Saturday, October 20, 2007

Some Hsus are meant for walkin’

What do Hillary Clinton and O.J. Simpson have in common? No, not decapitation, at least nothing concrete of which we possess knowledge.

It’s the ability to skate in the criminal proceedings but face the music in the subsequent civil lawsuits that follow their nefarious dealings . Check out these two videos! (
One Two ) The Clinton/Peter Paul fundraising scandal is far from over.

It seems pretty simple, if Evita has nothing to hide, why did she and her minions risk criminal conviction and civil liability to hide Peter Paul’s involvement in her Senate campaign? Much like one wonders was so important to Sandy Berger that he was willing to steal from the National Archives? These are not trivial questions-they go to the core of the Clinton syndicate‘s unique unfitness for more power.

Not the least significant is the further example Evita’s response to Paul provides in the Clinton syndicate’s willingness to walk away from people who help them. We certainly don’t have to worry about personal loyalty being intruding in a Hillary Clinton Administration.

Why don’t the non-Clinton Democrats ever mention the Clinton’s outrages against honesty? Is it because they will do anything for power?

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