Monday, November 26, 2007

A Republican Christmas Party

Some may wonder what a Republican Christmas looks like. To start with, we generously wish one another “Merry Christmas”. Being a conservative means not apologizing for the traditional seasonal greeting.

RPI held our annual Christmas Party tonight-honoring our Republican legislators. Like the recent LMF reception, turn out was again fantastic. Big congrats go to DK, whose Christmas parties are already the stuff of legend, and the entire RPI staff. Our staff collectively earned this big internet ovation for a job well done tonight.

Our Republican leadership in both houses came by, and both stayed and socialized for a couple of hours. Our two state wide officer holders, Auditor Dave Vaudt, the most professional appearing politician in the United States, and Ag Secretary Bill Northey came over. Polk County’s entire Senate delegation was in attendance. It was especially good to catch up with west side Senators, Pat W and Brad Z.

Co-chair Leon V (for "Victory") Mosley, Vice Chair TRS, Bonnie, Big Killer and Matt represented Party leadership. Our National Committeeman Steve Roberts was on hand to lend his cagey wisdom to the chit chat.

Best of all, the mood was very upbeat and optimistic. The public dined on Democrat overreach for the last year, and further assaults on your privacy, your right to work and our collective right to have open and honest elections have already been telegraphed. Everyone present appeared eager for the clash ahead. I don’t think that the Democrats will find either Republican disunity or apathy the allies on which they planned for Iowa ’08. A number of very good ideas to improve organizational and political synergies are afloat in a new sea, so to speak.

Holiday cheer was the order of the day, and intrigue was kept to a minimum.


MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Now for the bad news. The Chinese using our funny money dollars printed 24/7 at Kinko's branch office at the Federal Reserve appears to be making a bid for Rio Tinto mining. Getting Rio will give the Chinese control of 1/3 of the world's iron ore plus substantial interests in most of world's critical industrial minerals.

Had not Chevron with substantial shareholder support stepped in to bid Beijing would have scooped up Union Oil of California with its massive proven reserves.

Someone explain to me the continued relevance of our political dedication to "right to work" with the unions emasculated, illegal labor doing most of once better paying blue collar jobs for peanuts off the books, and a disproportionate number of Americans doing low wage work at the Walmarts and gas station convenience stores?

Likely the result of the Treasury selling massive amounts of new paper to bail out the speculators, the market took a very big hit today.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas
That's Republican code for "screw you Jewish folks". We know you're going to vote Democratic anyway.

Don said...

Very nice!

I'm looking forward to session!

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

The "Merry Christmas" commentator misunderstands the extent and importance of the Jewish vote the Republican Party gets. Just getting 25-30% of that vote in key swing states in close elections delivers the White House.

It was people like me who came "up from liberalism" in the late 1960s and 1970s who restored the Republican Party as a credible national political force. The Repubican message of fiscal restaint, free enterprise, less regulation, and firmness against the Soviets resonated particularly among opinion makers and independent minded, economically savvy people like me.

Our support removed the widely held view among educated urban and suburban voters the Republican Party wasn't a steaming cauldron of right wing nut jobs, racists, and anti-Semites. We provided very practical political assistance to the Republican Party.

For example, in 1979 at the invitation of Rep. Philip Crane I testified before the full House Ways and Means Committee in opposition to President Carter's attempt to remove 501(C)(3) status from private schools whose enrollments didn't reflect the racial mix of the surrounding community. Carter thought racism rather than desire for moral and educational quality explained the dramatic expansion of Christian schools.

At the time on the board of an orthodox Jewish day school in Oakland, CA I had obvious practical reasons to oppose such a rule. Turned out I was only Jew willing to testify against Carter's stance.

For whatever the reason the Republican Party became intellectually sclerotic, sold its soul to mega money interests, and to my utter shock the party of Lincoln behaves like the Soviets did towards dissidents like me.

As I've said before, if I can't make a credible showing, particularly in New Hampshire, it means my ideas are so alien to base voters there's no point in remaining a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Were you at the party Klein?

A simple yes or no will do.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...


Would have attended had I been invited. A very big fan of Christmas parties and carol sings.

Raised before political correctness attended an almost 100%Jewish New York public school which nevertheless the celebrated Christmas. Was one of the Three Kings in my kindergarten class Christmas pagent and learned all the classic carols. Were I not on the campaign trail I'd be home in California participating for about 35th time a dear Christian friend's annual carol sing.

If I make the White House, the traditional Christian community would have a genuine friend in the Oval Office. I'm into sound practical policy, rather than high sounding rhetoric, to strengthen families and communities so that the religious way of life can thrive.

Anonymous said...

Anon is wrong about the intent of Merry Christmas. But, then you guys are just a bunch of anti-semites, so you reflect your own prejudice with that statement.

However, that being said. Why do Jews vote Democrat? It makes not one bit of sense to me.

Democrats prefer the palestians over the israelis. They root for Palestine and think Israel is a terrorist state. They'd rather see Israel get "blown off the face of the earth" to quote the President of Iran, rather than deal with Iran because that's just too messy and democrats being the NIMBY party, wouldn't want to get their fingers dirty.

Just what do Democrats do for Jews?

And, for that matter, just what do Democrats do for Blacks? What did Bill do that made him the first black president?

How does Obama feel about that moniker for Bill? Will Hill be the second black president?

cedar rapids swami sez said...

Paul Pate, "Rudy Giulliani will win the Iowa Caucuses."

Really Paul? Wann make a bet?

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Re the above comment about Jews supporting the Democrats.

Much of that attitude arose from the open anti-Semitism associated with the Republican establishment which even existed into my younger years. In my generation youngsters went into the professions, or independent business, because white shoe corporations just didn't hire Jews. I even faced the notorious anti-Jewish Ivy League medical school admissions quotas. Such a school was the only one which rejected my application.

I thought anti-Semitism might have been a factor when rejected for Marine Corps officer training. The officer who interviewed me scowled when in response to asking my religion said I was Jewish.

The Jewish community blamed the rich Republican establishment. The Democrats until they started playing vicious racial politics were open and inclusive.

I agree with the above commentator about the Democrats and Israel. Johnson's ambivalence about Israel precipitated the Six Day War. Despite his words of support as Arab armies massed, Israel feeling completely isolated launched a surprise attack. Suspect the enemy was caught off guard believing America would lead the Jewish state into the noose.

An idealist I really believe in Republican principles. Otherwise, I wouldn't have left the Democrats. Once upon a time in immigrant Jewish families FDR occupied the rung just below God's.

I can put up with the occasional bigot. What I can't tolerate is a party leadership levels which behaves dishonestly and/or chronically lies to itself.

No way in hell would I be running for the nomination had I thought all of our major contenders were upright folks genuinely concerned about the needs of the middle class. Sad to see how easily they gull the base into believing they do.

New Hampshire is my Waterloo. Its demographics, geography and election law are the perfect test bed to determine whether my message resonates. New Hampshire GOP voters will make my decision whether to stay or leave the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Klein,

No one cares. Seriously.

No one cares about how many people you talked to, what your strategy for winning is, or basically anything that you have to offer.

Sorry, you are probably a nice guy, although you seem to be a little high on yourself. There's no problem with a little ego. In fact I argue, egos are required in politics. But telling everyone how smart you are, sure turns people off... especially Iowans.

Best of luck to you, but sounds like you do need any, per you little updates.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

To the above commentator: If nobody cared, I'd be on Ted's straw poll and had a ballot line at Ames. So far done very well when the voters have a chance to choose me.

Why shouldn't I be "high" on myself. Came out of nowhere with very little money and volunteers to provoke the GOP leadership to openly cheat me starting with my victory as a write-in over Guiliani, Brownback, Hagel, Gingrich, Barbour, JC Watts and Tancredo at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Memphis in 3/06. Possible I could have won outright had not the party the night before the vote aggressively campaigned undecided delegates to "not to waste their votes(on Dr.Klein)" by writing in Bush's name as a show of support!

I am a very smart guy. Too bad I go unappreciated in Iowa. Not my way to croon platitudes and bullshit.

Anonymous said...

There is a Vice Chair position at the party now?

Do tell Uncle Ted...

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Just to set the record straight about Ames here's what happened. Had lunch with Ted and Leon at which they agreed I'd be on the ballot if I paid the $15,000 listing fee. Agreed and made an appointment with Craig Robinson a couple of days later to discuss campaign issues and deliver the check.

The night before the meeting with Craig spoke with Leon pleased to learn I'd deliver the check the next day. Was on speaker phone so my campaign manager heard the entire conversation.

When I showed up with the check, Craig said I wouldn't be listed because among other things I was an unknown, didn't poll, or had other state campaign organizations.

I come out of a world where is deal is a deal. That's why I'm soooooooooo bent out of shape. Irony is had I been listed and turned in a mediocre result likely would have gone home completely satisfied I'd tried my best and lost. I am a gentleman and a sportman.

Not all the tea in China will get me to back off now. This is rich. I picked up the check for the lunch with Ted and Leon!

Anonymous said...

Klein blogs and blogs...

Each comment more meaningless than the next.

Anonymous said...

It was a good event Vice-Chair Ted. And of course was made even better by your attendance.

I was saddened to see that Chairman Hoffman was MIA, well, missing anyway; very little action there.

I was also saddened to see Kathy Potts show her face. Seeing her bring down the R cause on Waterloo's Channel 7 a couple of weeks ago was regrettable at best. Especially since it was regarding a personal grudge and a matter that is nearly four years old.

Keep up the good work Ted - I enjoyed today's press release!

PS: Sorry you have to put up with Klein's ego driven BS!

Anonymous said...

Klein's post at 05:10, Ted!

Defamation? Is he telling the truth? Who is his campaign manager? What's his name? How do I contact him?


Defamation, Ted?

Answer now, answer now, both of you. I think Klein is a liar, but I want Ted to prove me wrong!

Ted, say it ain't so, say it ain't so, Ted!

Does Klein own our ass on this?

Anonymous said...

Answer that crap, Ted! Where does this Klein get off with this? Who is this man?

Anonymous said...

was also saddened to see Kathy Potts show her face. Seeing her bring down the R cause on Waterloo's Channel 7 a couple of weeks ago was regrettable at best. Especially since it was regarding a personal grudge and a matter that is nearly four years old.


Anybody want to guess her weight?

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Don't recommend Ted or Leon suing me for defamation. Prepared to swear under oath, as is my campaign manager, as to the truthfulness of the above posting.

There are other witnesses with knowledge of what transpired.

Since I've never been an Iowa resident, would do all in my power to move the case under diversity jurisdiction rules to the federal court in Oakland, CA.

Might have grounds for a cross-complaint and certainly should I prevail a suit for malicious prosecution.

Kathy Potts said...

You guys! What happened to the Christmas Spirit? Oh yeah, it is as phony as the "we hate corruption" crap that RPI keeps spewing out. I have nothing personal against Eric Rosenthal. Never have. Never will.

Corruption starts small. The corruption that RPI is so fond of sending info out regarding the Dems, began with just a $1. So, don't tell me that embezzling a small amount of money doesn't matter and should not be reported.

So, could someone please say, here that it is ok for a county chair to take money and not repay it? Or, is this the norm for Iowa. It's not like he didn't have enough time.

I'll send one of those cheap stuffed toys from the fair to whoever guesses my weight correctly.

The Iguana said...

Re: Klein's post,
Tuesday, November 27, 2007 5:10:00 PM CST

Mr. Sporer:

Please tell us, in your own words, what really happened.

Thank you.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Before the spinning starts, got an unsolicted e-mail from an uninvolved party stalwart who knew my version was entirely truthful, accurate, and complete.

Gathering up my cell phone records, reviewing my notes, and talking with potential witnesses in case someone tries to do something really stupid like suing me.

Re intelligent life in today's GOP posted this in today's New York Times.

"When this administration finishes screwing over investors, and wrecking the economy, it shouldn’t be surprised what’s left of intelligent life in the Republican Party leaves as well.

The GOP is headed back to the days when it was the last stand refuge of eccentric far right wing hobby horse and political troglodyte types rambling around in a dark, decayed mansion shared with Miss Haversham."

— Posted by MARK KLEIN, M.D.

The reason the market soared today is the administration in cahoots with the FED sold out our children's best long term interests with talk of another large rate cut. Translated that means the power of dollar continues to slide making it even harder for our children down the road to finance their educations, start families, etc.

Anticipating such spinelessness made a bundle the last couple days having bought the mega financials at distress prices.

Put me in the White house to have someone who really understands the metabolic pathways of the global money system. In a Klein Administration we'd again enjoy the real prosperity of the halcyon Eisenhower era.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Klein, I'm also starting to side with the folks who register you as somewhat "unbalanced".

I would also like to join with the iguana and implore Mr. Sporer to please post his version of these events.

Ted, I think it's about ime you put the truth in writing, be it on this blog or elsewhere. Let's have it. Enough is enough with the Party bashing we have to continuously suffer from this Klein character. Who is this man anyway? My God, who is this man, once and for all!

Please, Ted. Please. The truth. Now.

In the know said...

"Nothing personal against Eric Rosenthal"?!?!?!?

Right, and Hitler only had a prolonged vacation in Poland.

Anonymous said...

Richard Roberts said that God told him: "We live in a litigious society. Anyone can get mad and file a lawsuit against another person whether they have a legitimate case or not. This lawsuit ... is about intimidation, blackmail and extortion."

Dear Linn County crazies said...

Keep your moon bat fights in the city of 5 smells, not on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Mark Klein right now is leading in all the unofficial polls in Iowa. He has Iowa and New Hampshire clearly won. I drove by Frank Stalone's campaign headquarters today as he admitted that there is no fighting the Klein onslaught. Amazing that all these candidates build organizations make phone calls and work hard only to lose to Mark Klein's Caucus machine.


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