Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A trip down memory lane………..

……………. will surely point the way toward the future. So, let all of us Republican bloggers take a moment away from our cannibalism and start to focus on some of the opportunities before us.

First, the Democrats are likely to replace their second favorite target, Tom DeLay with a man, Jack Murtha, whose new sobriquet is “
Unindicted Co-ConspiratorMurtha as Majority Leader. The conspiracy in which Murtha was involved, but from responsibility he escaped because of his raw political power as a member of the then, as now, majority party, was the taking of bribes. AbScam is back in the daily lexicon after a 26 year absence. Maybe those future bribes Murtha was soliciting way back then are due to be paid now?

Then, we learn that Speaker Pelosi supports
Alcee Hastings of Florida for Chairman of the Select Intelligence Committee. Now, let’s not forget Cong. Hastings' past. Hastings was the last federal judge to be impeached and convicted, and thereby removed from office. This prosecution was done by a then Democrat majority. Guess the crime? Bingo-bribery in office. That is the man with whom Speaker Pelosi wishes to entrust this nation's most sensitive national security secrets. If selling lenient racketeering sentences will bring $150,000 just think of the income the sale of say, nuclear launch technology, could bring? I’ll bet it’s a lot more than selling acquittals.

Alcee almost makes it easy to forget about Cong. William Jefferson, the guy who had $90K in his freezer and is
openly linked to multiple bribery scandals.

So, how should we respond to this new new Culture Club of Corruption? Just in the unlikely event that I’ve been too subtle in the past, we need a two prong approach. Like the Democrats, we must stay on the attack. This culture of corruption ended up hurting us, so let’s educate the voters about the real face-and I mean literally-of corruption: Jack Murtha, Aclee Hastings, and William Jefferson. Unlike the Democrats, we must also stand for something positive-like really cleaning up government. I think the American voter should get to know its new Congressional leadership, don't you?

So, in a bipartisan effort to clean up government, and mindful of Democrat statements regarding Tom DeLay, Duke Cunningham, Bob Ney and Mark Foley, all Iowa Republicans should ask our Sen. Tom Harkin and all three of our Democrat Congressmen, Leonard Boswell and the newly elected Dave Loebsack and Bruce Braley, to call for Sen. Reid and Congressmen Murtha, Hastings and Jefferson to follow the examples of Tom DeLay, Duke Cunningham, Mark Foley and Bob Ney and resign from Congress.

Any other position will conclusively demonstrate that the author’s of “Culture of Corruption” are indeed familiar with the fungus.


mohammed was a pedophile said...

I know a guy who has a t-shirt that reads: "When all else fails, vote from the rooftops." Seems apropos.

Anonymous said...

Ted, do tell, what are Cong. Nussle's future plans? Will he return to Iowa and settle in here preparing for a 2008 run against Harkin? Or will he try to take his Congressional seat away from Braley? Or will he stay in D.C. and proceed to K Street? Do you know?

Big-killer said...

Once again you have hit the nail square on the head Ted. We need to call them on their crap and dog them where they speak etc.

WAR Sporer !!!

Yoda said...

Hmmm... Big-Killer, met we still have not.... Soon I hope....

WAR Casino Royale

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should all follow our Polk leader and represent korrupt kandidates like Khuck Allsion and his closet full of badness.

The Chad said...

It's been a long time since I've watched Patton, so I'm going to butcher his speech; but I love the beginning when he's talking about "I don't want to hear any messages from the front that we are holding our ground. We're not holding anything... let the Hun do that! We're going to constantly pushing forward. We're going to grab the Hun by the helmet and kick him in the ass."

Lets get back to talking this way about the Dems. Instead of pushing them back to Berlin, we'll push them back to San Francisco and Hawaii and Ako's district - where the Dems belong!!! Instead, the Repubs like to attack each other. Nice.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Thanks for keeping the heat on the Dems where it belongs!

In defense of Duke Cunningham: I know he made a lot of mistakes, but wow that guy had balls as a fighter pilot in Vietnam!

Krustette said...

You rock Ted!

new blogger said...

I saw you in Marshalltown last night-Sporer you were great!

I went home and wrote down the 10 things I disliked the most about the Democrats and I plan to do what you said and talk to all of my friends and associates about everyone of them every chance I get between now and election day 08!

Anonymous said...

War the New Blogger in town!