Friday, November 09, 2007

Breaking News—Hillary plants question in Iowa town hall

Just breaking on Fox News. Hillary’s camp has admitted planting at least one question at a recent Iowa town hall style meeting. The Clinton campaign represented the event as open Q&A in the Iowa press. The Clinton campaign has promised that it won’t happen again.

Nuance is important. Rather than cease seeding audiences with pre-screened questions the “it” that will not be repeated is getting caught seeding the audience with pre-screened questions.

Since the person responsible for the current disclosure of the seeded question has already joined Craig Livingstone in an east Asian Shagri-La, we can expect no further disclosures from that quarter.

Everyone who is surprised raise their hands.


RF said...

As an Obama guy, this is good news. I just hope the press plays this up.

Spotlight said...

Maybe she wants to be like the bigshots who staged the fake FEMA news conference about the California wildfires.

She could be running the Executive Branch soon, so it's a good thing she is such a quick study!

The Old Bull Moose Thinks GOP is BS said...

Well Hillary learned politics and truthiness from the knee of her republican father so no surprise here. Americans are used to Bush only performing infront of carefully selected zombies and I noticed that in this election cycle that only Huckabee actually mingles with the real folks.
I love fred thompson movie set small town concept in his commercial. In the commercial I learned that Old fred just loves God( though he never attend) Hates abortions ( though not so much as to not be a paid lobbyist for pro abortion issues.
My favorite is when he declares in his carefully honed corn pone accent( that sounds like jabba the Hut after a stroke) That we should remember that we get our Rights from God and not from governments which is a totally absurd statement.
Good old dead Fred he is so delusional that he thinks that his wife married him for love and that her tits are real!

hey Rudy who was that crook I saw you with last night? That was no crook that guy was almost the head of Homeland security! Can I pick em or can I pick him?

The Real Sporer said...

Good morning boys.

I don't know why you think that CBS story has anything to do with this. Hell's bells, I don't think fedreal bureaucrats are usually competent, usually the opposite.

Its become a huge monstrosity, believe me, and the competence doesn't differ much between Presidencies. Do Waco, Ruby Ridge and the complete abadonment of corporate regulation by the SEC sound familiar?

However, you guys want the bureaucrats to run health care, pre K childhood care, and control everything outside the bedroom from cradle to grade. I'm sure this would produce results like the Great Society (what are we now 70% black illegitimacy?) FEMA is one of the better Federal agencies.

But you do illustrate the difference between us because I only want them to do the things that only the federal government can do, and while that's more than 1789 its a whole lot less than what we have them doing today.

So if you don't like dealing with the HMO-and God knows I don't-how do you think you'll like dealing with a federalized system that works like the IRS? Remember all of the perenniel complaints about dealing with Medicare, Medicaid and the VA, well, there's your federal health care system at work.

Anonymous said...

One way you can spot a liberal is in the language they use.

Spotlight justifies Hillary's very bad conduct by referencing the conduct of a federal agency.

It's ok for Hitlary to do something bad because Fema did something bad.

Mom, it's ok that I stole cookies from the cookie jar because Johnny stole cookies from the cookie jar too.

Democrats are the party of It's not my fault, it's societies.

Republicans are the party of personal repsonsibility.

That's why our congressmen resign during personal scandel and Democrats stay in office with high praise from their leadership.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Ted--If we could finance it, Americans would be very satisfied with a health system operated along today's Medicare model.

Feared going on Medicare when I turned 65 because I remember how ghastly Medicare was when it started in the mid-1960s. I think Bush's one major success was the transformation of Medicare into a very sophisticated top quality health care system.

Getting the most out of Medicare depends on consumers making good choices about the supplement plans offered. Many are not very good and very expensive.

In my opinion the best way to go is to stay with the traditional Medicare fee for service model, purchase the AARP's best supplement and enroll in Part D.
When my pacemaker was replaced by one of California's top cardiologists last summer, didn't pay a penny out of pocket towards the $60,000 in charges!

With the money I'd save ending the War on Terror by getting out the Islamic world's face I could set up a similar system for all Americans without breaking the bank.

Our ability to finance it would also be enhanced by ending the dollar's role as the world reserve currency. We were much more prosperous when British sterling set the standard.

Towards the end of "Lions for Lamb" Teddy Roosevelt's comment he'd choose righteousness over peace appeared. Sounds terrific but consider that's exactly what the Nazis, the Soviets, Pot Pol, and hard core Maoists believed too!

In a Klein Administration the shoemaker's children will have shoes.

Anonymous said...

Now I get it. Klein does product placement in blogs. Man you sure like yourself some "Lions".

Will Batman and Spiderman be a part of your administration Kook Klein? Which departments will you have them lead?

I'd put Aquaman in charge the Navy, that bitch is down with the sea.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Spiderman will be my chief of staff. Woe betide those in my administration who try to play "Yes, Minister" games on me.

One of his tasks will be to ask recalitrant bureaucrats if they want Dr. Klein to know they're not executing my policy directives.

The activists who've come on board to help me will be my front line soliders in my effort to dismantle the federal family destruction policy machine.

Don't think for a femtosecond I'd leave my little spot of garden paradise in the Oakland hills for DC's dismal weather and other worldly political climate to shill for policies I despise.

America will again have a president concerned only with policy rather than greasing the skids starting on Day #1 of a first term the race for reelection!

Only plan to do one term. If I'm successful, Americans will want my policy playbook to continue. A sign of that would be both major parties running in 2012 with the claim their plans will out Dr. Klein Dr. Klein's!

Doing well in Iowa or New Hampshire will be bittersweet because I miss home very much. But responsible grownups put duty first.

Anonymous said...

Is that the good spiderman or the black evil one?

My Spidey sense is telling me you need to quit sniffing markers.

Anonymous said...

Will the Incredible Hulk be your intern?

What kind of fucking jack off "serious" presidential candidate starts naming super heros to his cabinet? Thats fucked up----I had taken you to be more of a Care Bear/ My Little Pony man.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Mine is definitely the good Spiderman!

Sniffing markers? What's that?

FYI I'm as sober sided as one gets in this society nowadays. Very rarely drink alcohol, don't smoke or take drugs, gamble, and unlike FDT look for ambitious trophy wives. Re the latter not looking for a wife period! Too many wonderful things to do on my "Bucket List" with (God willing) another 15-20 good years left.

On sobriety I have an energetic following in the dry countries of NE Georgia. Requested unsuccessfully for the Georgia GOP to put me on its primary ballot. State law allows them unlimited power to set the list.

How the GOP uses such power makes me wonder whether the reaction formation mental defense mechanism was behind the GOP's virulent anti-Communism in the Cold War, and today's with the Islamic world's traditional top down tribal family clan social structure.

Been silent on Ken Hoyle's and Sac's demands to avoid embarrassing anyone. Presidential hopefuls report communications which may reflect significant emotional instability in the maker. Better safe than sorry to allow the authorities to determine whether the person reported needs placement on security watchlists.

I'm very savvy on these issues because of my considerable experience in forensic psychiatry. In fact, I served at chief of criminal justice psychiatry programs for a major California county.

Too bad the authorities didn't place known very unstable types like Arthur Bremer, "Squeeky" Frome and Lee Harvey Oswald on high security watch lists heightened surveillance. Bremer, who shot George Wallace, was released the other day after serving 30 years for the shooting.

Ken Hoyle said...

Oh come on Klein! You don't respond to me and the Sack because you don't want to embarASS anyone? Like who? Yourself maybe? There was no threat made against you on the "Nice Hit in Iraq" blog and you know it. And you especially know it if these
self-appointed "CREDENTIALS" of yours are true. Funny how you tout yourself as such a huge influence in medicine; Yet none of those professionals are on-boeard with your "campaign" at all. When that fails you are the "putative" leader of the Fathers' Rights movement, yet it's also clear they want nothing to do with your dumb ass either (been to their web-site lately?). Face it Klein, you live in a fantasy world, a fantasy world!

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Re my credentials you can verify them my looking me up in most any directory of licensed physicians and medical specialists.

What's counts for me with kind of campaign I run are the people who volunteer their time. Like everyone else in public life, I have my detractors even among folks who should know better. So what else is new?

My opponents buy all sorts of fancy websites and tout hit numbers, etc.. If that actually meant anything, Obama, would be trouncing Clinton.

It's no big deal if it turns out I'm living in a "fantasy world". In less than 8 weeks I'll know. If I'm wrong, I still had a marvelous experience making many new friends all for the price of the fancy Mercedes I thought of treating myself to in retirement. Will go home not owning a dime and continue to drive my 2001 Daewoo hatchback with 108,000 milies on the odometer. If the market picks up as I expect, I'll recover all my costs and then some. So far profits have covered a 1/3 of my expenses.

On the other hand might pull a surprise. I'll continue to campaign Jimmy Carter/Bill Clinton style here and in Iowa. Evidence it works is New Hampshire folks are volunteering and also signing up as convention delegates should I win any.

I'm counting on the Republican base having better manners, more common sense and fair play than I've encountered dealing with the party and nincompoops like you! If that's not the case, I'm gone!!!!!

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Oops a typo: "Will go home not owning a dime..." should read "not owing a dime..."!

Anonymous said...

Quack Quack Quack!!
A shrink that does not know about the harm of sniffing markers. Where did you go to school quack, the Billy Bob Joe Schewl of Sikiatree?

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Posted below in today's New York Times.

I urge devout Christian voters to pay special attention to it because the top leadership of the conservative movement having sold out their principles to dip their hands in Guiliani's and Romney's money bins want you to turn out to vote for an endless war with the Islamic world. We could win that war just by restabilizing our society and letting the Islamic world live according to its traditions.

"Jack Malvey’s right but for what it’s worth I think money center bank shares have bottomed out and following some continued choppiness should recover nicely.

Our (salvation) will be the end of the dollar as the world reserve currency. Makes us print too much dough and encourages us to send aircraft carriers and Marines to nasty places we ought to avoid.

I recommend “Lions for Lambs” which skillfully depicts the hollowness of the neocon mental life. Towards the end of movie a Teddy Roosevelt quote about he preferred righteousness over peace appears. Sounds great but wasn’t that also what the Nazis, Soviets, Mao’s Cultural Warriors, Pot Pol, etc, thought too?

High time the children of American shoemakers had shoes.

— Posted by MARK KLEIN, M.D."
To the enquirer about my medical education. Attended medical school at the State University of New York at Brooklyn. Won admission competing against 3300 applicants for 200 seats. One of a handful of students admitted without an undergraduate degree. Afterwards interned at the Jewish Hospital of Brooklyn and did my psychiatry residency at the Nassau County Medical Center. I'm a licensed California physician, board certifed in psychiatry, and held professorships at the Cornell Medical College, University of California (Davis) and Long Island University. Also taught psychotherapy at the Hebrew University Medical School in Jerusalem.

Spotlight said...

Look what Anonymous wrote at 9:20 a.m.:
"Republicans are the party of personal repsonsibility."

I guess Anonymous didn't want to claim responsibility for his personal opinions.

I can see why he is reluctant to do so:

1. He slanders Senator Clinton by calling her "Hitlery".

2 He foolishly says Repubs resign from office when accused of scandal. He must have forgotten Larry Craig already.

Besides, I didn't say it was OK for Hillary to plant questions. I just think it's disingenuous for the blogger to bring it up when the Republican heads of FEMA ran an entirely phony press conference.

Ken Hoyle said...

Like the Beatles said, Klein, "Yeah, yeah, yeah".

More garbage in response from you. And knock off the "Doctor" crap too while tou're at it. You haven't practiced in over three decades. And don't give me "I'm as up to date as anyone" spiel either. Going to a conference at some flea bag Hoilday Inn for two days, or reading a three month old Journal while sitting on the toilet, doesn't make you any more of a Doctor these days than I am.

Once again, if you are such a force you would have long mobilized your so called volunteer army and been on the ballot line at Ames, and everywhere else, regardless of what the conspiracy is to keep you off.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Ken--Couldn't compete at Ames because the Iowa GOP refused to take my $15,000 listing fee. I'm on the New Hampshire ballot and competing in the Iowa caucuses. Given the party's Soviet style ballot manipulation tactics against me concerned about the integrity of the Iowa caucus count.

The caucuses are different than Ames because the party may be operating under color of law. If I get a whiff of ballot shinanigans against me, I'll be at the ACLU looking for causes of action for violations of federal voting and civil rights acts against the party and PERSONALLY against the executive staff and central committee members.

You are really not a very nice person!

Ken Hoyle said...

Refused your filing fee, Mark? Or was it simply that they wouldn't take it because you were late in attempting to file?

Soviet style ballot manipulation? You mean like when they tabulate the votes and all the write-ins for Mickey Mouse, Dick Nixon, Harold Stassen, somebody's Father, the milk man, the guy that runs the hardware store, Mark Klein, Stan Musiel, Neil Armstrong, Rodney King, and Donald
Duck et al, are lumped together and considered as "other". You mean like when they do that? That's your core consistency isn't it, Mark? The disenfranchised that go in and write in Mickey Mouse or their own name, they are
really casting their ballot for you aren't they? So anybody that doesn't vote for a candidate that isn't actually on the ballot is really voting for Mark Klein. Now I see how it works! Thanks for the the tip there, Mark.

Anonymous said...

Mark Klein, do us all a favor would you? For lunch eat six or seven deviled eggs, two truck stop sized bowls of chili, and report back us whether or not if then your shit actually stinks. O.K.?

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Ken--What actually happened was the party welched on its promise to list me. Best not to go into the details in print given the possibility of litigation down the road.

Anonymous said...

what was the larry craig scandel? He's only guilty of maybe being gay. If he was a democrat you guys would be cheering him an oppressed representaive of GLBT. He was just lookin for love in all the wrong places....not that there's anything wrong with that.

isn't he just a victim? If being gay was accepted, embraced and encouraged, he wouldn't have had to live this terrible double life and find anonymous sex in a bathroom?

What as the scandel? Has anyone asked Barney Frank?


Anonymous said...

the fema guys are d's. they were there before bush took office. Do you really think bush has anything to do with fema?

Add who on this blog was supportive of that one.

You just can't stand to say Hillary did something wrong, can you?

It was wrong for her to do it too and then lie during her opening statement as if she thought it was just a big coincidence the "young" person asked about global warming.

Anonymous said...

Quack Klein,
As Someone who was at all the Straw poll candidate meetings never once did I see any of your staff or supporters there. IE you are not participating and not credible. You may want to consider ending your Blogging career and and actually talking to or calling voter that are undecided and see if you can actually get one vote at the caucuses. By the way since you have such a "large" machine. How many precincts are there in IA? and what is the importance of a Precinct captain? I would be curious to see what those 2 questions mean to you and your campaign, hell those 2 question may be some of the only things that may help you get a clue.

The Iguana said...

My Friend, Mark Klein! As revolting as it is for to say this to you, "Thank You!". Thank you for directing me to this blog from one of your DM Reg rants.

Holy shit, I see where your horeshit from there goes over as much as the proverbial lead balloon in here too.

And I love the ones from way back where Ken Richards wipes his ass with you. Then there are the ones about some threat. And then in this one some crap about a lawsuit.

You really are a piece of work Klein. Your "Schtick" is such incredible bullshit. But watch out, don't talk about Klein that way or he'll sic the Secret Service on you. And don't dare ask him to elaborate on the conspiracy against him, he can't talk about it because of possible pending lawsuits. Oh, he'd gladly talk about some of his other past experience too, if only the CIA would let him. What was it you told Jack Kennedy again, Klein, " I wouldn't go to Dallas if I was you"? And was it lunch or dinner you told Nixon, "Dick, I'd burn those tapes, if I was you".

And the movie shit in here too, Klein? Do you spend the bulk of your day just cutting and pasting your garbage all over the blogoshpere?

And speaking of movies, Klein, here's one for you, "Oh, how fucked up you are! How much you ingested! This whole place stinks of your farts for a week! What a big man you are! Let me buy you a pack of gum, I'll show you how to chew it!"

Sweet Mother of God how tiresome it is to be raped by the shit you spew in these blogs, Klein. Once and for all, go away. You have no support, you have no platform other than this, and you are making no impact whatsoever on any topic other than to highten the disdain people have for you.

I bid you peace .........asshole.


Your Friend,

The Iguana

Anonymous said...

The Iquana is my new favorite!

Peggy McGilligan said...


Hillary Clinton declines to speak to the issues - or at least provide real answers to real questions, while opting for the more PC Global Warming ones - even if she has to script them herself. Of which she currently says, “It’s news to me.” How else could the Clinton staged media have reported Hillary’s remarkable comeback, “you know,” after the Illegal Alien Driver’s License (Gotcha) debacle?

But like a good many Americans (and many good Americans), I don’t want that duo back in the White House. With the Clintons, what is past is prologue. And Hillary will come back swinging. Then there’s the incidence of Al Qaeda flight students, trained at the University of Bill Clinton. Why does this remain a non-issue? Albert Einstein said, “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it:”

Hillary Clinton: Positively Pandering, Definitely Duplicitous, Ultimately Unelectable.