Thursday, January 11, 2007

The official race is on……………..

The official race is on……………..

…………………. and it’s a short hard campaign. There are four official candidates:

Danny Carroll 3rd District, former Iowa House member.

Bill Dix 1st District, former Iowa House member.

Bonnie Hall 4th District, Boone County Chair.

Ray Hoffmann 5th District, RPI Chair 2005-

All four are friends, good Republicans and valuable members of the team that either rebuilds or finishes off the Republican Party in Iowa for a long, long time. We are upon the Rubicon and the die is soon to be cast.

This is no trivial moment, be assured. Feel free to furnish feedback on this one, as a voter I’m very interested in public sentiment.

Ad victorem spolias.


Drew said...

How many Republicans are there in the Boone County courthouse again?

Anonymous said...

is anyone undecided?

the chad said...

The conspiracy is all three 3rd District IA Central Committee members have last names starting with "S." Call Pat Robertson! One World Government!!! New World Order!!!

the chad said...

I like the Latin and the Caesar reference!

Have you seen Bush crying at the Medal of Honor winner's funeral? I haven't seen Bush's feelings like this until Dems have Congress. Bush's father showed his emotions and Dems were in control of the Legislative Branch.

I wonder if he's pulling a Bill Clinton and trying to win the Oprah-watching soccer moms. However, Bush has a history of doing what he says, unlike Bill. The tears are heartfelt, and the story of the hero is enough to make the Commander in Chief emotional given the responsibilities he has.

Anonymous said...

He's crying because he understands that democrats wish for him to have died in vain.

He's crying because he knows that the president of Iran is serious when he says he wishes to wipe Israel off the map (6 million live there by the way)

He's crying because he knows that there will likely be an attack on America sooner rather than later because the democrats, in control, will take away protective powers which will likely result in another attack on America in our borders.

He's crying because he knows that democrats will blame HIM when Israel is attacked by Iran, or North Korea goes crazy, even though Clinton gave North Korea all the technology to build the bomb that will take out some western citizens.

He crys because he knows we are in grave danger, made graver by the democrat majority.

Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do.

That's why he cries.

Anonymous said...

i am sad that the name Sporer is not on that list and brandmeyer is not running for county chair.

War anyone but hoffmann!

noneed4thneed said...

Race for what, the job of mowing Grassley's yard?

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would the state cc give Hoffmann the nod when he did suc h a miserable job of leading in the past?

Anonymous said...

Think about it anon 8:31 - think before typing, please.

The last straw poll (that is, big $$$$) was in 1999. Legislative leaders wanted all of that money right away. Chair Robinson and Treasurer Hoffman made them settle for part in 1999/2000, part in 2001/2002 and part in 2003/2004.

Hoffman takes on the chairmanship with no old straw poll money left in 2005. He pulls off a 2-4 million dollar deal by uniting the VanderPlaats & Nussle campaigns; for those of you in Rio Linda, that would be money saved by eliminating a primary :-). That
was going to be his legacy!!

The Nussle campaign did not tell the State Central Committee they were going to check their brains at the door. They did not tell Hoffman or the SCC that they were going to go negative even before the D's. On May 6th the SCC DID TELL the Nussle campaign they had NO MESSAGE !!!! It went unheeded.

In January 2006 SCC members and others took a document with specific campaign messages ala Contract With America to Speaker Rants. Per what I have heard he might as well have thrown it in the trash can. He was going to move forward with negative advertising.

Now many have lost and guess what -some want to be state Chair because they can raise lots of money. As the Guiness commercial says: BRILLIANT!!!!!! Less than 8 months before the starw poll. I would guess that money WILL BE raised under the next Chair's watch.

Do we want now "leader" Rants to have control of all the purse strings?? He has moved all the way from Speaker to leader and we want him to have total control of the money?

Anon 8:31 ask the candidates what they did to help elect a Republican to Congress from their respective districts this past election. I would guess three helped. I am positive one did not!

That my friend is why the SCC should consider giving the nod to Ray Hoffman.

Anonymous said...


Ray does NOT want to run for public office. He also isn't attached to a presidential campaign. He seems sincere about his motivations. I get nervous about folks wanting to use the position to position themselves for public office. It's a conflict of interest in my mind.

I don't think any SCC person should align themselves with a candidate for 08. I think that ALSO is a conflict of interest.

Anonymous said...

Anyone thinking of putting Ray Hoffmann back in this position is crazy! He's decimated the party -- both statewide and in his own county. Yet he refuses to accept any responsibility for this, claiming a hands-off approach when that is simply not the case. The results of the last election speak for themselves. You don't keep someone with such a dismal record and lack of accomplishment! It is time to find someone other than Mr. Hoffmann to lead this party forward.

Kenboiraq said...

Team America in Iraq (since 2003) feels the BEST candidate is Mr. Ted Sporer! If Congressman King weren't in Washington he would be equally capable.

However, a very STRONG SECOND is Danny Carroll as his support for Children Need Both Parents and family friendly legislation is legendary.

Bill Dix - Great guy and I donated money to his campaign (and his primary opponent as well - Don't ask) Probably good.

Bonnie Hall - I don't know a thing about her but as much as I like Terry B. I can't imagine his variety of Iowa politics is relevant today as times have changed.

Ray Hoffman - RPI is sinking and he was the Captain. I don't believe he should be in charge at this point given our thrashing in the last elections.

Big-killer said...

I aqree with anon 9:44 - Hoffman is not running to use the situation as a stepping stone. I do not know him well but I see him as a proud man whose only motivation to do this is to go out with a better result and I believe that can happen in 2008.

People that claim Ray is not a leader might be just a bit off, especially when comparing to Dix. Dix still farms with Dad which is admirable but the farm was already there and Dad was and still is. Again very admirable but making it on ones own it is not.

Quite different is coming to this country as a teenager and now owning several business. No silver spoon there.

I basically agree with anon 9:04 also. As I travel my district prior to the election I heard many complaints about House and Senate leadership.

I also want to encourage all anon fault finders with Hoffman & The SCC to get educated as to how the money flows from legislators to RPI to candidates and discover WHO decrees what sort aof ads are run etc, even though the ads come out with RPI's name on them.

Finally I want to point out that it was Hoffman's decision to purchase a headquarters. If you are over 40 and renting you may not agree with this but that was and is wise use of gthe party's money currently and for years to come.

Each of the candidates are awesome people. I resisted sharing these thoughts but the Hoffman bashers were getting a little too carried away.

Fact Finder said...

Very well said Killer. You have the heart and brain to be of great service to our beloved party.

Anonymous said...

It was Larson who bought the HQ not Hoffmann

Kenboiraq said...

Regardless we need a real leader - perhaps the Real Sporer! Seriously, leadership is selfless and that is the first quality of a good leader followed by ability.

Our gilded celebrities may not be best for our party.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:00am: You said, "Ask the candidates what they did to get a Republican elected to Congress"

Check the results for Washington County.

Republicans won every race. Even Mary Ann Hanasa. We worked our asses off to get it done. Without much outside help.

Brian Di Dinato from the Nussle campaign was there when we needed him, other staffers got there when they could. Staff has a huge area to cover and there is no criticism here for them.

Candidates can only look inward when they ask what happened. The next campaign has already started. Those who do outstanding constituency work NOW will have an easier time than those who don't.

Those who expect somebody else to do it for them are in for a disappointment.

Candidates who figure out how to get things done without the outside help are the ones who were successful.

We view the SCC's role as that of a fund raiser. We don't need them hiring extra staff to come in here and screw up our system.


Kenboiraq said...

Makes sense but state should be doing far more since they lock up the big donors. When I ran for statehouse my opponent enjoyed massive support from his party. All Democratic candidates can count on direct mail and other signs of a machine driven campaign. We have the better candidates but we make our candidates do the whole thing on their own while we watch fat checks roll into party HQ. It is hard to watch!

Anonymous said...

Lauder is telling people that Ray is going to hire him as ED. If Ray hires Laudner, Rants gets control of the party and the money again. Rants wants control of the straw poll because he's working for Romney. Timmy (most recently in charge of LMF and Rant's chief staffer) and Todd Henderson have been writing Krusty - although that may have recently changed and Nick Ryan is now writing Krusty, but....Ray is unfortunately getting used by Rants and the Romney team.

So much for doing what's best for the party. It's doing what's best for Rants instead.

Anonymous said...

Ken, what do you want them to do? I honestly don't think you want them in there running local campaigns. What does some kid from New Jersey who comes to Iowa to learn the lay of the political land know about campaigns in your locality?

Anyone they bring in is going to use a broiler plate plan. That's a recipe for failure. Every campaign needs to be tailored to the district.

Someone who has excelled in running Urban races isn't necessarily going to be successful running a Rural race, and vice vera. Understanding the district is the FIRST step.

As for the money issue. What were the numbers in your district and how did you poll?

As a donar to the LMF and RPI I take strong objection to the concept of giving everybody money whether they can win or not.

The money MUST go where we have a good chance of winning. If you poll poorly and the numbers are against you, you'd darned well better figure out how to do it on your own.

Similarly, if you poll well and the numbers are hugely in your favor you can't expect tons of help, either.

The money and effort has to go where there's a decent chance.

Kenboiraq said...

Nice comments but as a former candidate I can tell you RPI did next to nothing to help most candidates. A few chosen candidates were given money but most of it went to candidates already in office in rather safe districts. I also remember fat checks given to such incumbents and those incumbents were running unnopposed so they took out newspaper adds simply to say "Thanks" well in advance of the victory. What a waste!

Seriously, I am a small time donor and I've found my money works best for local candidates and not the party. The bigwigs (or wannabe bigwigs) will eagerly smooch up to the big donors but how many good candidates have they ignored? Grass roots is effective and I agree we need to groom our candidates to be independent of machines but a little money would be nice for all serious candidates to have at least 250 yard signs. Surely RPI could come up with that type of money to get campaigns off the ground.

What do I care, I won't run again but I hate to see us make the same mistakes over and over. We need a mover and a shaker to run this state and we have precious few. I support Ted because he is a man of action and innovation. What does anyone else bring to the table? The job of the Chairman is get Republicans elected. From my experience it seems almost all our candidates got themselves elected without RPI.

Anonymous said...

RPI is useless as a vehicle for electing Republicans. Our State Senate candidate was outspent probably 20 to 1 early in the campaign. As a result, his early poll numbers were awful and some 20 something punks in Des Moines made the decisions that he didn't deserve any money.

Our candidate went door to door and relied on grass roots organization. In the last ten days, Mary Lundby and RPI came through with a bit of money, but it was simply too little too late.

Our candidate worked his heart out and got the most votes on election day, but the absentees buried him. If he had early money, he could have knocked off the female half of Iowa's new power couple.

Mary Lundby and the RPI are directly responsible for this.

We were assured that those in leadership would be held responsible for the November debacle. Instead, they were enabled.

The RPI has shown that it does not deserve the support of the grass roots. It looks like it's time for the roots to sweep out the bums in the SCC.

Anonymous said...

Please understand that RPI, the Senate Majority Fund and the House Majority Fund are three separate entities with separate leadership.

This past election, which we would be forgetting about if we were smart, the Speaker and the Senate Leader and their people had the money (from PAC's, lobbyists and folks that give to their campaigns directly). The elected officials (state house and senate members) give money to RPI and dictate who gets it (via mailings, ads etc.) and the content of the ad-mailing. Then this all comes out with RPI's name on it and so many people get bent out of shape @ RPI>.

Now comes the Straw Poll over the horizon and the friends of the former speaker, now leader come to lead the party - Ex legislators!

Give the SCC a chance! And if you have not supported RPI financially maybe the right to criticize should be limited.

We will never be successful regardless of leadership if we keep destroying each other. That is a lesson the D's have learned much better than we have.

Kenboiraq said...

Would you give the Captain of the Titanic another ship?

I would not do it but hey - I was not there to reelect Ray.

So much for change.....

Anonymous said...

For the record: Loras Schulte, Mark Lucas, and David Jamison listened to the grassroots and supported somebody other than Ray. They all signed a document supporting Dix before the election of Chair.

Yoda said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 10:07 (aka a SCC member who won't admit it...the first of the 12 steps)

The SCC isn't getting a penny from me. If they can't make a decent decision and listening to the people out in the field ("Change" they cried), then I certainly can't trust them with my money. I was only a $500 donor, but it's $500 you won't be getting this year.

Give me a break!