Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Catching up with Sam

Last week I missed a post on some interesting political news that I had received. Iowa state Senator Mark Zieman has publicly endorsed Kansas U.S. Senator Sam Brownback for the GOP nomination. We will try to keep abreast of the endorsement game as the Straw Poll and the Caucuses draw nearer. Sen. Zieman's statement of endorsement follows:

"Sam Brownback is the only candidate in the race who can unite both fiscal and social conservatives. Sam Brownback is a proven leader on social and economic issues, and he's the only candidate Iowans can trust to continue to fight for the unborn, traditional marriage and lower taxes in the White House."


Spotlight said...

Un believable! He didn't even mention the main issue in the next election--war, endless war in Iraq.

The next election will NOT be about marriage, traditional or otherwise.

it's the war stupid said...

spotlight - on that we can agree. a point of common ground upon which we can build. national security will be the issue. the argument is over which approach to national security results in actual national security. i wish the 20 candidates running for office would be very specific about what their plans are the first day in office when they become the commander in chief. it will not be wrapped up by January 2009. they are all avoiding it, except McCain.

KenRichards said...

Brownback sided with the National Organization for Women to prevent American men marrying foreign women as part of the Violence Against Women Act he sponsored. That has also ruined the careers of military officers who walked into establishments in foreign countries known to have prostitutes. In our country they're called bars but thanks to his bill the net has been cast very wide to include bars frequented by American servicemembers. I don't think Senator Brownback understands the attack on American men by the feminists within this country. He just sees things from a religious perspective and blames all failed marriages on the man.

Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to speak with Senator Brownback last Friday in Cedar Rapids. The Senator was traveling with David Barton, who was excellent. Of the four people sitting at my table when I arrived, 3 came to hear/see David Barton rather than Senator Brownback.

I asked Senator Brownback what he thought of the immigration bill and he responded "I think it is a good bill."

Goodnight and sweet dreams Senator Brownback.

Anonymous said...

Brownback has the Eric Rudolph wing of the pro-life movement as well.

Cedar Waxwing said...

Also, Brownback is going to start pushing an "optional" flat tax that will add even MORE bureaucracy and layers of tax code to the IRS.

Brownback doesn't seem to get that the IRS is broken. Our tax code is so unworkable that it is virtually impossible to fix.

Brownback will be out after the Straw Poll... He hasn't polled more than 1-2 percent in any statewide poll of Republicans.

Plus once the base finds out that he likes the immigration bill.. His campaign is over.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken,
What is up with you on that bill. it is the bill that stops slavery and illegal trafficing of people also. Interesting that you oppose this bill. This is the same bill at was also supported and wrote by Chuck Colson.

Anonymous said...

So "also" implies that it is also OK that the law (not bill) takes away the right of Americans to just say "hello" to foreigners online without first submitting to unconstitutional background checks?

I thought Brownback was slowly learning his lesson that his support for VAWA and IMBRA was a big mistake...at least for his presidential aspirations. The guy is not up for reelection otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I looked up Chuck Colson and IMBRA on Google and found no match.

However, it is well known that some evangelists, usually not male, have gotten onto the feminist bandwagon to try to stop attractive foreign women from messing with the American marriage market. This is why the US immigration services were letting hate-filled male Arab flight training students into the US before and after 9-11 while rejecting all applications from single 25 year old Russian women.

For these feminist Christians, any difference in financial status or age between an American and a foreigner, regardless of how well educated the foreign woman is...means that the foreign woman is prostituting herself to get into the US (in reality, most foreign women actually don't want to come to the US).

Since these fringe elements of the Christian right consider all forms of prostitution to be sex trafficking and online dating to be prostitution, the 7 or 8 American-owned dating sites that focus on foreign dating are now saddled with a law called IMBRA, which is meant to harrass them into bankruptcy.

The law takes away the right of foreign women to immediately chat with or receive a phone call or paper letter from an American. She has to first sign paperwork, that can take months to get to her, saying that she has read a specific American's background check and approves of contact.

The same month's long process would reoccur regarding contact with another specific American citizen.

The book "1984" deals with the subject of a government messing with personal relationships. George Orwell was a conservative and he had a message for all conservatives.

Brownback is asked politely to lead the effort to rewrite IMBRA and VAWA, which might salvage his candidacy for a VP spot.