Saturday, June 02, 2007

Plot Foiled-More Crow on the Menu

Today yet another major terror plot was foiled. I'm sure everyone reading this will have, by now, heard of the scheme of some relatively home grown admirers of Al Qaeda to detonate all of the fuel tanks and lines leading into New York's JFK International Airport.

We've now listened to almost six years of Democrats and their running dogs in the media complain about how the President fights the WoT allowing nothing to interfere with the incessant stream of criticism and complaint. It's been almost six years since the last mass casualty terror attack and W just saved New York.

So the next time you caterwaulers layover at JFK, eat at whatever exclusive First Class airport hospitality club of which you are a member, try the crow sandwich and take a moment to thank W that the place is still standing to serve it to you.

Keep up the good work Mr. President.


Spotlight said...

Don't crow too much, Mr. Sporer. These guys don't seem to have the Al-Qaeda touch. They thought the jet fuel lines would explode the whole airport and part of Queens would be in flames? They are as deluded as you fear-mongers.

Now that the RedYellowGreen terrror alerts don't fool us anymore, we get "real" plots being broken up every few weeks. All of them by wackos--people who plan to attack military bases but get their pictures processed at the local drug store or homeless Florida men who ask their undercover entrapper to get them uniforms so they can blow up a building a thousand miles away.

Pardon me if i am not as frightened as you, and not as grateful to Mr. 28%. Let's all keep our eye on the trial of Jose Padilla. Remember him of the dirty bomb plot that turned into the plot to blow up apartments that now has degraded to a plot to assist other terrorists, or something much less than Ashcroft's original hype?

Spotlight (on wackos) said...

Oh yeah, don't forget the plot to blow up the train tunnels in NYC that was going to cause flooding! Not just flooding of the train tunnels, but flooding of lower Manhattan!

That guy understood physics about as well as today's JFK plotters.

Wackos more than terrorists. But go ahead--justify everything Mr.28% has done if you can. I know you gotta keep trying.

Spotlight (piling on) said...

May I take a cue from some other commenters here and quote from another source?

from TPM today--

"We also don't know if this is similar to the plot to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge (which was less serious than advertised), the British hijacking plot (which didn't stand up well to scrutiny), or the plot to attack Los Angeles' Library Tower (which turned out to be far less serious than we'd been led to believe).

"That said, given what we know this afternoon, it appears to be a successful law-enforcement/counter-terrorism operation. The officials who were involved with uncovering the plot and arresting the suspects deserve the nation's gratitude.

"It's good to know that intelligence gathering and law-enforcement efforts -- the very techniques Bush and his allies have ridiculed as ineffective -- can make a difference."

So that makes three more Big Terrorist Plots that I had forgotten about that were all exaggerated when first reported. You can find the real author of the quoted comments at

Don't crow too much just yet about how great W is.

Cymru said...

Spotlight, be grateful you live in a country where you can disagree.

KenRichards said...

Be thankful Republicans take national defense serious while Democrats, on the otherhand, want to turn off these programs stripping our ability to intercept such terrorists.

Can't we just make two separate nations and let the liberals all go to one????

Anonymous said...

OK Ken - the Republicans get Iraq (we will start loading them up on Monday)- you can practice all the "national defense" you want. "You broke it, you buy it."

The Real Ted Sphincter said...

Spot light:
be gratefull that Mayor Quimby's " Bear Prevention Tax" has been so successful that no bears have been seen in Sprinfield in over 6 years!

Also be gratefull that you live in a country where our biggest patriots send others to defend the country all while suspending basic rights in the name of saving them.

Also be grateful that the GOP has assured us that we won't have to pay for this mess as it will be our grandchildren's burden.

Be gratefull that our vice president talks gowingly of war, yet he had differnt prioities and lives in an underground bunker!

Remember it doesn't matter that 911 was on our watch, it is how we responded to seek vengance on the wrong country! Plus we have never had another Anthrax attack because we found out that it didnt scare the populace enough!

Be gratefull that the GOP are watching over your children basic needs, just ask, Tom Foley, Ted Haggard and Jeff Gannon!

John Petain, chief collaborator said...

The problem, Ted, is not so much the terrorist but the fact that the liberals and treasonous douchebags like John McQuisling have a vested interest in the United States losing this war.

Anonymous said...

spotlight - remember how W convened the vast right wing conspiracy to conjer up the hurricanes to kill black people in New orleans by blowing up the levees so perfectly that only the black neighborhoods were flooded?

your leadership came up with that one.