Thursday, December 28, 2006

John Edwards is right……………….

…………….. there are two Americas. One is fairly well grounded and the other occupies the nightmare world of liberal pathos.

John Edwards is in town tonight, bleating the theme of poverty and class division again in this, his second, run for the big white house. John Edwards and his ilk, particularly in the liberal press, want you to believe that America is facing class division unseen in a civilized nation since Romanov Russia.

Every indicia of economic health belies Edward’s class division theme. There is nothing unique about the times we face, except perhaps our prosperity. Our parents worried about the cost of college, as did their parents before them. Our parents worried about the cost of healthcare, as did their parents before them. These are issues to address but not evidence of some deep class division in our society. John Edward’s campaign echoes Robert La Follette in 1904 and has little to do with the real America of 2006.

But Edwards knows the climate. A liberal press template has convinced the public that our economy is fundamentally weak and that suffering and depravation are common in America. Even good news is packaged as a shocking anomaly rather that a product of general prosperity, as was yet another month of great housing data just today. The liberal propaganda machine has created a massive disconnection between what people know and what they think.

Most Americans know their personal economic situation is already good and expected to improve, as consumer confidence remains high and growing. Most Americans think that everyone else’s personal economies’ are bad and getting worse, from exit polls on the last Election Day and disapproval of the President’s handling of the economy.

Same story about the campaign in Iraq. Liberals love to talk about being in Iraq longer than WW2. Liberals love to talk about almost 3,000 Americans having died in the four years we’ve been conducting ground ops in Iraq. Liberals don’t want to tell you that those four years in WW2 produced 407,000 military deaths. Now I’m all for fighting more like WW2, which would produce higher casualties, but do you think John Edwards is willing to exchange more casualties for absolute victory?

John Edwards' America is one of sorrow and bitter jealousy, mocked and fed by the John Edwards of the political left and their dominant counterparts in the media and academia. Only anecdotal or statistical legerdemain support this liberal view, of course. The other America sees a world of facts, history and logic. Problems exist, but are placed in context and solutions are evaluated on cost and efficacy and not just intention.

Welcome to the Real World Senator.


Big-killer said...

GREAT POST TED !!!!!!!!!!

The Dems will love this 'cause they dislike it when you call it like it is!! Unfortunately during the last election OUR SIDE appeared to not want to make the D's mad and refused to do so.

Keep trumpeting the cause my friend!

WAR "Every indicia of economic health".

Hawkeyegirl said...

Poverty and class division. Have you SEEN his new diggs in NC? Oh, but he came from nothing so that gives him a pass. How did he 'earn' his money? Oh, yah, that's right, he's a trial lawyer. Awesome.

His wife had cancer so don't criticize him.

Kenboiraq said...

Of all the Democrats Johnny boy is the best at smiling while picking your pocket.

RF said...


First of all, the “class warfare” or “class division” accusation is really getting tiring. It seems to be just an R excuse not to really discuss these issues, which you admit are worth discussing. Also, when you admit there are issues in this area that need to be discussed, you obviously contradict your own statement about all economic indicators showing everything is just peachy. We all know how statistics work. You have a set of statistics that support your views, and Edwards has a set of statistics that support his views. Both statistics are likely to be accurate.

“John Edwards' America is one of sorrow and bitter jealousy.” - Have you ever attended an Edwards event? He is a very positive and uplifting candidate. That is why he did so well in Iowa in ’04. Even positive candidates can address difficult or depressing issues, the kinds Mr. Sporer may not like.

The Real Sporer said...

rf-what is the second America?

is it one to which access to higher education is denied? the lower the family income the more, and more generously free, financial aid.

can access be improved? yes, but imperfect it isn't a sign of deeper class division.

the same can be said of any of edward's issues. of course healthcare delivery can be improved, but there isn't some vast underclass that just cannot get healthcare. in many cases, the poorest among us make among the worst healthcare decisions.

as a matter of socio-economic necessity we have to get handle on the sprialling costs of both education and healthcare, both of which appear to have little relationship to market realities in the rest of the economy. this is where the bi-partisan debate should occur-which is precisely where you yourself take the debate so your own style proves my point.

"two americas" is, by its very nature, class divisive. and that is my objection. edwards is all bright and smiley in his presentation but his message is pure class warfare.

and, i might add, very shallow and misdirected. working class union members get screwed the hardest by a liberal economy. no deductions just straight tax payers.

i do lots of family law work for guys who work at deere and similar types of industrial jobs.

they're almost all two income families who make around or over $100K per year-these are the "rich" that edwards want to tax. and not just tax policy either, but in almost every way.

so we should be taking about how we bring the amazing prosperity that most Americans enjoy-by any rational historical or international measure-to every corner but not just assuming that those who have less that Bill Gates also have nothing, and have nothing because some greedy "they" took it from you. i think that there are more millionaire's than people working at the minimum wage.

which is precisely why i am waiting for the day when we return to a comparison of rational policy options, that recognizes that both parties want to accomplish the spread of wealth and opportunity to everyone, by having guys like bill richardson representing the intellectual mainstream of the democrat party. that day is coming and it will be good for the country.

RF said...

I can see why the Two Americas slogan was interpreted by R partisans as class warfare. However, Edwards dropped the Two Americas slogan a while back. Of course, he still talks about many of the same issues. But I think he is where you are asking us D’s to be, out there discussing these issues and reasonable policy solutions. I believe the Senator is in the real world. Last time I heard Edwards early this fall, he even emphasized the need for personal responsibility when talking about poverty. I see the “class warfare” accusation as an excuse not to engage in discussion. I’m happy to see that you realize that there are some issues here that are worthy of discussion. When it comes to solutions, I think R’s have an awful lot to contribute. Sometimes we D’s are too narrow-minded and focus on defending old ineffective programs.

BTW, Edwards’ Two Americas slogan was pretty darn effective and memorable. Do you remember the slogan of very many losing - or even winning - primary candidates?

Kenboiraq said...

"Don't Gamble on Campbell"
- T. Brandstad

(last Governor to actually "Save" more money than he spent)

I long for the days when Iowa had an A+ from financial gurus and served as the model for the remaining 49 states but those days are long gone since Viltax.

Speaking of Bonnie "I hate all men" and her shining Michael Moore style millionaire wealth (she didn't have enough left over to pay taxes if you all recall) I see Chetster dusted her off and gave her a job. Not Good for us non-Brokeback Mountain males as she has a special dislike for men who don't get teary eyed over the latest John Tesh CD.

So, when RF asked if anyone remembered a good slogan the best one I can recall is "Don't Gamble on Campbell" and perhaps it applies now more than ever!

Kenboiraq said...


I saw Johnny Boy explaining, with a sly smile, why we need to withdraw 50% of our forces from Iraq and I am convinced he doesn't care what happens to America as long as he can win this election.

"President Balthar is in the house!"

mohammed was a pedophile said...

Which Johnny? McKennedy or the Breck Girl?

Anonymous said...

John Edwards knows a lot about poverty, after all, he's helped throw a lot of people into it with:

- his co-sponsorship of H-1b visas,

- his support for illegal aliens,

- his vote for MFN-China

but what about stuff like iraq war and the patriot act?

well, he voted for them too

About the only think you can say for Edwards is, he spent so much time running for president that he didnt have time to do more damage as senator

You've got to ask yourself - 'what did he do, with the power he had, when he had it?

Anonymous said...

How do the unions, who used to have workers employed at packing plants at decent wages, support democrats like John Edwards, who wishes to keep the illegal alien slave trade going in America?

Doesn't the illegal alien trade thrive because companies don't want to pay decent (union) wages? How can Edwards support both constituencies?


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