Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What is the paving surface of the road to hell?

Rarely does the ultra-liberal left reveal its true face, but the education wing of the post modern establishment again reminded us of the danger liberal thought process holds for western civilization. It comes right from Marshalltown, Iowa.

Following the immigration raid at the Swift plant in Marshalltown, the Marshalltown School Board began complaining of the harm done to students who “left yesterday who may never be back. We’re invested in these children”. The concern is apparently that the students whose parents were in the USA illegally are going to return to their parents’, or perhaps even their own, country of origin.

The Marshalltown School Board reveals much about the bizarre world view of the liberal mind. Initially, no student who left or will leave should ever have been educated in Iowa. Their parents were here illegally, so any harm done to the now withdrawn students was a consequence of parental wrongdoing, and that of no other person. Arrest and deportation would seem logical risks assumed by the illegal immigrant. This logical conclusion is, of course, unappreciated by liberals.

A belief in the intrinsic importance of their agenda motivates the willingness of the liberal left, and particularly its education wing, to exploit the natural human sympathy for and interest in children. But does a quite predictable harm to the education of a tiny portion of the American student population, who were illegally receiving it in the first place, somehow justify ignoring or diluting immigration law?

Since teachers recite the mantra that smaller class size equates to better education, where is the sympathy for all of the students who were lawfully receiving a public education whose education must have suffered some diminution because their classes were enlarged by the illegal occupants? Would not the initial concern of a rational educator find at least some room for the legitimate students who were short changed?

Or, circling back to the central tenant of liberalism; isn’t it really all about the money? The Marshalltown school board was quick to add the budgetary loss to its complaints, ignoring the rather obvious fact that funding is unnecessary for students who are not enrolled in schools. Such a cost/benefit analysis is as foreign to the liberal mind as was space travel to the australopithecine.

As officials of an American government, should not school board members first concern be the preparation of good citizens? We don’t fund schools so that every person who can physically enter an American school can have a unique experience, tailored just for them, designed to maximize their sense of self worth. We don’t fund schools so that the liberal education establishment can have jobs. We fund schools for the sole purpose of preparing good American citizens. Not cosmopolitan citizens of the world, but functioning citizens of the United States of America, and, in this case, Marshalltown, Iowa. Expressing dissatisfaction with the enforcement of immigration laws because a small number of students won’t receive that public education we furnish impedes the primary function of public education itself. This rare insight into the reason free mind of the liberal education establishment is only the most recent warning that we desperately need different people running our schools.


noneed4thneed said...

What about the children who were born here and are American citizens?

noneed4thneed said...

One more question. Where did you ancestor's come from?

Anonymous said...

Ted. Most school board members in Iowa's smaller communities (see Marshalltown) are registered Republicans.

RF said...

As a D, I obviously don't buy the "liberalism is the cause of all problems in the world" theory. But I do feel that cracking down on the employers that hire illegals is the best way to address this issues. We must develop a better system for employers to check people's legal status (which would probably require some sort of national id system for all of us). Then, very stiff penalties for employers who hire illegals. No demand for illegal workers, much less illegal immigration. A no brainer. And this would force meat packers and others to pay the kinds of wages people deserve.

Anonymous said...

Correct RF.

It's not WHERE you came from that is the issue. It's HOW you got here. Real live people were harmed by the identity theft. Are democrats in favor of identity theft just so people who come here illegally can use their identities to get a job? How much criminality are we willing to tolerate in the name of whatever it is the left advocates is ok with this?

Anonymous said...

School boards have very little control over what actually happens with schools. The NEA and their local affiliates control what goes on in schools because of the union contracts that ge negotiated. Sadly, today's school boards have become rubber stamps for what they really have no ability to control anyway.

War Professional Educators of Iowa - PEI.

Anonymous said...

Most liberal thought stems from the pretence "It's for the Children" and most liberal practice stems from "we need the tax money to pay for it."

The ends always justify the means in their world and they view indoctrinated spoon fed children from Latin America as the way to keep their party in power.

Did I mention how much I hate Democrats lately?

Anonymous said...

Let me take this debate a step further and discuss the war and our border problems at once.

We should allow those from our Southern border and others desperate to become citizens a chance to serve our military (at a discount rate) for two years and give them citizenship afterward.

We could solve a lot of problems by throwing 150,000 (once they were trained) immigrants desiring to be citizens into Iraq. They would be much better citizens and would have EARNED the right to be in America. They could then petition for their families to come to America legally!

They would not complain about being paid less as it would be up to 50 times their normal pay and we would still save money. This is a win - win situation. Just ask how many Filipinos would do it and many are great fighters given their own ongoing insurrection.

The only reason not to do this is the liberals already want to give citizenship benefits for FREE and I suspect about 50% of hard-core Democrats want us to lose this war.

Any Presidential Candidate stating this foreign policy idea would finally give America a way to win in Iraq and would have my support.

-kenbo out!

mohammed was a pedophile said...

I suspect about 50% of hard-core Democrats want us to lose this war.

I would put that figure at about 98%. I'd also throw a few Republicans in there as well.

Anonymous said...

I want to know about the legal children whose parents were deported. They are now the problem of the state. They'll be costing more tax dollars now than ever before.

mohammed was a pedophile said...

Everyone is overlooking the central reason for ICE cracking down:

An identity theft ring!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a little worried we have lost control of our borders and wonder why the best part of America is fighting and dying while illegal immigrants enjoy fantastic benefits.

I am not saying immigrants are bad in any way but I am saying we need accountability and if we have a border we should enforce it. Furthermore, nothing given is ever appreciated like it would be if it were earned.

Previous generations earned their citizenship and this war on terror certainly needs manpower. If you think I am heartless you should know I am trying to get LEGAL citizenship for my fiancee and there is nothing easy about this process (her country's laws regarding divorce not ours).

Bottom line, if somebody is willing to fight for our country we should give them citizenship. If they are unwilling to perform in that manner I don't see why we should let them stay. For those unable to fight they need to have a relative who can and extends citizenship thru that family connection once he/she becomes a citizen after fighting in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Swift had been told that immigration agents were going to raid the packing plants on Dec. 4. Swift's lawyers went to court to stop the raid, arguing it would cause "substantial and irreparable injury" to the company. A federal judge denied the request last Thursday.

Anonymous said...

We're letting them in our country. Can't they at least obey the laws AFTER they get here?

Anonymous said...

I agree we need to stop the bleeding at the border. But we can't simply deport everyone and leave these children here to live off taxpayers in the foster system. That's not the best scenerio for the family, and it's not the best scenerio for our taxes. Lord knows the Dems will raise them enough. We don't need to give them another reason to raise them.

The Real Sporer said...

Noneed, you again provoke my violation of a Ted rule, and I respond.

The parents are responsible for the children, not either of us. Regardless of citizenship, the kids go with the parents. They can come back when they're emancipated. We should also abolish automatic citizenship if your parents aren't legal citizens or lawful aliens. The concept is no longer necessary and actually quite dangerous.

My grandparents were immigrants from southern Europe. My wife's grandparents were immigrnats from northern Eurpoe. We both grew up in somewhat ethnic households.

The problem isn't from whence the illegals come but how they got here. So I'm clear. We need a tight fence around this country with some very large, well organized and well secured gates.

I don't care where you come from but I do want to know who is, in my country and what they are doing here, especially during he Age of Terror.

Anonymous said...


Ted is the man and should be leading our state party!


Anonymous said...

I caught a bit of Rep Duncan Hunter on WHO Radio yesterday. I like his idea - FENCE !!!!

He countered the argument that we needed to penalize Swift and the other employers and if we do that we will stop the inflow.

Hunter explained about a substantial part of the "inflow" that has NO INTENTIONS of working .... the drug dealers and criminals of all sorts.

The "FENCE" will stop almost all of the illegal immigrants.

I also want to address noneed4thneed's totally uncalled for and totally illogical comments about the origination point of the REAL SPORER'S ancestors.

One CANNOT compare the immigration that took place 80 - 150 years ago to immigration of today. Those folks were coming here to build a life for themselves. Same as today you say !!!! WRONGO !!!!!!! They were helping build a still fledgling country AND there was no entitlement "Pay all of your bills" system for them to burden. They, just as all of the more "seasoned" immigrants, had to make it for themselves. There was no opportunity to get on the Fed & State gravy train.

WAR: Duncan Hunter's Plan

WAR: The immigrants of 1850 - 1920

WAR: The REAL SPORER & His Plan !!

Anonymous said...

Being unable to log in I had to publish as an anon. I meant to sign but forgot to.

The above post courtesy of:

Anonymous said...

I feel stupd. What does WAR mean?

Anonymous said...

War is an ultimate show of support for something.

Real Ted Spincter GOP said...

Local school boards are the backbone of local governance. The person stating that NEA and local affiliates control them is pure BS.
If the Marshalltown School Board expressed concerns that were related to their duties than stay out of their business.
Ken Bo and Moped so now you want to kill Mexicans? Your Playstation 1 must be broken!

Anonymous said...

The NEA completely controls the schools. It's a union pure and simple. It's never about the kids. It's always about teacher pay - period.

Why do teachers get time off with pay to work on political campaigns?

mohammed was a pedophile said...

Ken Bo and Moped so now you want to kill Mexicans?

Drinking the bong water again, I see.

Anonymous said...

Don't you get the feeling that Buttboy is Chris Woods? They sound similar.