Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nice hit in Iraq.

While we were all busy watching our future President debate, our boys (and girls) in Iraq were busy smashing a big Iranian backed militia base in Sadr City. Four dozen militia men confirmed KIA.

Team America. **** Yeah! What instruction did John Wayne give the paratroopers hitting Normandy in “The Longest Day”?

Send ‘em to hell!”


MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Ted--Your comment has such a Viet Nam era ring to it.

I'm very worried the administration's Viet Nam like handling of the Pakistani government will bring the militants into power and in control of a real nuclear arsenal.

In the Viet Nam era we used to play musical chairs with the Saigon government. After we did that several times, the morale of the SVA collapsed along with political cohesion.

Totally insane for the administration to try to force down Musharraf's throat the openly corrupt Benezir Bhutto. Butto's winning ways on the DC cocktail circuit are no substitute for a two fisted military government keeping the lid on volatile Pakistan.

We lost Iran to the ayatollahs doing just that. The shah's methods were tame compared to fanatics we installed believing they were for the flavor of democracy we hoped for. Democracy in the Islamic world usually means the popular installation of religious fanatics. No one accuses Hamas, Hezbollah or the ayatollahs of stealing elections!

Dealing with Islamic fanaticism is akin to a hornet's nest tucked away in the back of the garden. Very bad idea to whack it with a stick, or try to kill the bugs with over-the-counter insecticides.

In Pakistan would be much smarter to allow Musharraf a free hand particularly in dealing with the Waziristan tribes sheltering Al Qaida. More effective to isolate them rather than stir up trouble by invading.

The last time Americans enjoyed peace was under Eisenhower. He knew it was for the best to avoid the quagmire wars which were supposed to result in "nation building".

Quacky McQuackQuack and the Quacksters said...

Listen to Quack Klein...he knows what he's talking about. He's the only candidate who knows anything about pulling out.

He'd pull out of Iraq, but not as fast as the other candidates will pull out of the race when they see the rEVOLution train coming their way. Choo Choo!!!!!!

Put him on the poll.

Anonymous said...

Klein would have killed even more than that with three spitwads and a rubber band.

If the Republican Party and America aren't carefull and they reject Quack Klein, he's going to take the rEVOLution Train to the middle east. Iran would then be the most powerful nations on earth because Quack Klein would be in charge. Amadinejad's beard couldn't stand up to the Quackman and his train.

Don't deny the Train--get on board or get your ass of the track. CHOO CHOO!!!!!!!!!!

old balls loose skin said...

That old Quack son of a bitch is crazy!

Like the rEVOLution crazy train!


Mark Slap Dick Kelin'08

R.L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

Yeah, I figured a movie analogy would draw that creep Klein out of his hole. His whole world is built on fantasy and movie correlations. What a fucking riot. Go on the New York Times blogs and you'll see everything this idiot says is either lifted from the Movie, "Wall Street", or this fink will give some hypothectical reason why
"Gordon Gecco" would agree with him. Ye Gads if this clown weren't such a sad farce this thing would be laughable. Scheeze.

Anonymous said...

Careful R.L., Quack Klein might castrate you just like he's going to castrate Ted for not putting him on his poll. He learned out to do that from Hannibal Lector.

Jump on the rEVOLution Train--CHOO CHOO!!!

Anonymous said...

Republican Party leaders on Monday recommended punishing five states for shifting their nomination contests earlier, moving to strip New Hampshire, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan and Wyoming of half their delegates.

At least one state, South Carolina, is considering legal action in an effort to keep its delegates to next year's Republican National Convention.

Iowa, which plans to hold Republican caucuses on Jan. 3, would not be penalized because, technically, the caucuses are not binding on convention delegates.

Nevada, which plans to hold its caucuses on Jan. 19, would not be penalized for the same reason.

this psycho is a geography teacher at DMACC. He needs to be fired for this conduct said...

President Bush, in a speech to the United Nations, denounced the emergence of "outrageous conspiracy theories" about Sept. 11, being an inside job.

That doesn't stop Hufferd, who occasionally distributes information to his students at Des Moines Area Community College, where he is a part-time geography instructor.

Low attendance at group meetings hasn't discouraged him, either. He approaches whomever he can to join the group, even the library employee who got the projector to work at the last meeting.

i bet he couldn't find iran on a map. his head is up his ass said...

Looks like DMACC their own little Ward Churchill on staff.

He gave up searching for the second gunman on the grassy knoll so he could concentrate on convincing college students that George Bush, the stupidest human on the face of the earth, figured out how to do 9-11 on purpose and keep it a secret from all those really smart people like himself who know better, but have not a stitch of proof.

Your fine tax dollars and tuition at work again.

Anonymous said...

Looks like another vote for Quack Klein.

Jump on the rEVOLution Train---Quack Klein 08 bitches

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Yesterday got my certificate of candidacy listing on the presidential primary ballot from the New Hampshire Secretary of State.

The irrational ferocity of my critics' personal insults suggests castration anxiety is a real psychodynamic issue for Republican red meat male conservatives. Helps explain the terror Hillary Clinton generates for them. She's really harmless as the feminists already sliced the balls off most American men under 60.

Robert L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

Well then, Mark, you filthy creep, if I'm castrated then there's only one thing to say to you,

"Suck my ass!"

As for New Hampshire, have you found a series of blogs over there where you can masturbate that fantastic ego of yours? Please tell us so we can follow your lies and incredible level of bullshit from afar.

P.S. Fuck you.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Bobby--We shinks would label your comments an expression of negative transference.

Leaving Friday for New Hampshire to campaign. Have the nucleus of an organization there.

Re your comment "... have you found a series of blogs over there where you can masturbate that fantastic ego of yours?"

When I masturbate, I masturbate. When I blog, I blog.

Lying when I said got 52% on Ted's straw poll, coming in tied for 3rd 3 votes behind Romney at the Grundy County GOP meeting, the Iowa GOP didn't refuse my check for $15,000 for a ballot line at Ames, and as a write-in didn't beat Guiliani, Brownback, Hegel, JC Watts, Newt G., Barbour and Tancredo at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Memphis in 3/06?

Robert L. "Bob" Saccamano said...

"We shrinks" there's a lie right there you ass hat - by your own admission you haven't practiced in over three decades. And then for what, the California Penal System? We all know what geniuses are attracted to Government Medical work now don't we.

"Nucleaus of an organization" - my ass, pal. The maids in the flea bag hotel you're renting don't count.

So bon voyage and Sure thing there hero; Vomit forth that shit about 52% on Teddy Boy's poll - then add the P.S. about how you sat up two nights in a row voting for yourself, that'll get a big laugh.

Make sure you direct our friends in NH to the Iowa Fathers' web site too. Specifically the part where they say they don't want to waste anymore time with you. Don't let that stop you from holding yourself up as their leader though. Facts are such niggling little things aren't they?

The way you've shat all over the Party and every other Candidate out here, your ass sure does pucker up when it's thrown back at you, huh Pal?

Fuck you, Klein. Write us when you get to NH. And if you're not the gutless fink I think you are, then come back in here and tell us where you're blogging over there. Can't wait to see the reception your line of shit gets in NH.

Oh and P.S., did I say, "Fuck You"?

i put my hand upon your hip, when i dip, you dip, we dip said...

Yea Bobby,

Quack Klein jerks it when he wants!

Someone get that bitch a sock!

Circle Jerkers for Klein said...

Circle jerk on the rEVOLution Train to New Hampshire!!! Quacky, will you bring the hotdog buns??

Quack Klein '08

quack klein and the masterbaters of the universe said...

The Quack Klein rEVOLution in NH!!!

Shit this guy is really nuts...

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Bob--I did not cheat to win Ted's poll and more to the point he didn't accuse of doing so.

Re the personal threat above as soon as I finish this entry I'm reporting it to the Secret Service.

Anonymous said...

For a guy who talks about whacking it when he wants and Sporers nuts being cut off... sure looks like 1600 Pennsylvania material to me!

Anonymous said...

Quackman, google "The Stranger"---it's great.

Quack Klein '08

RL "B t S" S said...

What threat? Specifically, what threat? Honestly, where is there any threat to you, Klein? I've read this blog line over and over, where is it?



Bob Saccamano said...


Where's the threat? What's Klein talking about? Where's the threat? Did you delete something? In all fairness this needs to be re-posted, whatever it is. We may talk like men in here but I still don't see any threat to Klein.

Answers, Ted, right now. This guy is talking about advising the Secret Service. We need to know what this is all about. And if he's bluffing I consider this highly objectionable, highly objectionable. False accusations to the Secret Service are not a joking matter, not a joking matter at all. A line has been crossed here Ted. Settle this thing right now.

Anonymous said...

bob is right...

Which one was it?

What would you use a sock for?

What's a rEVOLution?

Is it different than a revolution?

Where is Mark Klein?

Why am I asking to many questions?