Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jefferson, Jackson and Richardson

Last night Iowa Democrats came together to honor the founders of their party-the imperialist Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. Read the history of Jefferson and Jackson, the authors of the Louisiana Purchase, the First Barbary War, victory in the Battle of New Orleans, the capture of Florida from Spain, the final victories in the Seminole and other Eastern Indian Wars, not to mention the decentralization of Federal power and control and then compare it to the modern Democrat agenda.

This morning we saw Bill Richardson discuss his plan to make Basra America’s Dunkirk. It is hard to see Andrew Jackson, whose American forces were outnumbered at New Orleans 4-1, being run out of Iraq at the hands of the out-gunned and out-numbered savages with whom we are now at war.

History repeatedly shows that cowardice and appeasement bring very brief and very expensive respite from the cares of the real world. Do you think anyone at Well Fargo Arena last night stopped to contrast the party of Jefferson and Jackson with the party of Carter and Clinton?

My guess is no.


MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

"...being run out of Iraq at the hands of the out-gunned and out-numbered savages with whom we are now at war."

No doubt George III said the same thing about us in the Revolutionary War. Our core foreign policy error is we can't distingush between civil wars and conflicts which pose a genuine stategic threat to the United States. The only domino to fall after the fall of Viet Nam were trade barriers so our former enemies could take financial advantage of us!

We were very lucky Britain made such a distinction in our Civil War by correctly determinating Lincoln didn't want to seize Canada. We wouldn't exist today while slavery would had British troops landed in Virginia following Bull Run as "peacekeepers" to try down the Union Army.

Neither Iraq or Afghanistan are strategic threats. The chaos in Iraq is merely the failure to definitively solve the division of Ottoman Mesopotamia into its natural religious and ethnic lines. What it's to us the Afghans prefer to live in yesterday's world? Like with treating recalcitrant patients, or dealing with a stuborn young adult kid unwilling to listen to sound advice, often best to stand aside to await another opportunity to help. Our policies are akin to the enabling interferring mother who just make things worse.

Like the Soviet Union's system, radical Islam in power is inherently very unstable and left be would quickly collapse under the pressure of popular dissent. The only reason the Castro crowd is around is our sanctions regime. Without them the inherently fun loving Cubans would have booted the Reds out long, long ago.

Anonymous said...

He blogs and he blogs...

Each comment more meaningless...

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Anonymous--Aside from quitting, what else can I do when the corporate controlled American versions of "Investia" and "Tass" media outlets only report on the major party approved safe candidates talking about a limited menus of issues?

I'm not holding my breath waiting for you to caucus for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,
Have you ever thought about spending your resources on a more meaningful achievable endeavor like say State senate on the California house. You could would be able to fit in real well there California seams to be a state with a lot of head problems.

Anonymous said...

Alright Quack, put up or shut up:

What is the percentage of you votes going to be in Iowa and New Hampshire?

As a serious candidate I'm sure your people have their projections...

Still trying to be like Ted said...

C'mon, say it Mr. Chairman,

Democrats are pussies. Or is it pussys? Either way, they are it.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Anonymous--The only political job worth having is POTUS. Your comment brings to this story.

When Governor Davis was recalled several years ago, the ballot was open to any Californian prepared to pay a $3500 filing fee and I believe collect about 100 signatures.

Got a call from one of my sons suggesting I try. Without skipping a beat replied there were 3 reasons I wasn't interested. 1-Had better things to do with $3500 2- Didn't think I could win & 3- Heaven forbid something went wrong & I won I'd have to live in Sacramento which is the total pits compared to Oakland doing a job I didn't want. Added an aside saying the only political job worth having was POTUS! Little did know then I'd be in the presidential sweepstakes!

Unlike the politically challenged Iowa GOP which could barely handle a handful of "approved" candidates at Ames, there were about 250 on ours listed in alphabetical order. Our reading levels must be high for The Governator to have won listed as he was at the end of a very long ballot including several complicated voter initiatives.

Porn star Mary Carey ran. A very smart gal with very impressive boobs she was a frequent guest on Fox news. Offered the novel solution to get handguns off the streets by exchanging them for her videos.

FYI the only other time I ever ran for office was as the insurgent candidate for president of the psychiatric society in my area. Got on the ballot collecting the requisite number of signatures to challenge 2 "safe" candidates chosen by the nominating committee. Quickly determined to be a threat one of other candidates to drop so I wouldn't split the vote. Although in private solo practice in the SF Bay Area less than a year with 1600 votes cast lost by about dozen votes.

In the end got what I really wanted. The society quickly adopted as their own the issue which caused me to run in the first place.

Haven't made up my mind yet about what would constitute a "good showing" at the polls.

Ken Hoyle said...

You'll claim less than 1% as the margin of victory required for you to continue blathering your bullshit across the blogosphere, Klein.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Ken--You sound worried I might pull an upset. Good!

The insiders at the psychiatric society behaved a lot like the Iowa GOP. Got frozen out of discussing my candidacy and issues at society meetings or in the newsletter. Without the internet back then, or the use of the membership mailing list, the word spread anyway.

Without the freeze out by the party and today's "Tass" like corporate owned media I'd be strongly leading in the polls.

My determination is what we need in the White House. Our political and commercial adversaries would think twice before starting up or gaming with me. They'll know I'm no cream puff who thinks a determined enemy will fold just with a "shock and awe" light and sound show. Two bit types bait and take us on all the time because they know we'll all sound and fury signifying nothing. Won't be the case with me.

Ken Hoyle said...

Yep, you're absolutely right, Mark. I'm worried that I won't wake up the morning after the New Hampshire vote and hear on TV how, "Mainstream Republican Party Members are reeling in literal shock today at the overwhelming win last night by heretofore political unknown, Mark Klein. Seemingly out of nowhere, Klein romped to victory polling an incredible 63% of the total vote with all precincts reporting".

Ahhh, the glittering fantasy of it all. Just thinking of it has me all aflutter. Excuse while I go knit. Knit, Klein, know what I mean? Knit.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Ken--Going back to NH this week to try to make your worst nightmare a reality. Rented short stay apartments for me and my team in the same complex Huckabee's staying at in Manchester. Already recruited local volunteer staff.

I get it. When you knit, you knit and when you masturbate, you masturbate. Do fantasies of me or Hillary in leather with plenty of cleavage showing appear doing the latter?

Submitted this to the NY Times Deal Book blog this morning.

"Practically swooned reading every house Republican voted against AMT relief and squeezing a few bucks out of the mega rich. Mr. and Mrs. Average American with kids just scraping by on $200,000 before taxes are just gonna love us literally to death at the 2008 ballot box! As the National Shrink, be happy to write you folks a script for antipsychotics!"

John Owen said...

You've got to be shitting me Klein. You didn't run for Gov because you didn't think you could win, however you think you can win the Presidency?? Talking about Mary Carey's boobs---I think you should look in the mirror.

I'll make a bold prediction Klein---you will never ever ever be POTUS.

Anonymous said...

Quack Klein,

I thought I told you to stop sniffing markers...

I'm no Doc, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night... shit, I should run for president.

Anonymous said...

Shit, he probably had to be in a primary with Spiderman... but since they are pals, they flipped a coin to see who could run.

This fucker gets wierder and wierder everyday.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

John--I concede the odds are against me at the moment. Be a very different situation were I to pull a surprise in either Iowa or New Hampshire as I did on Ted's poll by getting 52%. Ted not relisting me and the GOP refusing my $15,000 for a ballot listing at Ames suggests they fear what I might be able to do. The party's mega money masters pulling the strings know with Dr.Klein in the White House won't be business as usual bleeding the middle class dry and endless war to enrich the Military-Industrial Complex.

The story of my life is overcoming seemingly impossible odds. Born with an inherited neuromuscular disorder by dint of sheer will power played high school basketball, served twice in the military and despite obvious problems walking and climbing stairs campaign vigorously. Love it when my much younger volunteer staffers seem more tired than me after a long day campaigning.

I could go on and on about obstacles I've overcome. But the bottom line is I'm a fighter who won't stop swinging until the final bell rings.

Really true, John, I didn't run for governor of California because I thought I couldn't win, and anyway didn't want the job. Frankly beats me why someone as smart as Schwarzenegger even bothered. State governments today are little more than string puppets for the federal government. They have as much discretion as an on-off light switch controlled remotely from Washington.

I need the White House like a hole in the head. But we're in trouble and in desperate of a serious grownup in Oval Office. There hasn't been a grownup in the White House since Eisenhower.

DC is a pretty dreary place to live. Have my eye on the Coast Guard Station on Government Island in the Oakland Estuary as a western White House. Be great to often sleep at home and work on my garden in the wonderful Oakland hills.

Governor Taxabee said...


is it clear that richardson sold his soul in a naked attempt to make hill look didn't work. said...

The NYT has these nuggets about HRC's behavior during her opponents' speeches:

" When Mr. Obama spoke about Mrs. Clinton, the New York senator talked quietly with people at her table.

At one point, Terry McAuliffe, the chairman of her campaign, brought over Quincy Jones, the record producer, for an introduction.

Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Jones embraced as fans snapped pictures, while Mr. Obama continued his implicit attacks on Mrs. Clinton.

"But Mrs. Clinton noticed — applauding and rising to her feet — when Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico implored Democrats to refrain from attacking one another.

'It is critically important that Democrats not tear each other down,' he said. 'I believe it’s important to point out policy differences on Iraq, Iran. But it’s important to remember the American people want a positive campaign.'”

there is no crying in politics - not even for hillary said...

Hillary is a shrieking, cackling, emotional, shrew. All the worst characteristics of women, she possesses in droves.

War Margaret Thatcher. A real woman.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

The psychodynamics behind some of my policy thinking.

"Most readers of this story weren’t born or were too young to appreciate the cultural zeitgeist of 1960s through the early 1980s in which Norman Mailer thrived.

It really was like the country had suddenly lost its mind. The “60s” didn’t come to New York until late in the decade. Seemed overnight everything changed with drugs everywhere, people throwing away their educations, etc..

In the fullness of time I think what happened was the consequence of the unrecognized large scale emotional damage of the returning WWII veterans. If anything, their rate of psychiatric illness should at least equal or exceed the 25% plus rates seen in Viet Nam and Iraq War veterans.

Add the that the stress of families of soldiers deployed “for the duration” overseas plus the emotional devastation for war orphaned children. The only first rate movie representation of the war orphan’s psychological struggle I know of was in the 1950s sci-fi movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still”.

For a variety of reasons their suffering was repressed by lionizing their genuine sacrifice and bravery as the “The Greatest Generation”.

The “60s” started at just about the time their babyboomer children were entering adolescence. Anybody who’s raised or worked closely with children knows misbehavior often reflects the expression of one or both parents unresolved emotional issues.

Seems to me as a psychiatrist, parent and grandparent more than anything America needs 2-3 generations of sustained peace to put our Humpty-Dumpty society back together again.

To use psychiatric jargon there’s a neurotic “repetition compulsion” element to our need to be embroiled in endless unwinnable wars. We’re like people with unresolved issues who inevitably make bad choices choosing lovers.

— Posted by MARK KLEIN, M.D.

The Iguana said...

Here's my all time favorite from one of the other blogs. Thanks again Klein for directing me in here:

Anonymous said...
Mark Klein, do us all a favor would you? For lunch eat six or seven deviled eggs, two truck stop sized bowls of chili, and report back to us whether or not if then your shit actually stinks. O.K.?

Sunday, November 11, 2007 9:32:00 AM CST

Good gracious that is comedy at its purest.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Welcome to Iguana who joins the Greek chorus of Klein critics on Ted's blog!

Anonymous said...

Isn't time to take your meds now Kook Klein?

The Iguana said...

Hi Mark! Just so you'll know, here's what I posted on another blog in here:

My Friend, Mark Klein! As revolting as it is for to say this to you, "Thank You!". Thank you for directing me to this blog from one of your DM Reg rants.

Holy shit, I see where your horeshit from there goes over as much as the proverbial lead balloon in here too.

And I love the ones from way back where Ken Richards wipes his ass with you. Then there are the ones about some threat. And then in this one some crap about a lawsuit.

You really are a piece of work Klein. Your "Schtick" is such incredible bullshit. But watch out, don't talk about Klein that way or he'll sic the Secret Service on you. And don't dare ask him to elaborate on the conspiracy against him, he can't talk about it because of possible pending lawsuits. Oh, he'd gladly talk about some of his other past experience too, if only the CIA would let him. What was it you told Jack Kennedy again, Klein, " I wouldn't go to Dallas if I was you"? And was it lunch or dinner you told Nixon, "Dick, I'd burn those tapes, if I was you".

And the movie shit in here too, Klein? Do you spend the bulk of your day just cutting and pasting your garbage all over the blogoshpere?

And speaking of movies, Klein, here's one for you, "Oh, how fucked up you are! How much you ingested! This whole place stinks of your farts for a week! What a big man you are! Let me buy you a pack of gum, I'll show you how to chew it!"

Sweet Mother of God how tiresome it is to be raped by the shit you spew in these blogs, Klein. Once and for all, go away. You have no support, you have no platform other than this, and you are making no impact whatsoever on any topic other than to highten the disdain people have for you.

I bid you peace .........asshole.


Your Friend,

The Iguana

Sunday, November 11, 2007 5:27:00 PM CST

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Iguana-- If "(I) have no support", how did I get 52% on Ted's straw poll, beat as a write in Memphis Guliani, Brownback, Hagel, Gingrich, Tancredo, Barbour and JC Watts and tied for 3rd 3 votes behind Romney in a snap straw poll at the July Grundy County GOP meeting?

If all the GOP has to offer is abuse of the people who dare challenge the received party orthodoxy, it will lose bigtime.

Now that I'm getting Hillary Clinton style criticism despite having played it 100% straight gotta to wonder whether she's getting a completely raw deal too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Obama must have REALLY REALLY done a great job on Saturday night. I haven't heard one pundit stray from that line of thinking. On Fox, they predicted an Obama win in Iowa.

Iowa does the right thing on both sides of the aisle in vetting the candidates. If Obama really does win, the rest of the US should listen. It's only in Iowa that they have to pass through the eyeballs of real people.

We do it, so you don't have to.

The Iguana said...

Hi Mark! Like I said before and taking a cue from your play book, I cut and paste the following:

Sweet Mother of God how tiresome it is to be raped by the shit you spew in these blogs, Klein. Once and for all, go away. You have no support, you have no platform other than this, and you are making no impact whatsoever on any topic other than to highten the disdain people have for you.

In other words:

The same shit, over and over from you. Iowa Fathers admitted to stacking Ted's poll for you and as per their web-site, also came to find out they wasted their time with you. And as for the shit in Memphis; yeah sure asshole, a bunch of drunk College students and hack ass party party regulars looking for free drinks and shrimp cocktails- those are the fucks we can trust to pick our nominee. Didn't I also read in some post where you claimed some of the young chicks in Memphis tried to seduce you? God-damn if that's the case I sure would like to see pictures of those horses.

Fuck you, Klein, this whole schmere of yours is bullshit.

With love, I am,


The Iguana

P.S. Thanks again for directing me to this blog from one of your rantings in the Des Mo Reg.

kind of like the real sporer, with more hair said...

Did I say the Iguana is my favorite? Well I just did.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Iguana--All the Iowa Fathers did was turn out the vote for me! Nobody "stacked" anything. Had Ted not pulled my name off could have easily reached 70% as the word spread across the divorced fathers' community there's a new sheriff in town ready to kick ass and take names.

Had I gotten on the Ames ballot might have won outright without buying anyone a ticket.

In Memphis it was Romney who relied on hired college students to beat me. Know this because they stayed at my hotel. Romney paid the expenses of more than 100 Boston area college students on spring break to come to the meeting. Mostly the kids just partied on Beale Street until drunk or sober were trotted out to vote for Romney in the straw poll.

My impression in Iowa is Romney pays top dollar for support. Principles don't seem to mean much when the money flows freely. That's why Steve Scheffler is so bent out of shape.

My supporters there were volunteers who paid their own way coming from as far away as California and Arizona. The fellow from Arizona had no money even for a cheap hotel room so he camped in a state park!

Anonymous said...

What percentage are you going to get in Iowa and NH Kook Klein?

hooray for boobies! said...


MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Anonymous asked, what percentage in Iowa and New Hampshire would satisfy me? My plan is to try to win ouright as I did on Ted's poll. I always aim for the top. Hence I concede nothing to my opponents.

Doing that brings to mind the naysayers who believed I couldn't ace out the Medical College Admissions Test by taking it after only one calendar year of college. Even though I hadn't taken physics, only had introductory inorganic and organic chemistry, and zoology, achieved a high enough MCAT score along with close to a perfect GPA to get in almost everywhere I applied with 90 credits accumulated in just 2 years.

The higher the hurdle the more fun for me. To date I've gotten everything I really cared about. Now with an infinitely better policy and leadership vision than anyone for America in her hour of greatest need I'm trying for POTUS.

Just life visionary leaders must endure the scorn and derision of their contemporaries. Like old comforable broken in shoes, yesterday's ideas and shibboleths, while maladaptive, are very emotionally gratifying.

In this very dangerous age we need a leader who sees beyond the horizon and possesses the courage and stamina to get us there.

The Iguana said...

And you answered what with that drivel, what? And all the rest of that shit is relevant to what, what? Twaddle on, Son, twaddle on. I'll answer the question for you, less than 1%, that's what you'll poll, less than 1%. Then you'll come up with some horse shit about how 2/3rds of the people that voted for Romney actually thought they were voting for you. And those that voted for McCain, well, they really were voting for Mark Klein. Mac Cain, Mark Klein. Mac Cain Mark Klein. See the similarities? And on top of all of that, naturallthe the Sec of State of N.H. wioll also have been in on the fix. Conspiracy! Conspiracy!

Again, Klein, you are herewith dismissed.


Your Friend,

The Iguana

P.S. Thanks for directing me in here via one of your rants in the Des Mo Reg.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Iguana--While I fear caucus ballot shenanigans by the Iowa GOP, there'll be a straight up vote count in New Hampshire where the fox doesn't guard the hen house.

I urge every rank and file Iowa Republican to caucus for me if only to send the message you reject fools like The Iguana, Anonymous, and Ken Holt, and the Iowa GOP's undemocratic treatment of me.

The Iguana said...

You urge every rank and file Iowan to caucus for you? Where, in New Hampshire? That would play right in with how you campaigned in Des Moines by putting ads in the Rev. Sun Moon's Washington (DC) Times, and blogging in the New York Times all day, huh, Klein? Wow, that's some strategy you got there Mark boy. What's next? You gonna run for Mayor of Oakland by campaigning in Times Square, or passing out fliers in Yankee Stadium?

Yet again, you are hereby dismissed.

With Love, I am,

Your Friend,

The Iguana

P.S. Thanks again for inviting me in here from one of your rants in the Des Mo Reg

Anonymous said...

Kook Klein,

Dumb fuck, there are no ballots in an Iowa Caucus. Have you fucking researched the process?

What don't you take up model airplanes or something and quit wasting our time. Oh, you already into that, because you must be sniffing the glue.

Anonymous said...

Quack Klein,

When are you bring your band of Super Friends to Iowa.

Does Spiderman sit all day and vote on internet polls for you too?

Quack Quack!!!

Ken Hoyle said...

Ken Holt?

Ken Holt?

Who's Ken Holt?

Do you mean me, Klein?

Am I a fool along with Anonymous and the Iguana?

R. L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

What about me, Klein? What about me? Can I join the club too?

Hey guys, I know what let's do. At the next Klein rally instead of Super Heros let's all dress up like Fools.

boner said...


Can I dress up like Mark Klein then?

Dr. Klein Needs an Enema... said...

Hey Klein..

If there is such a conspiracy in how the Iowa GOP "counts" the ballots..

I guess that means that every single caucus chairman and secretary in all of Iowa's nearly 2000 precinct caucuses are in on the conspiracy..

Klein..the votes are tallied at the CAUCUS itself you blithering fool. Then they are called into automated system via telephone. Its quite simple..quite easy.

So..for your little accusation to be true.. You'd have to have a conspiracy of massive proportions.

Anonymous said...

Get a load of Klein in the 10th post above this one. One of his crew travels all the way from Arizona and the fucker makes him sleep in a tent in the park.

What a cunt you are Klein. Always blowing your wad around about how you are a fucking Daddy Warbucks, and you make "your crew" sleep in tents in the park. What a fucking humanitarian you are asshat.

Anonymous said...


Why haven't we seen you name in the polls?

You must be registering...