Friday, November 30, 2007

Don’t you feel safer already?

Just read this headline from the DM Register web site: Police bust underage drinking party; juveniles arrested. After a five day investigation law enforcement authorities were able to crack the caper, almost as difficult as identifying Jack the Ripper I’m sure, and arrest two 18 year olds and a 19 year old for drinking. Don’t you already feel safer already?

I’m sure glad that whatever resources were spent conducting the five day investigation into teenagers drinking on the DM South side weren’t wasted on something important like meth interdiction.

Think about this use of existing police resources the next time you hear a Democrat complain that there are insufficient law enforcement resources in Iowa to allow cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.


mike huckabee: Supernanny said...

This will go on nationwide if Huckster is elected.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Don't worry, supernanny, Huckabee's not going to be president. Nevertheless were he to win we'd have an even more wide "Sin City" nation than we have now. He's already courting the gay vote now that he's got the fundamentalist vote in his bag. Boggles my mind the fundamentalists fall early for slogans in every election cycle only to inevitably get screwed. Were that not true they'd be no need for very much home schooling and private education.

On the alcohol issue I'm with Ted. I say again for the nth + 1 time children need proper supervision. Doesn't happen with a whacked economy forcing both parents to work and the federal government in the divorce business.


once again, the clinton campaign commits campaign fraud against democrats said...

Well, well, well..turns out that Hillary's camp is trying to pull a CNN with the BlackBrown Forum to be held this weekend in Des Moines. This sounds just like what Billary's camp did in Las Vegas on 11-15 with their collaboration wtih CNN, and that other night with CNN with the republicans.

Watch for the crowd to go crazy crazy with applause with hill speaks. How will all those people get their tickets. Seems only the Clinton campaign knows for sure.
"It's pretty evident at this point that both Wayne Ford and Mary Campos -- both old friends of mine -- have undoubtedly aligned themselves with the Clinton campaign," Joe Henry said.


Although Max Cardenas admitted he had not seen "concrete evidence" that either Campos or Ford planned to endorse Sen. Hillary Clinton, he noted speculatively that "The guests of Mary Campos [who will be at the Forum with her] are co-chairs of the Clinton campaign."

...three knowledgeable sources who asked to remain anonymous expressed frustration over the apparent secrecy with which tickets are being distributed.

...In an interview, Campos and Ford did not explain how they would fill the auditorium, nor did the organization respond to an emailed request for clarification after the interview concluded.

The Brown and Black Forum's web site does not offer any information about ticket distribution to the public.

Although no sources could provide proof of who would receive the additional tickets, three sources independently speculated that they would go to Clinton supporters,

Asked why the forum has been the subject of allegations and scrutiny this year, Ford paused. "It must be a close race," he said.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Ford explains it's a close race.

As Spotlight says, the ends justifies the means.

After all, it doesn't matter WHO asks the question or what their intentions are, or that the whole thing is a manipulative setup.

I guess this is all ok if you happen to be a Clinton supporter.

i think we've got some ideas. all the ticket being distributed to clinton supporters said...

This is an excerpt from Bleeding Heartland, our favorite local dem blog. Chris Woods is at least ONE democrat that is having some issues about the cloak and dagger situation with getting tickets to Hillary's forum.
"One more quick question: Have any of you loyal readers heard about the problems involving the Brown and Black Forum that Chase Martyn writes about here at Iowa Independent?

I know that members of my family have been looking for a way to purchase or get tickets to the event (being families from the area with children at North High--the location housing the event--should be a pretty good reason) but the only information they could find is calling Urban Dreams.

When my family member called Urban Dreams earlier this week, they had no idea how the tickets were being distributed.

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

American Research Group published a new poll out today covering 11-26-11-29. Obama is ahead 27 to 25 over Clinton. Edwards is at 23.

In the Real Clear Politics rolling average of all polls, Obama's line is moving up and Hillary's line is moving down. They crossed each other today.

Interesting that Richardson's numbers plummet in the same projectory as Hillarys. Do you suppose D's have figured out Hill's deal for Bill Richardsons soul?

this is what cooper said before the debate: cooper lied, journalism died said...

Last week, CNN's Anderson Cooper quipped in an interview with that “campaign operatives are people too” and that CNN wasn’t worried if political partisans posed questions at the upcoming GOP debate he was moderating.

“We don’t investigate the background of people asking questions (by submitting video clips). It’s not our job,” is how he put it.

John Fund - Wall Street Journal

Anonymous said...

Wow! It just gets worser and worser about CNN. This is a completely different FRAUD conducted by the Clinton Nonnews Network.

liberal media conspired, truth and justice expired said...

November 30, 2007

SO I LOOKED AT EDITOR AND PUBLISHER and there's nothing about the CNN planted-question scandal.

There's one story on the debate, but it's a puff piece about a cartoonist getting his video in.

Then I looked at Poynter and all I could find was this piece on covering the debates. But I'm not seeing anything about the planted-question scandal.

I'm not seeing anything at the Columbia Journalism Review site, either. Journalism, cover thyself!

Well, actually I think they are covering . . . .

posted at 07:41 AM by Glenn Reynolds

Anonymous said...

This is a joke, right?

'It would be nice if Romney won,' said Doug Gross, an attorney overseeing Romney's Iowa campaign. 'If he finishes in the top two, he's fine.'"

Sorry Doug, Romney gets 2nd, he's toast.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Wondering how the hostage crisis at Clinton's New Hampshire office will affect the race. Could go either way.

My guess it will help her. That financial shares soared far outperforming the general market suggests the smart money is still in her corner. If I voted my pocketbook rather than my ideals, I'd be strongly for Clinton!

She wants European style cradle to grave social welfare and entitlements because by doing that secures the political control of the mega rich. Why risk facing a disgruntled electorate?

Got an earful of blistering Clinton criticism from a middle aged woman clerk at a NH gunshop today apparently trggered by the hostage situation. An independent like 45% of New Hampshire voters, she used to be a registered Republican.

Anonymous said...


Do you believe half of the crap that comes out of your mouth??

Cuz we in Iowa..sure dont believe it..and we're damned tired of your mindless babbling..

You believe that you "matter' in this presidential race.. NEWSFLASH... You're about as consequential as Dennis Kucinich, John Cox, Hugh Cort, Daniel Gilbert, and Mike Gravel are...

The only difference between YOU..and that they all have the God-given common sense to know that they will NEVER be elected President in this lifetime..or the next..

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Anonymous--Were I so inconsequential Ted would list me on his straw poll. He's got folks on his ballot list who aren't even filed candidates! kind of political Potemkin Village! Was p.o.'ed about not being listed but now quite flattered I merit getting the dirty tricks treatment!

Shouldn't you be more concerned neither Ted or Leon denied they welched on putting me on the Ames ballot?

If I win, or do very well, in New Hampshire, I could become POTUS. Americans are bored to tears by the retreads the major parties are backing. Really rare to meet a voter who's backing any of them.
I'd be the "Cinderella" candidate.

Anonymous, are you a former Soviet party apparachik who somehow got admitted to America? You've got the Soviet political mentality for sure!

There's a lot about the Iowa GOP and its apologists which brings to mind stories like "The Manchurian Candidate".

Anonymous said...

Mark Klein right now is leading in all the unofficial polls in Iowa. He has Iowa and New Hampshire clearly won. I drove by Frank Stalone's campaign headquarters today as he admitted that there is no fighting the Klein onslaught. Amazing that all these candidates build organizations make phone calls and work hard only to lose to Mark Klein's Caucus machine.

Klein...Quit Swinging At Windmills.... said...

**shakes head**

For being a psychiatrist, Dr. Klein.. I truly believe sir that you are suffering for several mental problems yourself.

So much so, that I truly hope for the safety and security of the general public that you are not actively practicing psychiatrist today...

If you need your licence revoked...I mean..seriously.. You have delusions of grandeur and paranoid delusions of reality so massive, so glaring, that its sadly pathetic to see.

Sir..Let me make this extraordinarily clear to you...




You have no have no have no have no have no have no ads, no media coverage...NOTHING..

Is that getting through to you sir?

Quite frankly sir, you're insane. You need to seek professional help.

I doubt that any of what I have said matters to you...nor will it affect you. You are too sick to see what a fool's odyssey you are on.

I pray sir, that you will not end up like Don Quixote did..

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know who the bigger fool is: Klein or the idiots who won't just ignore him.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Beats me why my critics are so vehement. It's my dough and my time. In 6 weeks the voters will decide whether I stay or return to my little spot of California garden paradise in the Oakland hills.

In my opinion the Iowa GOP is so crooked have doubts it will do an honest count. I suspect it's picked a winner already and will manipulate the count to ensure the outcome they desire. My observers at Ames thought the vote was fixed.

New Hampshire's a different story. The NH Secretary of State runs an honest operation.

Win or lose I've had a great time. Financed the campaign from my fun money account previously earmarked to treat myself to a fancy Mercedes purchased for cash. No big deal to keep driving my 7 year old Daewoo hatchback in great mechanical condition I bought for cash with 108,000 on the odometer.

If I do pull a surprise, I'll experience schadenfreud at its very best!

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

If the market goes the way I think it will, my campaign will be 100% financed by share price gains.

Story of my life people bet against me to their ultimate chagrin!

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Were I not perceived as a serious presidential contender by real insiders no way in hell would this story appeared on the New York Times homepage today.

After yesterday's terror incident against Clinton by a distraught father entangled in today's anti-father family courts, better believe reforms will be on the front burner.

Should I pull a surprise in either Iowa or NH next month every candidate will be falling all over themselves to become the "fathers rights" champion.

My critics think I have no support in the fathers movement. My situation is akin to Moses having to drag and cajole the dispirited and broken Hebrew people to make the long journey to the Promised Land.

When read critically, there's a lot more to the Old Testament than battles and begats.

Anonymous said...

tell us more about your recent promotion to state vice chair, and acting chair through the Cacus...

Anonymous said...

More Klein lies about support from Iowa Fathers. Here's what's cut and pasted directly from the Iowa Fathers web page:

05/11/07 at 12:00 AM #56

You may have noticed there hasn't been a lot of activity for Dr. Klein since last year. That is because he neglected to run a real campaign and instead spent his time protesting legitimate candidates. Thanks to his latest action I now have to denounce him so we can return ourselves to the legitimate political processes without further damage from our brief association with him.

Dr. Klein is now running radio spots against the Republican Party for excluding him from the Straw Poll.

He does not represent Iowa’s Non-Custodial Parent movement. Yet, we’ve given him precious resources and forums as he was the only candidate speaking about our issue. Obviously, his many shortcomings prevented us from really jumping on board which were greatly magnified by his failure to run a real campaign unless running an Iowa caucus awareness campaign consists of newspaper advertisements in New York City and Washington D.C. (I am still trying to figure that one out). His sinking ship, if indeed his ship ever sailed in the first place, cannot be linked to our legitimate group with a track record of historic successes in the Iowa legislature that is already at risk thanks to the Democratic takeover. Dr. Klein’s “ego trip” would be harmless except we have custody cases in Iowa while he doesn’t. Additionally, Dr. Klein is in error claiming he’s being excluded in favor of big money interests as he has been repeatedly told the selection process begins in July

1st-dnc cancels cbs debate on this. is hill hiding from the competition? said...

By JIM KUHNHENN, Associated Press Writer
Sat Dec 1, 6:42 AM ET

VIENNA, Va. - Democratic presidential candidates faulted their own party as well as assailing Republicans as they pitched their candidacies to the staunchest of Democrats on Friday.

Bill Richardson, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Dennis Kucinich addressed officials who make up the Democratic National Committee, their last opportunity to speak to such a gathering before the first presidential voting begins in January.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was scheduled to speak, too, but canceled after a man took hostages at her office in Rochester, N.H.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Is this possible? Is the vast left wing conspiracy capable of this?

Team Soprano figured out how to give Rudy cancer so he'd drop out of the NY senate race. Check Hillary sails to easy victory giving her cover to run for President.

Team Soprano got the CBS (Clinton Bull Shit Network)debate cancelled right after Hill received her fatal wound that fair night in late October in fear that it may happen again.

In exchange for the favor to Clinton from buddy Les Moonves, head of CBS, team Soprano gave Katie Couric, a "score" with an "exclusive" interview with Hillary.

Hillary gets a whole hour of softball questions from Gal Pal Katie rather than sharing attention with her competitors and potentially messing up again.

Team Soprano got a very good deal there.

If that's ossible, do you suppose one of the more thuggish members of Team Soprano could have found a nutball to take over a Clinton HQ so that Clinton didn't have to appear at the above DNC event and again potentially mess up through negative comparison to her competitors and not have to ream Team Pelosi like the others did.

Instead, she gets to have her own personal commander in Chief, 9-11 in charge moment to counter balance Rudy's superior strength in the leadership in crisis argument.

Mrs. Soprano knows what she is doing.

see, this is what happens with you get a clinton reputation. everything is a possible conspiracy said...

Actually, the DNC technically cancelled the CBS debate. Hillary paid back the favor from the DNC by agreeing not to bash them at their event like all the others did.

Plausible cover? It would have to have been big to be plausible cover, like perhaps a nutball taking her office staff hostage or something.

Anonymous said...

I want a reporter to ask Hillary what her speech would have been had she given it.

Spotlight said...

Were Repub candidates invited to the Heartland Presidential Forum in DSM today? None are there.

It's pretty powerful. Anyone here watching it?

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Answer to the anonymous father's rights critic.

It is fair to say I didn't run a "proper" campaign with the website bells and whistles, pr staff, fancy publications, etc. Just didn't have the money in part because from the get go got no financial support from the movement. Fathers rights activists tend to be those most damaged by the family court system. Wiped out financially, broken hearted from losing effective contact with their children, and often unjustly subjected to severe punishments (jail, lose of drivers licenses, etc) they often become extremely infantilized. Very difficult for such broken men keep promises to help out with the campaign from time to time.

These broken men bring to mind the psychoanalyst Bruno Bettelheim's memoir "The Informed Heart" depicting the struggle for survival in his concentration camp. Divorced fathers in the movement are like the emotionally broken "Musselmen" who withered away to die in the camp.

A fiscally prudent grownup no way would I compromise my financial stablity and my children's inheritances doing this. I had a budget and stuck to it.

Also I'm not a one issue candidate. Wouldn't have tried for the White House just on fathers' rights issues. TRS readers know I have a very broad policy reform agenda which undoubtably is not shared in whole or in part by the movement's activists.

While I intend should I make the White House to throughly reform federal family policy, shifted my campaign focus to other potentially supportive constituencies in New Hampshire. If I have any chance at all, it's in New Hampshire where the demographics, geography and election law create almost a level playing field.

The attitude of the writer brings to mind times when a couple of my children going through a very rough patch projected their adolescent anger and frustration onto me. Wasn't pleasant but hung in there with them until things straightened out. One mid-20s youngster now married raising childen can't understand how I became so smart all of a sudden!

I'm a very realistic person. In about 5-6 weeks I'll know the score. If I can't make a credible showing in either Iowa or NH, I'll fold my tent and return home. Which ever way it goes had the experience of a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

I'm watching it.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, Klein! Do you realize what you've just said?

MARK KLEIN, M.D said...

"Holy shit, Klein! Do you realize what you've just said?"

No. Kindly explain.