Thursday, November 22, 2007

New Hampshire Makes It Official-(Updated) Primary Schedule Posted.

As expected at the time we moved the Caucuses, New Hampshire, home state of President Franklin Pierce, will officially hold its Presidential primary on January 8.

The updated
Republican primary calendar is now set, and we posted it for your convenient linking. We’re also linking the updated Democrat primary calendar for all of our Democrat friends, like rf and Des Moines Dem and Gordon, who are committed to stopping Hillary Clinton’s coronation of corruption procession by having the courage to publicly support other Democrats. However, while I think we will end up picking the nominee at the RNC, Iowa is everything for the Dems so work even harder guys.

Happy Thanksgiving reading for my nerdish but thoroughly enjoyable interactive audience.


Anonymous said...

Skip New Hampshire, Mark Klein already has that statre sewn up. He's got his finger on the pulse of Mr. Everyman, and he's know his heart is pumping that good old hard working American Republican non-cut and run coward red blood for him. Yes! Now more that ever, Mark Klein!

Anonymous said...

My uncle teddy rocks! he is my favorite uncle ever!!!


MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Now more ever the GOP needs a real outsider with truly fresh ideas. Don't have New Hampshire sewn up quite yet.

The aphorism which best describes the man on the street's attitude is it's about time the shoemaker's children had shoes. If Clinton can find a way to pay for her $700 billion social spending program without raising taxes on those making less than $200,000, the public will support her.

Why the $200,000 cutoff? That's the pretax income urban families need to finance a bare bones middle class life. Celebrated Thanksgiving in Chicago. My host was a married Chicago firefighter with 2 small children. Told me that's about what he and his office manager wife need. They own a 2000sf condo but their income is insufficient to buy a detached home in what they consider a neighborhood with good public schools.

One thing we can learn from the Soviet's experience in Afghanistan to apply there and in Iraq was their futile attempt to win the hearts and minds of the population with social welfare projects like hospitals and schools. Like us, they thought what the Afghans wanted was modernization. Turned out they just wanted to keep their traditions financed by growing poppies and banditry.

Karzai is a benign version of the Soviet puppet Najibullah who was hanged when the Ruskies finally fled. Fnancially and politically broken by failed global dragon slayer adventures, several years later the Soviet regime suddenly imploded.

R.L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

God Almighty, Mark, once you get something stuck in your head..... You've been spouting this shoemaker shit all over the blogs at least seven or eight times now. What the fuck, Jack. Get some new material.

Have you tried the Campbell's split pea soup yet? I can't get enough of it. A bowl of that a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwhich and I'm ready to go. But by golly, long about 02:00 PM I can clear out a bog like it's nobody's business! How's it going with the deviled eggs and chili? Your shit stink yet or what?

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Bobby--Negative fan mail is better than no fan mail!

You might be a bit more rational, Bobby, by avoiding the Campbell split pea. The osmotic effect of the soup's excesive salt content causes brain cell swelling to maintain isotonity likely impairing your capacity to think clearly.

The Real Sporer said...

Dr. Klein;

Your analogy is both mistaken and irrelevant.

Karzai enjoys far more national support and comes from a far more credible part of Afghan society.

More importantly, the US can no longer allow Afghanistan to enjoy its quaint 12th Century tribal culture. That lets Al Qaeda in and we've already seen where that leads, have we not?

Ken Hoyle said...


According to Klein, your brain is swelling, but by my accounts, unlike him, you at least have the humility to admit that like most other mortals, your shit does indeed stink.

In fact, mine does too. In fact in a bathroom stall, quite unlike the ones fancied by certain Senators, I read the following bit of wisdom from a modern day poet,

"Be proud, be a man, fart loud! And shit so big the bastard in the next stall can taste your filth!"

In other words, if your life is so lonely and desolate, run for President, demand that attention be called upon yourself based on that alone. Having driven away all other friends and family, it's the only logical thing to do.

The Iguana said...

Damnation Klein! Nobody's buying your shit in here anymore than they are on the Des Moines Register blogs. Listen, how's things going in New Hampshire? You still campaiging outside of Blockbusters and 7-11's? Bothering people while they're trying to eat at Applebee's? Your campaign rally typically consists of talking loudly in hopes that the rest of the slobs waiting on line to eat at some steakhouse, some diner, could give a shit about what you are saying, correct? Then you hand the slobs in New Hampshire your brochre that urges every IOWAN to caucus for you? Kind of goes along with campaigning in Iowa by placing ad in the DC "Moonie" paper and blogging all day on New York Times web sites, huh?

You sure are funny, Mark. I mean really funny, really funny.


Your Friend,

The Iguana

P.S. Thanks again for directing me in here from the Des Mo Reg blogs.