats don't even think there IS a terrorism problem so how can they get any credit for preventing attacks?