Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Pumpkin Tax Party

The DM Register, and this is the honest to God truth, did a story on Gov Lug’s bureaucratic and costly scheme to tax pumpkins. Yes, that’s right, pumpkins. The Democrats have found a way to tax Halloween.

Be sure to scrutinize the form the Democrats want physical consumers of pumpkins to complete to obtain an exemption to the Pumpkin Tax. Then, think about the need for more Treasury Department employees to review the forms. Finally, think about the need for more law enforcement necessary to capture, prosecute and, of course FINE, the miscreant scofflaws who cheat on the Pumpkin Tax.

What do you expect from the Pumpkin Tax Party. Eight years ago the Iowa Democrat Party declared war on the Boy Scouts. The national liberal movement abhors Christmas. Why should Halloween be exempt from the Democrat political freak show.

It just doesn’t get much greedier now does it?

Can you afford the Pumpkin Tax Party?


Anonymous said...

Huckabee's Mexican Consulate deal probably violated state law:

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

The ridiculous Pumkin Tax is what we get voting for borrow and spend national economic policy accompanied by globalization and endless war.

The issue here is the buying power of tax dollars falls just like it does for people. Iowa is living far beyond its means at the same time ordinary taxpayers are stretched to limit. Hence the need for odds taxes like this one.

Even the national Democrats know the score. Most congressional Democrats ran for the hills when Conyers released his tax proposals. The tax raises Conyers proposed wouldn't touch the middle class which is now defined as incomes of $200,000 or less!

PT said...

Ted, much to my chagrin the Pumpkin Tax has been rescinded already in a move that looks mysteriously like Harry Reid taking credit for Rush Limbaugh's recent Ebay auction. "To my chagrin" because I had just launched a great website to poke a little fun and raise a little money:

Anonymous said...

So, Governor Pumpkin has some new marching orders for the anti-fun police. I can just see it now. The anti-fun police - trained by the Democrats favorite political group - The Taliban, is now going to march up to little kids and make sure they paid tax on that pumpkin or else!

Was this political to just kill Bill Dix and Danny Carroll?

Is Governor Pumpkin going to tax corn next because someone might buy corn at the grocery store and make ethanol out of it?

It made the national news and Governor Pumpkin and his punkin seeds look ridiculous and anti child.

Democrats in Iowa proved with this one that it really never was about the kids.

bill - tim russert was mean to me. My feelings are hurt. will you do a ron brown on him? said...

The most fun news for today is reading the spin about Shillary's poor poor poor performance at the debate.

It's all Tim Russerts fault! Wah wah wah - boo hoo kitty. Big ole meany democrat who worked for Democrat Speaker Tip O'Neil, Tim Russert, was anti-front runner?

Don't think so. Shillary was caught with her pantsuit down in a candid moment wherein she was not scipted for the first time and fell apart.

Now we know how she behaves when she hasn't learned her lines and has to answer using her own personality and brains.

What president says this about a problem? "What was he supposed to do?" "What am I supposed to do?"

She used both of those sentences and if she doesn't know what she is supposed to do, then why on earth is she running for president? I want to vote for the guy that already knows "what he is supposed to do."

why won't shillary release her records? What does she have to hide? Her lack of brains maybe? said...

by the way, do we all remember that the "smartest woman on earth" as she and her handlers describe her, did not pass the bar on her first try?

Teddy passed the bar on his first try. Is Teddy smarter than Chillary? Are lots and lots of people smarter than Billary?


We'd know better if she'd let us see her records.

Pumpkin' Fuckin' said...

So would Klein have to pay a sin tax if he bought a pumpkin to use it to masturbate when he's not blogging?

R. L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

Damn right tax pumpkins! That way people would be more inclined to eat the damn things instead of just carving 'em up and throwing 'em away. Or at least roasting the seeds sprinkled with a little of some god-damned imported socialist Italian olive oil. Yummy, baby, yummy! Or, if you don't have a pot to piss in, cut the top off a pumpkin and piss in that!

As for Klein, don't encourage that bastard to jerk off using a pumpkin. For Christ's sake the hole that idiot would have to cut would be so miniscule as it wouldn't be noticed. He'd pound off in it and then put it back on the shelf for someone else - the cheap bastard. Aside from having the personality of a common gourd - what does Klein have to do with this discussion anyway? He's a freak, a nut.

Damn right tax the pumpkins! And legislate morality while you're at it!

Anonymous said...

Tax on Jack-o-Lanterns?

Sporer, you should tax Mark Jack Ass Klein for each time he blogs here.

You suck Klein!

E. Jack Yewlayte said...

I support Mark Klein.

if hillary can't handle tim russert, how is she going to handle the madman of iran? said...

uh oh...looks like Hillary cried herself to sleep last night. I just saw her Wellesley performance and she looked really really bad.

I wonder how many lamps she broke last night.

Are all the staff accounted for?

Anonymous said...

Has snyone seen Tim Russert since last night?

She had a call with the senior advisors team at the bada bing and a hit was suggested.

The quote was "Tim Russert should be shot".

Has he heard of Ron Brown?

i'm in love with two men said...

Huck and Fred have both pointed out today that the reason the Democrats are so excited about giving drivers licenses out to illegals is because of Motor Voter. If you have a drivers license, you can automatically be registered to vote.

Another twist on the usual democrat voter fraud of using dead poeple to vote democRAT.

shillary - we got smarter too after all those years with you. said...

I have changed my mind. I had been hating the longgggggg campaign season. I thought it might just be 30 second commercials and HillarySpeak by all.

What has happened instead is that the issues are in charge rather than the candidate or party.

This is fascinating to see and I think will be good for America at the end of the day.

We now have very clear distinctions between candidates and parties as the issues come up.

They have to respond to current events in real time and that shows us in advance how they will lead when they get their own 9-11 in their own administration.

Hillary certainly showed that she isn't good in real time. She can't operate without a script.

Anonymous said...

Bada bing are you kidding.

Fucking classic.

Anonymous said...

anon above is incorrect. the favorite group that trained the pumkin police would be the Iranian Republican Guard.

Anonymous said...

Team Clinton's statement on the issue: "Senator Clinton supports governors like Governor Spitzer who believe they need such a measure to deal with the crisis caused by this administration's failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform."
eh hem...this is being on two sides at the same time. Funny how she always does this and this is the first time she's been busted.

Maybe those reporters who didn't investigate WMD could redeem themselves by investigating Hillary's two sided answers.

Anonymous said...

The vote is in at the bada bing. Tim Russert lives on a vote of 3-2.

War Vince Foster

Anonymous said...

Bill, give me some more goddamm onion rings. I'm in charge now.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

The GOP's gonna need a lot more than Hillary bashing to win particularly as the evidence points to a coming quite serious recession which can't be handled by lowering interest rates due to the very weak dollar.

Hillary is the only major candidate I hear mentioned in a positive way on the campaign trail. She has a real following among working and lower middle class women. These are the folks Barbara Ehrenreich described in her well received book "Nickel and Dimed". My candidacy would help the GOP because my message of a stronger dollar and using the money going down the endless war rat hole for domestic needs, particularly health care, resonates with them.

Health care is the #1 issue I encounter. Here in NH Republican country the folks so dislike the Iraq War have to yet to hear any criticism of my plan on Day #1 of a Klein Administration to begin the rapid complete withdrawal of US combat forces.

Struck this close to the NH primary by the general absence of presidential campaign lawn signs everywhere. Visited 3 rock ribbed GOP villages today. Only saw 4-5 Ron Paul and 2-3 Mitt Romney signs.

Appreciating the humorous side of human nature isn't a strong point with today's red meat GOP conservatives. Apparently there are no Bruno Bettelheim readers visiting Ted's blog. A Freud disciple he was one of the giants of the psychoanlytic establishment. My masturbation comment which set the usual suspects off came from a frequently cited incident in a lecture he gave. Noticing a student was knitting he commented doing that can be a symbolic substitute for masturbation. The student brought the house down by replying, "When I knit, I knit and when I masturbate, I masturbate."

The above should be enough bloody chum in the water draw nasty anti-Klein comments from the usual suspects.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Buckle your seat belts!

This evening at a Blockbuster in manchester chatted up a middle aged Republican with 6 young children while handing out brochures and looking for a video. Told me he's seriously thinking about voting for Hillary because of health insurance issues. Fears losing coverage should he lose his job.

Afterwards stopped at a 7-11 where the cashier, a man in his late 20s, said he planned to vote for Hillary because of health insurance issues.

Both men took my brochure with extras to pass to their family and friends once I said I used the money saved by pulling out of Iraq for health care and other domestic needs. The Republican said he'd seriously consider becoming one my convention delegates.

Anonymous said...

Puff, Puff, GIVE Klein.

I want some of that shit you are smoking.

Blockbuster? What, not a big enough crowd at the Jack Shack?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm calling bull shit on that Klein. People don't want to be stuck in a 7-11 or blockbuster talking to some lame ass running for President. They told you that so you would leave them alone.

Get a life....

Anonymous said...

Hey Crack Klein,

There are a lot of good potential caucus supporters at the QT on NE 14th.

A bunch of meth heads... they should lean your way, they smell their own.