Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More (carefully hidden) progress in Iraq

This morning’s Des Moines Register Iraq headline provides evidence of two very important Republican arguments in such a limpid manner that it would be commentary malpractice to ignore it.

The headline screams, “OfFFICIALS REPORT MASSACRE IN DIYALA”. Remembering my limited education in journalism I have always thought that the headline was supposed to capture the most significant information in the story.

If a news source is committed to reporting objective news, would the repetition of a daily occurrence be worthy of a headline? Terrorists commit massacres every day in Iraq, Afghanistan and wherever else they operate. The commission of yet another “massacre” is, sadly, a routine event in the Age of Terror.

News worthy? Of course. Headline material? Only if the purpose of the headline is to hammer the public with the senseless brutality of war and not to provide useful information to the public. The media obsession with civilian and American casualties, although strangely enemy casualties receive virtually no attention from the Democrats’ running dogs in the Main Stream Media, adds nothing to the public understanding of the Iraq campaign or of the larger War on Terror.

The story, however, contains very important and optimistic news regarding the political situation in Iraq. The Iraq political situation has been far less than perfect. Iraqi politicians, like our own, seem focused more on pandering than public policy. Last Sunday Democrats from Carl Levin to Bob Schieffer and George Stephanopoulos repeated the complaint that the Iraqi Parliament could not even muster a quorum because the Shia legislators were boycotting Parliamentary sessions. The second paragraph of the story reports the return of those Shia legislators to Parliament, exactly the action that the Dems, and frankly everyone else, want to see happen. This is an important positive development and worthy of attention.

So one would think the story, you know the “new” in “news”, would be the return to Parliament of the Shia members (their absence drew headline commentary throughout the MSM). One would think wrong. The liberal press, and it does not get much more liberal than the Des Moines Register publishing an AP article, has no interest in the “new” if the new is good news, however, only in pushing its defeatist template regardless of the facts.

That, my loyal readers, is how propaganda works.


Anonymous said...

To Democrats' horror, there is consistent news that the "surge" is working. Democrats want us to fail in Iraq. Democrats want Bush to fail at everything.

Anonymous said...

the redstar is just pissed that they failed at getting the sales tax passed.

the only substantive reading d's do is to read bumper stickers. it's all their minds can take in said...

let's not forget the massacres they are committing all over the world. London, Glasgow, Israel, Darfur, Pakistan, Indonesia and on and on. It's a global war on Islamofascism regardless of what the Democrats wish to call it.

stop hate..vote republican said...

and speaking of bumper stickers, have you ever noticed that other than the occasional candidate bumper sticker, r's generally don't wear bumper stickers. The only bumper stickers I ever see are on those rusted out, foreign made beaters that usually are driven by d's.

They are loaded with hate filled snotty attacks on people with whom they disagree as if reading that stupid bumper sticker is going to change anyone's mind about anything.

So simpleton in their discourse. Just scream and yell.

It's just about hating. Self-hating.

al gore made a deal with the devil too. it didn't work out for him either said...

Go read O. Kay Hendersons blog over at Radio Iowa about Clinton paying off Vilsack. Great story. Great reporting that we for sure will not read about in the redstar.

Here's the left wing conspiracy angle.

I think it's pretty clear that Vilsack made a deal with the devil (Clinton)to get a cabinet post, if not VP. Clinton new she couldn't win Iowa and needed cover to explain her lack of performance.

Why not do what Billy did when Harkin ran for President. It allowed Clinton to avoid Iowa because of the local guy running. If Harkin hadn't run and Clinton had to play in Iowa, he may never had been President.

Why re-invent the wheel? Just follow the Bill Clinton Campaign Plan. Fast forward, Clinton convinced Vilsack to run for President so she can skip Iowa too, just like Billy boy did.

Oops, even Iowans know that Vilsack wasn't even a good Gov let alone have any credibility as a President and it didn't work. Vilsack blew up too soon.

Plan B....take over his operation in Iowa. Make Vilsack Chair of Iowa for Clinton and that should work, right?

Oops....remember Dusky Terry? Vilsack has no operation and that has blown up too.

Plan C: Bring out Billy, the impeached, convicted perjurer, admitted serial adulterer, and accused rapist, as the celebrity guest at all Billary functions so they focus on him rather than her. Dazzle them with Bullshit..as they say.

Might work. D's don't really care much about the corruption of their own leaders as long as they win and gain power.


the devil went down to iowa, looking for a soul to steal. He found Vilsack said...

Here's the snippet from the Politico story this morning:

Back in March, there was a whole odd fuss about whether or not Hillary would help pay off Tom Vilsack's $400,000-plus debt, with the Clinton campaign saying it would, then Vilsack saying it wouldn't, then the Clinton campaign saying what it really meant was that it would be happy to help if he asked.

They were trying to avoid the implication that Clinton had in any way purchased his endorsement.


the only sin that d's won't tax into extinction is abortion. they want tax support for that industry said...

Let's see, excessive taxes on cigarettes already, now cigars. Coming up, a tax on Fast Food, a legal ban on trans fat in NY (do you go to jail if you use the wrong oil?). Will it be BOSTON TEA next?

Published July 17, 2007

Eric Newman punches the numbers on his calculator and gapes at the results one more time.

It's no mathematical error: The federal government has proposed raising taxes on premium cigars, the kind Newman's family has been rolling for decades in Ybor City, by as much as 20,000 percent.

As part of an increase in tobacco taxes designed to pay for children's health insurance, the nickel-per-cigar tax that has ruled the industry could rise to as much as $10 per cigar.

"I'm not sure in the history of man, since our forefathers founded the country in 1776, that there's ever been a tax increase of 20,000 percent," said Newman, who runs the Tampa business founded by grandfather Julius Caesar Newman. "They had the Boston Tea Party for less than this."

Here's the source of the controversy:

The Democrat controlled Congress has sought an extra $35-billion to $50-billion for the state children's health insurance program.

A U.S. Senate version of the bill under consideration today in the Finance Committee sets the maximum tax per cigar at $10.

How do you oppose a sin tax Congress has rigged to help sick kids? Senate staffers couldn't be reached for comment.

In Newman's view it's not just unfair but also immoral to overtax a product enjoyed not by addicts but by worthy pleasure seekers.

The average aficionado smokes about three cigars a week at about $3 to $5 apiece, according to the cigar association.

"A good wine. A good scotch. A good bourbon. A good cigar. It all enhances the quality of life," Newman said. "We're in the relaxation business."

James Thorner can be reached at (813) 226-3313 or thorner@sptimes.com.

every single thing Joe Wilson said is now a proven lie. no wonder he's endorsing HRC. Soulmates. said...

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential bid was endorsed Monday by the husband of the woman at the center of the scandal known as Plamegate.

Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, a noted critic of the Iraq war who is married to Valerie Plame, told The Hill newspaper: "I have known Hillary Clinton for a decade. She is the one candidate who, in my judgment, understands the need to get Americans out of harm’s way and to move this to a political process.

"On day one, she will be able to reach out to the international community, and I am delighted to fight the fight with her.”

this is funny. you have to check out the vide said...

Newsbusters blows the lid off a curious segment from this morning's "Good Morning America" on ABC.

Johnny Coiffeur (Edwards) was laying out his bold Iraq withdrawal plan, which - perhaps due to its very boldness - promptly lulled the man behind him to sleep. One minute later, the man vanishes.

NB suspects ABC may have shooed the snoozer away while they cut to another camera, lest their viewers get the impression that Edwards may be an uninspiring dullard.

Me, I prefer to think the slumberous fellow was whisked away (Langoliers-style) to that other America, where all haircuts cost $1,250 and the "slummy" folks next door never deign "scare" their more aristocratic neighbors.

That, or heaved into the back alley behind the studio, at the hands of Silky-loyal GMA producers. Either way, he's in a better place

no media bias being shown by ABC is there? they aren't shilling for billary are they? Hmmm said...

Check out this link to newsbusters to see the clip and this item. http://newsbusters.org/node/14137#new

To read an account of Hillary Clinton�s March 26 special on GMA, click here. In total, "Good Morning America" has devoted 64 minutes worth of air time to the two Democratic candidates and zero, so far, for the Republicans.

Finally, for a look at the disparity between Senator Clinton�s town hall and the tougher questioning that Edwards endured, go here.

see what our friends from the party of peace have in mind? A hate filled assault on Chuck Grassley said...

At 5 p.m. today members of MoveOn along with Iraq Summer volunteers will hold a "counter-filibuster" in front of the Federal Building, 210 Walnut St. in Des Moines.

The event is planned to take place as Sen. Chuck Grassley joins a Republican "filibuster" to block a vote on ending the Iraq war.

The groups will call on him to end his participation in the filibuster, which is blocking the United States Senate from passing a timetable for the safe and secure exit of troops from Iraq.

Event organizers plan to read a letter from an active-duty soldier serving in Iraq that calls on Congress to bring the troops home soon.

"We're gathering to ask Senator Grassley to stop playing political games and vote to bring our troops home safely, securely and soon," said Charles Carnes, a Des Moines MoveOn volunteer.

At the event Iowans will also unveil Grassley's report card on Iraq. Since the start of 2003, he has supported Pres. George W. Bush's Iraq policy. According to event organizers, now more than 70 percent of the American public is calling for the withdrawal of nearly all troops from Iraq by April.

A majority of senators are on the record in support of legislation that would require Pres. Bush to begin brining the troops home within the next 120 days and complete the task by April 2008.

They will not be able to vote on such a measure if Grassley and others continue to block progress. Senate rules require 60 out of 100 votes in the Senate to end debate and bring a bill to a vote.

The pending Senate bill is an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill offered by Democratic Senators Carl Levin of Michigan and chair of the Armed Services Committee and Jack Reed of Rhode Island and a former U.S. Army Ranger. It is co-sponsored by three Republican Senators -- Olympia Snowe of Maine, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Gordon Smith of Oregon.

so, in other words, hillary clinton lied and so did vilsack. no wonder j wilson is for HRC. soulmate said...

Ex-governor and ex-presidential candidate Tom Vilsack received $87,000 in donations from Hillary Clinton supporters after he left the race and andorsed Clinton.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Vilsack used $55,000 of that to reimburse himself for a personal loan he'd made his campaign.

In his Feb. 23 speech as he exited the race, Vilsack said he was dropping out because of "money and only money."

O. Kay Henderson also reports The Clinton campaign also paid Vilsack $20,000 for unspecified "list services," likely the Vilsack "house list" of donors and supporters built up through his years in Iowa Politics.

yup - lizzie edwards is having another temper trantrum just like expected. she'. said...

Mrs. Edwards unloads on Hillary in SALON.COM: 'Sometimes you feel you have to behave as a man and not talk about women's issues... I'm not convinced she'd be as good an advocate for women. She needs a rationale greater for her campaign than I've heard'...

how much hate can the hate party put out in one day? i see lots of bumper stickers in this screed said...

Campaigns and political parties often provide sample messages that supporters can repeat in media appearances.

The Democratic memo includes this just-add-water message template for Democratic senators to propagate: “President Bush has proven beyond any doubt that he won’t listen to the Congress or the American people unless he is forced to. While some Senate Republicans might not want to change course in Iraq, it does not gives them the right to block an up or down vote on legislation supported by a majority of the Congress and the American people.”

The memo says Senate Democrats are coordinating with their House counterparts to produce an echo effect during floor speeches in the other chamber. Under a section called, “Amplifying Our Message to Force a Change Of Course in Iraq,” the memo gives this overview:

--“Senate Democrats will tape TV feeds and actualities back to their home states.”

--“Outside groups will hold a 'call to action' event Tuesday night to call on Republicans to end their Iraq filibuster.”

--“Iraq veterans will make visits to Senate offices asking Republican Senators to allow an up or down vote on the Levin-Reed Amendment.”

--“Center for American Progress will live-blog the all night session.”

--“Senate Democrats will conduct interviews on national cable and radio.”

--“The Steering and Outreach Committee will release a video of Iraq veterans and military families calling for a change of course in Iraq.”

RF said...

So expressing political disagreement equals hate? All of these expressions of disagreement seem quite peaceful and democratic.

If you can't take the heat, don't start and/or blindly support stupid wars.

What's wrong with an up and down vote? Isn't that all R's always wanted prior to Jan. '07?

lizzie thinks woman who work aren't happy. lizzie does not believe in feminism.she's snotty said...


Published: October 21, 2006

Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of the former senator and vice presidential candidate John Edwards, called to apologize to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday following reports that she had described the former first lady as leading a relatively unhappy life, an adviser to Mrs. Clinton said.

Mrs. Edwards, who is on a book tour, had been quoted as saying that she and Mrs. Clinton “are from the same generation” during a luncheon on Thursday sponsored by the Ladies’ Home Journal.

“We both went to law school and married other lawyers, but after that we made other choices,” Mrs. Edwards said, according to The Associated Press. “I think my choices have made me happier. I think I’m more joyful than she is.”

Senator Swtichback said...

Hola (Greetings) from Senator Switchback!


Brownback Supported McCain-Kennedy Immigration Reform In 2006
Now Running For President, Brownback Has Begun Backing Away From His Previous Support
Just Last Month, Brownback Voted For The Final Immigration Bill.
When He Saw It Was Going To Fail, Brownback Switched His Vote From Yea To Nay.
Brownback Voted For The Immigration Bill Before He Voted Against It.

Brownback Supported McCain-Kennedy In 2006:

"Brownback Joined Forces With Democrats And Maverick Republicans" On Immigration. "[I]t came as something of a surprise when Brownback joined forces with Democrats and maverick Republicans this week to try to push through a major restructuring of immigration laws that would offer most of the nearly 12 million illegal immigrants a work permit and a pathway to citizenship." (Shailagh Murray, "A Conservative Crosses The Border," The Washington Post, 4/8/06)

Brownback Announced His Support With Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) And Ted Kennedy (D-MA). "'This is probably the most divisive issue in America today, and I hope this compromise ends up bringing us together,' Brownback declared at a news conference Thursday with his immigration allies, including Democratic leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.) and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.)." (Shailagh Murray, "A Conservative Crosses The Border," The Washington Post, 4/8/06)

Brownback Joined Hillary Clinton And Ted Kennedy In Voting To Give Social Security Benefits To Illegal Immigrants. "Specter, R-Pa., motion to table (kill) the Ensign, R-Nev., amendment no. 3985 that would bar illegal immigrants currently in the country from claiming Social Security credits for work done in years before they are assigned a valid Social Security number." (S. 2611, CQ Vote #130: Motion Agreed To 50-49: R 11-44; D 38-5; I 1-0, 5/18/06, Brownback, Clinton, And Kennedy Voted Yea)

The Washington Times: Brownback Moved Social Security Closer To Insolvency By Offering Benefits To Illegals. "On its way to bankruptcy, Social Security will get there a bit sooner if President Bush, Republican senators (and prospective presidential candidates) John McCain, Chuck Hagel and Sam Brownback and the overwhelming majority of Democratic senators get their way. … During the Senate debate on immigration reform in May, Mr. Ensign proposed that no illegal alien whose status would be adjusted by the Senate bill be permitted to receive Social Security benefits as a result of unlawful activity." (Editorial, "Social Security Siphon," The Washington Times, 1/5/07)

In 2007, Brownback Voted For Passing The Immigration Bill Ten Minutes Before He Voted Against It:

Sen. Sam Brownback Voted For The Final Immigration Bill Just Ten Minutes Before He Voted Against It. "When voting began Thursday on whether to advance President Bush's immigration bill, Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback was among the first lawmakers to vote 'yes.' About 10 minutes later, Brownback switched his vote to 'no.'" (Sam Hananel, "Brownback Says He Intended Vote Switch On Immigration," The Associated Press, 6/29/07)

Brownback Only Switched His Vote "After It Became Clear The Bill Was Headed For Defeat." "All but one of the senators running for president voted to move the bill forward. Republican Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas was the only candidate to vote no. Brownback first voted yes, then switched after it became clear the bill was headed for defeat." (Elizabeth Auster, "Senate Abandons Immigration Bill," [Cleveland] Plain Dealer, 6/29/07)

The Mainstream Media Compared Brownback To Kerry:

CNN: "Brownback: Voted For It Before He Voted Against It." "Today's vote on the Senate immigration bill was a tough one for Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback. The GOP presidential hopeful, who has supported the bill until now, voted yes for cloture on the measure before switching his vote fifteen minutes later to no. A vote for cloture is an indication of support for the measure. Since the bill fell 14 votes shy of the 60 required for cloture, many in Congress have pronounced the bill dead. Many conservatives — and likely GOP primary voters — have expressed ardent disapproval for the bill, claiming it amounts to amnesty." (Alexander Mooney, "Brownback: Voted For It Before He Voted Against It," CNN Political Ticker, http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com, Posted 6/28/07)

MSNBC: Brownback "Voted For The Bill Today Before He Voted Against It." "GOP presidential hopeful Sam Brownback was very nervous for 11 minutes this morning. That's the time that elapsed between his initial 'Aye' vote for cloture on the Senate's immigration bill today -- essentially an expression of support for the Bush-backed overhaul -- and a change to 'Nay' before the vote was over. Brownback likely recognized that a vote in favor of the bill, which is deeply unpopular among many Republicans who consider it 'amnesty' for illegal immigrants, would not play well in the GOP presidential race or in a potential re-election bid in his native Kansas (he's up in 2010). He's supported the bill up until now, and voted to bring the measure to the Senate floor earlier in the week." (Carrie Dann, "Brownback's Vote Switch," MSNBC's First Read, http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com, Posted 6/28/07)

MSNBC: Brownback Press Release Fails To Mention His Vote Switch. "***Update*** At 2:10 pm ET, Brownback's Senate office issued a press release entitled 'BROWNBACK VOTES AGAINST CLOTURE ON IMMIGRATION BILL,' but it didn't mention he voted for the bill today before he voted against it." (Carrie Dann, "Brownback's Vote Switch," MSNBC's First Read, http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com, Posted 6/28/07)

Brownback Claimed He Meant To Switch His Vote, Prompting Ridicule:

Brownback Excuse #1: Vote Switch Was Meant To "Showcase" The Need For Reform. "But don't bother accusing the Republican presidential hopeful of flip-flopping he says he did it on purpose. 'I wanted to signal that I support comprehensive immigration reform, but now is not the time, this is not the bill,' Brownback said. Brownback explained that his 'yes' vote initially was to 'showcase' that reform is needed. The switch to 'no' was because he didn't think this was the right way to do it. … Brownback has shifted his position on the bill since last year, when he supported a Senate measure that would give millions of illegal immigrants a chance to become U.S. citizens. Brownback came under heavy criticism from conservatives who adamantly oppose the bill. Now, Brownback says he favors a comprehensive approach to immigration reform that secures the border, provides interior workplace enforcement, and establishes an effective guest worker program." (Sam Hananel, "Brownback Says He Intended Vote Switch On Immigration," The Associated Press, 6/29/07)

Brownback Excuse #2: Country Isn't Yet Ready For The Immigration Bill. "Shortly after that, Kansas Republican Sam Brownback, who had cast an early 'yea,' switched his vote. 'I just concluded as I was on the floor that the country is just not ready,' said Brownback. At one time, Brownback, a 2008 presidential hopeful, was among the leading proponents of what supporters call comprehensive immigration reform. On Thursday, he said he still remains committed. But not right now. 'We need to let it rest,' said Brownback, who wouldn't speculate about when the time would be right. 'I think this has been a very passionate debate and I think this just needs to rest for a while.'" (Michael Sandler, "Immigration Overhaul Founders," CQ Today, 6/28/07)

National Review's Rich Lowry: Brownback's "Hard-To-Believe-Verging-On-Laughable" Excuses. "Now, if the campaign's (hard-to-believe-verging-on-laughable) explanation is true that this was a deliberate strategy on his part to vote first 'yes' and then 'no,' well, then, he's badly in need of better political advice and you have to question his judgment for going along with it. Did he have no idea how it would play? When I was e-mailing with a Senate source opposed to this bill going through potential votes last night, he said something like, 'I hope Brownback just doesn't show up,' given how unreliable he was on this vote. I bet Brownback now wishes the same thing." (Rich Lowry, "Brownback Voted 'Yes'," National Review Online, http://corner.nationalreview.com, Posted 6/28/07)

Conservatives Pounced On Brownback's Switch:

Michelle Malkin's Video Of Sen. Switchback: YouTube

National Review's Rich Lowry: "Brownback Voted 'Yes' As Far As I'm Concerned." "Brownback voted 'yes' as far as I'm concerned. The way the game is played is that you vote 'yes' if they need your vote, and then when it becomes clear that it's failing, you become a 'no.' That's why there were so many 'no's' by the end. But it means you were ready to go along when it really counted. What's extraordinary about what Brownback did is if that's the game you're playing, you hang back and see how everyone else is voting before committing yourself. Also, as a Republican senator, you should have at least some vague idea of which way the tide of your colleagues is running and not get yourself in this kind of position." (Rich Lowry, "Brownback Voted 'Yes'," National Review Online, http://corner.nationalreview.com, Posted 6/28/07)

Free Republic's Ben Weyl: Brownback "Became Convinced That If He Continued To Support The Current Immigration Bill, He Would Continue To Be Hammered By Conservatives And The Other '08 Republican Hopefuls." "Eleven minutes after voting in favor of cloture on the Senate immigration bill, Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback changed his mind—and his vote—to oppose cloture… Brownback explained his vote today against cloture: 'I became convinced along with many of my colleagues on the floor that this version of the immigration bill was not, and would not become the vehicle that would fix our broken system as I had hoped.' Or perhaps he became convinced that if he continued to support the current immigration bill, he would continue to be hammered by conservatives and the other '08 Republican hopefuls. Indeed, in a previous interview, Tamara Scott, a prominent Iowa social conservative and head of the Iowa chapter of Concerned Women for America, called Brownback 'a solid senator [though] there does seem to be some concern with his immigration stance when I talk to people.' Though his recent vote against cloture will please some conservatives, there is the potential that a) conservatives won't believe Brownback's commitment to the issue considering his lengthy support of the bill and b) that he will be seen as a flip-flopper, just another pandering politician." (Ben Weyl, "Brownback Scrubs Website of Earlier Immigration Vote," Free Republic, www.freerepublic.com, Posted 6/28/07)

Sen. Brownback "A Senator Only John Kerry Could Love." "Republican Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas, a second-tier candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, is taking quite a bit of heat for first voting 'aye' to shut off debate on a comprehensive immigration reform bill before the U.S. Senate on Thursday, then minutes later switching his vote to 'no,' effectively killing the bill for some time to come. Brownback, who is being dubbed 'Switchback' by some the right-wing bloggers who opposed the bill, is described as a senator only John Kerry could love, voting for the immigration reform bill before he voted against it." (Bruce Daniels, "Forget Kansas Sen. Sam 'Switchback'," Albuquerque Journal, www.abqjournal.com/, Posted 6/29/07)

BTW, so how long do we let the d plan work before we come up with another new strategy? said...

RF - I completely disagree with your premise. You say stupid, I say saving western civilization as we know it, but...you keep your little democrat head in the sand and be blissfully ignorant. We can agree to disagree and that you are blissful and I am worried.

I think the assaults are pretty childish and don't move the argument. It's bullying pure and simple. Of course, D's are the experts on bullying, aren't they? D's are the only ones that do that because it serves as their argument.

Yelling, screaming, shouting and obstructing entrances is all designed to stop free speech. It's all you guys have. Protesting is SOOOOOOO Viet Nam Disease passe.

However, I'm completely cool with the filibuster. Let's go! I think they should have filibustered the judges and really filibustered. This is serious stuff and Im happy to have them hash it out. We'll see who's weak and who is strong. We'll see what arguments the D's have finally.

obama wins the primary on this. oprah controls the female vote in the US, not hillary said...

CHICAGO (AP) - Forget the girl of YouTube videos. The real Obama girl is doing her part for the candidate. Talk show host Oprah Winfrey plans to hold a Sept. 8 fundraiser for Democratic hopeful Barack Obama at her palatial estate near Santa Barbara, Calif., according to campaign spokesman Dan Pfeiffer.

Obama has raised more than $58 million for his White House bid. Forbes magazine estimates that Winfrey, the Chicago-based host who boasts a lot more, including a magazine, is worth $1.5 billion.

Obama already enjoys the support of Hollywood moguls like David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Winfrey's fundraiser is another chance for him to tap into money in California, which was his top donor state from April through June with a total take of $4.2 million.

Winfrey is a well-known fan of Obama, calling him "my favorite guy" and "my choice" on CNN's "Larry King Live" last year before he announced he would run for president.

Recently, one of the more popular YouTube videos is Amber Lee Ettinger, aka Obama Girl, in a racy performance titled, "I Got A Crush On Obama."

Yet, when Obama appeared on Oprah's show last year, Winfrey asked him if he would announce a presidential bid on her program.

"I don't think I could say no to you," Obama replied. "Oprah, you're my girl."

I've got a crush on obama too. let's turn the page. said...

If Obama and Fred are the nominees, you'll see the female turnout rate at 99%! What a couple of hunka hunkas.

Obama wins the D primary,Fred wins the general said...

TV Appeal of Debate Pairings:

Obama - manly man Vs Hillary - manly woman **** Obama wins

Obama - manly man vs Edwards - womanly man **** Obama wins

Hillary - manly woman Vs Edwards - womanly man **** Hillary wins

Obama - manly man vs Fred MANLY MAN **** Fred Wins