Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sunday June 3 Talk Preview

Fox News Sunday-Fox

Republican bashers will certainly enjoy Newt Gingrich’s topic, have the President and Karl Rove destroyed the Republican Party. While the immigration debate is raging, it will end just as soon as we all realize that whatever any of us think, the Democrats have made it pretty clear that they actually want Balkanization of the United States. I suppose most Democrats admire the multi-cultural egalitarianism of their socialist ideal, the Soviet Union.

Fox also will have a very interesting feature on public perception of the various candidates’ honesty and sincerity. I wonder how Evita scores on this one.

Newt is the biggest name by far on the Sunday scene tomorrow a.m. Newt is also the smartest and most articulate politician in the country, but is he electable? Appearances like tomorrow are helping to answer that question. (♠♠♠½)

Meet the Press-NBC

Democrat Tim Russert will feature Bob Schrum promoting his new book-“How to Avoid Winning A Campaign”. Shrum is Democrat that isn’t worth scouting; he is a sound bite machine with a long history of failure.

The truly odd couple of Mary Matalin and James Carville are, however, worth watching. While Carville is the archetype of the “Big Lie” theory of propaganda his propaganda and aggression is successful in our brave new world of an uneducated population and fracturing society. Matalin is a pretty good boxer herself and this Administration needed to unleash her and about a dozen like her after the last election.

Mike Murphy, John McCain’s 2000 campaign manager and long time Republican strategist will also be on hand.

The 2008 coverage will be interesting. Although none of the guests are particularly significant to policy all have some insight for politicians. Obviously Carville will shed no small amount of light on how negative Evita is willing to get. (♠♠♠)

This Week (with George Stephanopoulos)-ABC

Featured guests of the former Clinton White House political operative include Jack Murtha and Iraqi President Jalal Talabani. Unfortunately the two primary guests will not appear simultaneously so there is little or no chance that anyone will refute Murtha’s usual spew of factually and contextually challenged defeatist rhetoric. Murtha’s rhetoric so closely mirrors an Iranian and Al Qaeda broadcast that you wonder exactly who inspires whom. To think Hitler called Chamberlain and the Petainists “useful idiots”.

Talabani will undoubtedly receive a more hostile reception, although the Iraqis do have some hard issues that need resolved and I would like to hear where they are on the highway of greater self sufficiency. Some of those questions are implicated in the Democrat talking points so we may get to hear them tomorrow. (♠♠½)

Late Edition-CNN

Wolf has an unusually uninteresting line up as well. Elizabeth Edward (wife of) and Tagg Romney (son of) are the two headliners, if the word applies. Do we really care about the candidates families? Let’s be honest, has any reader’s vote ever been affected by a spouse or child of a candidate, except, of course Evita Clinton. Even that is somewhat misleading because Evita’s affect was to make Bill Clinton somehow sympathetic and his philandering understandable if not altogether forgivable.

John Edwards is, of course, following his instincts and exploiting his wife’s terminal illness. It’s the only thing sympathetic about the woman; she is otherwise a hate filled and dark personality. The Real Sporer cannot even opine as to Tagg Romney-although I strongly expect he will find something good to say about Dad Mitt, eh?

The back seat guests are Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-California)Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Alabama). Neither really should be expected to say anything new or different. Both have been on the Intellegence Committee so I hope either Wolf or Shelby will bring up the lies of Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame and the Democrats who embraced and repeated those lies.

The lack of news makers hurts Wolf’s hand this week. However, CNN has a great line up of political analysts and consultants, a cast of thousands so to speak, and they are all on the air tomorrow. That will add some value to the later half of the show. (♠♠)

Face the Nation-CBS.

CBS apparently hasn’t posted the preview of tomorrow’s edition of the long running Democrat talk show. I suppose the fear of losing their broadcast license and being fined millions of dollars for unreported in kind campaign contributions prevent CBS and its tanking ratings from publicly acknowledging that it’s news division is a semi-official publication of the DNC. They certainly don't respond to the market, which is telling them they need some Republican audience.

Rumor has it that Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar (D) and Rep. Peter King (R) will appear. Although neither is a real national celebrity there is potential for an exciting dialogue. King is pretty fiery and Salazar pretty laconic, but new on the scene, so maybe we’ll draw some blood in this one. Bob Schieffer is pretty much the last journalist at CBS News so there will be fireworks if the King and Salazar appear simultaneously. However, neither is particularly powerful in their caucuses and no news will be made on this one. (♠½)


RF said...

"she [Elizabeth Edwards] is otherwise a hate filled and dark personality" - Is this how you really perceive people (which means your skills in reading people are about zero), or have you never really seen/listened to the woman? Or is this all because of her comments about her gun-toting neighbor?

BTW. I've been pretty harsh on Edwards as of late. Not too keen on his pandering and going hard for the MoveOn crowd. But, the fact remains he is an extremely likeable candidate in person, he can deliver a great speech, and his rhetorical skills in Q&A type of settings are very hard to match. Just check the video clips on State 29.

The Real Sporer said...

Yes, aware of these people before he was even in the Senate. The Edwards are a famouns lawyer couple in the brotherhood of the bar.

Not just gun toting comment, which turned out to be pretty much a lie but the whole body of outrageously snotty remarks about people who disagree with them. Actually, not even that, I think probably anyone who doesn't share the same viewpoint.

These are bad people, very shallow. Not dangerously evil, like Evita, just shallow and unbelievably self centered-like many people we all know in real life.

I don't really agree with B. Hussein Obama on many things, but you made a good move for the old conscience on jumping from the Breck Girl to Obama. I don't think Obama is either dangerously evil or a bad person. Some Ds, like Biden, Richardson and Dodd are even pretty good guys, especially Biden. But Edwards is not among them.

The Real Sporer said...

Also, I too am a trial lawyer and my skills are reading people are pretty sharp-20 + years of reading jurors and witnesses.

Edwards is a great lawyer, good arguer, persuasive speaker. I will concede all of that. He's just an incredibly egotistical while utterly valueless personality. The wife is dying and this is how they spend her final couple of years????

The little Edwards kids are losing their mother so, hell, let's seperate even sooner by running for President. Fortunately his chances of becoming President are about the same as mine. No one I know would pursue this course of action, except the egomanical sociopaths that I do know (a personality that finds its way with some frequency into the life of a lawyer), if for the benefit of spendimg the final year or two or three together as a family. Even if he were to win he'd be President with young children who have no mother.

The wife is even worse 'cause she largely doesn't even bother with the false courtroom charm.

RF said...

You may be a trial lawyer, but I suspect approximately 95% of Americans disagree with you on Elizabeth's personality. - You think your obviously strong political views could cloud your judgment? No, that would never happen, right?