Saturday, October 20, 2007

The FRC Straw Poll -Two Winners?

We came across this story tonight as I prepare to hit the hay. A controversy has developed at the Family Research Council Straw Poll over who actually won.

Mitt won a close vote over Huck 1595/1565 if all votes are tallied. Huck won the on site voting by a whopping 488/99! David Brody, the chief political correspondent for CBN, has
a great analysis of the results.

These results reaffirm two conclusions from the Iowa Straw Poll, that had no internet component and a much larger turnout: Mitt has a great organization and is a very appealing and formidable candidate and Huck is perhaps our most persuasive speaker and engaging personality. Much like his Iowa result, the headlines coming out of this vote should give Huck a big lift and draw the Iowa numbers even closer.

By the way, David Brody is a great political analyst-among the most erudite of observers of the political Christian right and evangelical voter. We’ve linked his column permanently.


Anonymous said...

KGB- I am going to Huck's tonight, and can blog, but dont know how, just a running comment section, or do i need to know a code or something.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Very interesting post.

While the overall vote was close, Huckabee clearly has the edge with the established evangelical leadership. Remains to be seen whether that will carry much weight with the rank and file. Doing my "Jimmy Carter/Bill Clinton" campaign approach in Iowa's very Republican areas I doubt it with bread and butter issues particularly with the property market meltdown at the fore.

A good example is my West Des Moines landlord, a former Marine and an economic conservative voter, will let the property I'm renting go to foreclosure next month. Also a real estate broker his income has plummeted. Very hard to imagine a "values agenda" will be foremost on his mind.

The economics are only going to get worse because the administration refuses to protect the dollar causing oil, natural resources and imported goods prices to soar. The chapter in the credit melt down will be widespread credit card defaults.

Think it's statistically unsound to mix onsite and online straw poll votes. They really measure different things.

R. L. " said...

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Quacktastic said...

Stop knocking on the Quack. His shit smells like daiseys and flapjacks in the morning, unlike us other lowly minions. Hell, Quack Klein's shit can even cure cancer----can your's????

Quack Klein '08

R.L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

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Ed K said...

Ron Paul finished third in this poll yet no mention of him in the commentary by Brody - seems like biased reporting by Brody to not mention the 3rd place finisher