Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Morning Review-CNN Late Edition

We missed the early part of the show and with it Joe Biden. I did get a second hand review of Biden in Council Bluffs yesterday. Biden’s attack on the Iraq war reached a new level of schizophrenia when he criticized the cost of the Bush strategy while simultaneously complaining about the failure to purchase even more expensive equipment-that apparently isn’t meant to be used.

We did catch the Prime Minister of Pakistan-who reminded everyone of how wild and wooly is the Paki/Afghan border. It is more than Interesting that prospective Democrat Presidents feel that a better battlefield for us would be in the wildest and least accessible place on earth with a primitive and tribal social structure instead of a mostly desert nation with a well educated and far less tribal population. Maybe liberal guilt is taking its cue from 19th Century British liberals who thought it unfair that the British army used artillery and machine guns against the Zulus. The Democrat want to give a 36 stroke handicap to the jihadists.

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Anonymous said...

Joe Biden - The original Joker from Batman, has issues. How does he get past the facelift, the hair plugs and the plaigerism that derailed his last presidential run.

I love how they want to spend MORE money on equipment that they do not intend to use because they never intend to deploy armed forces anywhere because their isn't a war on terror and there are no terrorists.

I suppose they could use more sand in which to bury their heads.