Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Matt Whitaker-Border Security Hero

Never let it be said that immigration enforcement is anything but alive and well in the Southern District of Iowa.. Our US Attorney, Matt Whitaker followed last December’s successful raids at six Swift Packing facilities in Iowa with indictments of several additional persons involved in the demand end of the illegal immigrant market.

Large scale use of illegal immigrant labor is not possible without collusion between management and organized labor. Today’s actions, which involve the indictment of both a Swift human resources manager and a local Marshalltown labor leader, demonstrate Matt Whitaker’s willingness to expose and disrupt that collusion.

Moreover, the additional indictments show Matt’s commitment to fighting the demand for illegal labor and not just the supply. Any real solution to the problem of illegal immigration must employ such a dual approach. It is heartening to see that one of Iowa’s chief law enforcement officials agrees and is acting to protect Iowans, our jobs, our wages and our tax dollars from those who trade in illegal labor.

One has to wonder how the voice of a front line immigration warrior like Matt Whitaker in the United States Senate would have affected the debate over immigration. Since the USA has to eventually address this problem perhaps our future leadership should have some reasonable knowledge of the nature of the problem if we are implement an efficacious solution.


Anonymous said...

Matt Whittaker for Attorney General!

america's first black president, (hill expecting to be the 2nd) disses the naacp said...

The NAACP convention is under way and will continue without one of its featured guests.

Former President Bill Clinton was expected to speak at the convention Wednesday and give out awards, but because of some confusion, Clinton did not make an appearance.

Anonymous said...

Matt Whitaker for Senate!

Anonymous said...

Second that emotion!

Anonymous said...

Matt Whitaker for Governor!

Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised if Whitaker's name comes up when Culver is up for re-election or when Grassley retires...

He's made a name for himself, young, energetic, and can bring new ideas to the fold..

An Idea said...

More people need to start contacting Matt to tell him that they would love to have him as their Senate Candidate in 2008. Matt's an amazing guy, a tough candidate, and has a record as a prosicutor that would put Rudy's to shame.

Matt needs to know that we would be behnd him against Harkin and that he'd have a great shot at replacing Uncle Tom in the Senate. If enough people give him positive encouragement, maybe he'll change his mind and run.


Anonymous said...

Its almost too late for another GOP candidate to enter the fold for 08 against Harkin..

You're going to have to raise some SERIOUS money in the next 4-5 months to take him on..


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