Friday, November 02, 2007

Gov. Pumpkin and the politics of pander.

Today’s DM Register features a story about Gov. Culver’s commitment to “help reduce the disproportionate number of young minority residents in detention facilities” in Iowa. Such a statement necessarily generates some rather disturbing questions.

Virtually every juvenile court worker in Iowa (and probably elsewhere) is a Democrat. Virtually every police officer who investigated the incarcerated juveniles’ crimes was a Democrat. Virtually every social worker from the Department of Human Services who worked with the incarcerated juveniles is a Democrat. Most, if not all, of the county prosecutors who prosecuted and requested the incarceration of the incarcerated juveniles is a Democrat. Most, if not all, of the Juvenile Court judges who actually ordered the incarceration are Democrats or independents. Republicans and conservatives had and have essentially nothing to do with or responsibility for the incarcerations of any juveniles, minority or otherwise.

Moreover, the failure to address the issue of discriminatory incarceration also is the Democrats’ cross to bear. The Democrats have controlled the Iowa Attorney General’s office for most of TRS’s life, since sometime in the 70’s I think. Since the AG is charged with the protection of civil rights in Iowa, why has Tom Miller failed to protect the rights of minority juveniles who have been disproportionately incarcerated?

If, in fact, racial or ethnic discrimination exists in the Iowa juvenile court system such discrimination is a product of liberal Democrat bias. If so, the Democrats have perpetrated and succored and expanded a system of invidious racial discrimination that strikingly resembles the Jim Crow laws that Democrats maintained in the south for a hundred years after the Civil War. So basically, Culver, Judge and the Democrat liberals are either saying that the liberal system has inappropriately incarcerated thousands of minority youths. However, a much more likely and much more grotesque explanation exists for Gov. Culver’s epiphany on minority incarceration-pure racial pandering.

Rather than address the possibility that the incarcerated juveniles required/deserved incarceration, which possibility would offend the Democrats’ most reliable constituency (black voters) Culver is pandering. Culver, in a typical liberal fashion, is seeking to blame the “system” for the minority incarcerations rather than the behavior of the incarcerated individuals.

Imagine the implications of permitting dangerous, violent or habitually criminal juveniles to escape punishment and correction because the current politically correct environment prohibits effective management of the miscreant youth based on nothing more than the color of their skin? The Democrats want to see these misguided, undisciplined and dangerous youths free to prey on the public, which also bespeaks the lack of concern for the mostly minority victims of the juvenile crimes, because their incarceration might offend a political constituency that is vital to Democrat electoral success.

That’s what passes for leadership and patriotism in the Pumpkin Tax Party.


kingjr said...

Excellent post, Thanks!

The Chad said...

Great point, and I'm also betting the majority of criminal juveniles will also grow up to be Democrats or non-voting independents.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

This is worth reading.

The article mirrors what I've heard on the ground campaigning in Iowa and this past week in New Hampshire's traditionally Republican, or better said, last remaining strongholds.

Guiliani's problem winning the White House is if American politics have changed as much as the article suggests, why vote for a clone with serious baggage when you can get a genuine Democratic article with serious baggage?

Also boggles my mind Ron Paul's economics are taken seriously by so many in the GOP. Was a big mistake to create the Federal Reserve and going off the gold standard. Nevertheless following Dr. Paul's monetary ideas we'd quickly end up with hyperinflation accompanied by a depression which would make the 1930s look like a Sunday picnic. The dollar wouldn't be worth a Continental!

I'm just about ready to leave the party but figure nothing's lost by going to base voters directly to see if they can be mobilized to get behind real Republican principles like fiscal responsibility, a reality based foreign policy, and policies which strenghten families rather than destroy them.

Here's how moribund the NH GOP is. In the 2006 primary for governor only 31,000 turned out to vote for the GOP candidates. The number of registered Republicans turning out might not have been 2/3 of that because independents can vote any party ticket.

With a brain dead neocon instigated catastrophe looming in Pakistan below is the text of next week's Washington Times 2 x 3.

is the royal road to nuclear armed Cubas and Irans governed by religious fanatics intend on our
destruction in the name of God. Our survival depends upon promoting stability."

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just leave the party already and go fuck your uncle, you uncle fucker.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Anonymous--No sense in jumping the gun. Only 60 or so days to the caucuses and the NH primary. With the NH Secretary of State counting the ballots at least there I can be assured of an honest count.

Ken Hoyle said...

After you poll less than 1%, then what, Klein? The Sec of State of NH will be in on the fix, too? More conspiracy against you. A laughable farce.

Ken Hoyle said...

Oh and another thing Klein, please spare us the horeshit of how you'll be returning to your little slice of heavan and that the money you spent "masterbating your massive ego", as one other wag put it, will be your gift to America.

Anonymous said...

You suck Klein.

Go bother some people at a 7-11.

R.L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

Mark Klein please identify the threat made against you on this web site. You claimed you reported it to the Secret Service however over two weeks later no one has been able to identify this supposed threat. Is this just another attention grapping ploy by you? If not, where's the threat?