Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Big hit for Mitt

Mitt Romney had a good visit to Des Moines today. The Real Sporer had some well placed correspondents at the Allied/Nationwide appearance. The Real Sporer himself was able to attend the “town hall” at the HyVee Conference Center in West Des Moines tonight.

Both events were well done. The HyVee Center event was both very well organized-a common feature of Team Mitt-and very well attended. Counting chairs and heads puts the attendance at about 450, exclusive of staff and media. The turnout also produced an impressive blend of regular Republicans and new faces.

Rep. Ralph Watts, of Adel, was on stage, a seating assignment that must surely bespeak an endorsement. Governor and Mrs. Ray arrived after Mitt took the stage. Gov. Ray received a tremendous and most well deserved ovation when Mitt spotted him. Gov. Ray’s willingness to attend and participate in so many Presidential events shows that Iowans of all stripes participate in their local politics-a great argument for our first in the nation status.

Mitt was also on rhetorical target tonight, the best performance I’ve witnessed live from him. Mitt’s stage and room presence are increasingly impressive. The two strong Romney performances show that more than his poll numbers have felt a bounce in the last week. Tonight he made two themes very central, I thought. The first was the need to apply more of the results driven principles of business management to government to produce the changes necessary for the very different world we now occupy. This position is persuasive because it recognizes the fundamental changes in the world and our imploding society and it contains a solution to at least the governmental part of the fix.

The second argument is American exceptionalism-without using the words. Mitt consistently returns to the theme that America is truly an exceptional place, that our problems are just that, problems, not crises, and that every problem can be overcome with ingenuity and effort. Romney was sharp in his answers, although, in all fairness, the questions somehow didn’t seem all that surprising to him.

Attending these Presidential events is actually an enjoyable as well as educational duty of party leadership. It is always great to see friends like Little Nikki, Keith, Gentry and Timmy enjoying the successful presentation of a great event. All but Nicole were beaming, and Nicole’s worried appearance is a reliable indicator of success. It is also great to see young Republicans like Marcus and Sarah and so many others in action-devoting the limitless energy that only youth possess to a cause, much less a good cause, instead of following the Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan/ K Fed and Brit path to oblivion. They certainly represent a brighter future for the MTV generation than you see on E News.

The most impressive message of the night did, however, appear on cards handed out by Bob Gleason, Platoon Sgt. USMC (Ret.), a Korean War vet and long time Polk County Republican, that simply said “freedom is not free”. Words to remember in the Age of Terror.


RF said...

So what did Romney say about the WOT, Iraq, homeland security? Or did he not address the biggest issues of the day, especially for R voters?

The Real Sporer said...

rf-you know I'm a social gadfly.

Victory in Iraq, larger regular military (100,000 increase in the army specifically). I calculated he would probably increase the military % of GDP from 3.8% (which is still among the lowest in the world-excluding countries protected by us (old Europe) and among the lowest by US historical standards (6% when Reagan left office). Very big on increasing efficiencies but let's be honest, people since Grover Cleveland ( a true Dem fiscal conservative) have been running on that one and only the Hoover Commission ever did anything about it (during the Truman Administration-part of Truman's genius was bringing Hoover back to reorganize the government).

I negelected to say that he devoted a substantial time to discusing fossil fuel alternatives. He might have had the same global warming cool aid but, as you know, I don't care why I just want to see this country cut back on fossil fuel consumption. To digress I think I utterly befuddled some of you lefties with a long post on Century of the Common Iowan on this one; they couldn't handle a light green Republican.

I think Mitt is kind of a numbers guy, he pointed out an interesting statistic, Russia's defense budget is about $500B a year and their oil exports are about $500B a year. Huckabee puts it in a more personal way, every time you squeeze the pump you give the Saudi royal family money.

Drill more on the north slope more off shore also came up but most of the talk was of bio and other alternative fuels. Didn't dwell on ethanol specifically.

The biggest problem with the campaign, everyone's campaign are the glittering generalities. Hell everyone wants to make us energy independent and the everyone wants more renewable energy but specicially how?

Anonymous said...

I think it was in the Red Star today that Romney wants to socialize the nation's health care system just like he did in Massachussetts. Remember, RomneyCare was praised by Hitlery and Kerry.

If we are going to enact the Democratic agenda, why not just vote for the Democrats to begin with?

Cedar Waxwing said...

I have to question the committment of Gov. Romney to reform America's broken tax system.

He made very clear tonight that he does not support the FairTax national tax reform plan.

Republicans in Iowa should take note of this! The FairTax is a part of the Republican Party of Iowa's platform and it is supported by the Republican Party of Iowa's leadership.

When Gov. Romney makes more Iowa appearances, tell him to support what the majority of Republicans in Iowa support...The FairTax!

Anonymous said...

The Fair Tax, Flat Tax debate is a worthy differentiating topic that can help us sort out the differences amongst them. I find I've become a Fair Tax proponent, especially after listening to Huckabee discuss it and how he changed from a flat taxer to a Fair Taxer.

Cedar - How do we find out more about it so we can begin talking about it more conversationally with other voters?

Romney is good and I COULD vote for him if he's the nominee, but, I find myself unsure of his long term committment to his positions. He's landing on the page I happen to be on with his new stances, but I just can't help but think he'd change his mind again after being in office.

Anonymous said...

Teddy - what did he say about the immigration bill? What did he say about national security as it relates to illegal immigration?

Glad to hear all the lovely stuff, but, how about the substance of what he proposes?

I wasn't there and I'm trying to differentiate them by straw poll time.

My issue is national security and I want to know what each intends to do.

health care financing is not the same as health care. said...

With respect to Health Care financing reform. I think Mitt needs some credit for trying to do something market based rather than government provided. The health care financing system is completely broken. The current employer based system needs a complete overhaul. It should NOT be employer based any longer.

Newt has the best ideas on this very complicated topic and it can be found on his website.

We need to do something. It can be done without the government providing a one size fits all system and have all the employees work for the government.

We've seen national healthcare as done by government employees. It's called the Veterans Health Care System. It's called Medicare. It's called Medicaid.

Now, does ANYONE think they do it more efficiently than the private sector?

Heck no! Look at the waste in ALL government programs. (had your drivers license renewed lately?)

However, we do need a national solution that extends access to coverage to all using private marketplace mechanisms.

Mitt has gotten close and it deserves a chance to work.

poor obama. he just can't get left enough for the libs. he sounds like an R. said...

More Obama Policy Specifics ...

... and more yawns from progressives.

Just like his major foreign policy address, Barack Obama's recently unveiled health care plan failed to go as far as progressives were hoping the leading anti-HRC candidate would go.

On Iraq, many were unhappy with Obama's calls for a larger military and failure to promise no residual force would be left in Iraq. On health care, most are disappointed Obama's plan falls short of universal coverage and relies to heavily on private insurance companies.

If recent polling is indicative of an Obama plateau, will we see him start to move left on issues?

a progressive is an even more liberal liberal. they are different animals said...

I don't understand the people who call themselves progressives.

Does it matter HOW universal health care financing is provided or should it matter that all people are covered?

They seem to demand "style" over substance.

What is their deal? Why can't I be covered by a private health care company as long as I'm covered?

They sound like temper tantrum throwing children on the topic.

Cedar Waxwing said...


The best way you can learn about FairTax is to go to This is a page specifically directed at Iowans and puts you in touch with the Iowa leadership for FairTax in the state.

All the Presidential candidates need to be put on the spot about their position on FairTax.

Just some FYI about FairTax.. Right now..FairTax is the most popular tax reform proposal in Congress with over 60 co-sponsors. Flat tax only has 4.

Among these cosponsors are Congressmen Steve King, former Speaker Denny Hastert, Sen. Saxby Chambliss, and the author of the FairTax plan..Rep. John Linder just to name a few.

more tolerance and diversity from the hate speech party said...

Also addressing the Mormon issue, Townhall's Hugh Hewitt links to AP reports on a Hillary Clinton supporter refusing to shake Romney's hand because he's a Mormon and comments: "There are certainly some conservatives who won't vote for a Mormon, but there's much more evidence that much of the anti-Mormon bigotry is on the left.

Perhaps MSM will get around to speculating why that is.

RF said...


I sent a guest post to your Polk Co. Chair email address. It was the first address I was able to find for you online. I hope you’ll consider publishing my piece. Also, email me back with the best email to reach you.

bill clinton hasn't changed. if hillary wins, its more nuts and sluts. said...

Freeh's defection to Team Rudy is part of a gradual transformation by the former top G-man from one-time friend of the Clintons to outspoken critic, blaming the former President for raining scandal down upon the White House, and for being soft on terrorism in the years before 9/11.

"Until 9/11," Freeh wrote in his 2005 book, "My FBI," about America's counterterrorism efforts, "we lacked the political leadership and more important the political will to do what had to be done."

Freeh also was scathing about Bill Clinton's personal failings, particularly his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky - a matter Freeh's FBI had to investigate.

"The problem was with Bill Clinton - the scandals and the rumored scandals, the incubating ones and the dying ones never ended," he wrote in his book. "Whatever moral compass the President was consulting was leading him in the wrong direction."

desmoinesdem said...

Please, Republicans, nominate the flip-flopper from Massachusetts! The guy who said when he was running against Ted Kennedy that he was pro-choice and for gay rights. The guy who adamantly insisted he was pro-choice when running for governor.

It's amazing how Romney gets a pass from many of the GOP power brokers and big donors, who would leap on the tiniest perceived inconsistency from a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Did Romney address the fact that his RomneyCare provides public funding for abortions?

Anonymous said...

Steve Deace has an interesting guy on the radio right now. He's explaining the connection between Bill Clinton's War (Kosovo) and 9-11.

1040 WHO AM Radio

RF said...

Somehow everything always comes back to Bill. And you wonder why we can't let go of W.

Anonymous said...

The issues are generally the same. I think Americans basically share the same issues with some basic divergence. So how do we get the job done? Pick the candidate with the best analytical and organizational skills. In my opinion, that is clearly Mitt Romney

Anonymous said...

rf: It took Bush 7 years to commit treason. It only took Clinton one.

Anonymous said...

bill actually really did commit crimes. his wife did too. you just wish w committed them so you could engage in payback games. that's why you blame him for everything that goes wrong, including the weather.

Anonymous said...

we can't let go of Bill because his wife is running for president. Remember their "deal"? Two for the price of one. Frankly, I've had plenty of Bill and Hill doesn't add any value. She's just his wife. Bill hasn't changed his spots and will have affairs in the white house if he returns. Hill will have to deal with him rather than dealing with Iran. We don't need that distraction during the most perilous period in our history. The last time, it led to Kosovo and other Wag the Dog cover stories.

All of her power is derived from Bill rather than from herself. We don't need that as a President. She is unqualified.

RF said...

We can’t let go of W as he’s still leading this country. Well, sort of.

Anonymous said...

deace is a dipshit.

Anonymous said...

Question to Ask Romney: