Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Brown & Black Review (or Why Democrats are more unhealthy).

TRS and Spouse watched the Democrat Brown & Black forum debate tonight. I think we now have some insight into the relative lack of mental health that Democrats suffer compared with Republicans, in every social and economic stratum.

The irrational pessimism that the mainstream media and the Democrat politics of despair were on full display. Answer after answer told the audience how the system was stacked against them. Democrats decried education for minorities, ignoring the reality virtually every one of the 250 largest school boards in America are controlled by Democrats, usually former teachers and NEA members; ignoring the reality that only journalists are a more heavily reliable Democrat constituency (voting Democrat at rates like 85%); and ignoring the reality that public spending on education has risen much faster than the rate of inflation.

The audience was told they couldn’t expect to find jobs. In Iowa? We are facing a major labor shortage, the only people unemployed in Iowa are those who simply will not work, or those who have disqualified themselves in the labor market.

The audience was told they couldn’t expect to get healthcare. The audience was told that Republican racism caused Katrina and t hat the black residents of New Orleans were targeted. ……………….. and so on. Not once was a source of minority problems identified as anything other than a lack of government. More government, more taxes (believe me, class warfare is all this crowd has to offer), more fear (nooses were a prominent theme) and most of all, more despair.

No wonder Democrats report more depression, what a depressing crowd. Even more indicative of true depression, most of the problems were grossly exaggerated if not outright fabricated.I cannot wait for the main event. TRS is more confident than ever that we hold the White House .


Anonymous said...

Did any one elst think tht Hillary's immigration question from the crowd was planted? Her answer was too prepared to have been even kind of spontaneous.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that too. It was clear she had sharpened up on that one. She was really really glad to get that question.

Go over to Iowa Independent to read about the controversy over whether it was another Hillary setup from the get go.

Red S Tater said...

Watching Iowa from down here in Oklahoma... hoping you conservatives Git R Done.

Without going into a big talking points shpeel, I hope you will take a close look at Duncan Hunter.
"The Republican Wing of the Republican Party.

Plenty of info at my blog on Hunter vs all of the candidates.
Red Stater Duncan "The Real Deal" Hunter

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...
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defeating john mcquisling is priority number one said...

Come on Ted. They have a point here.

Ever since Karl Rove left and took his weather machine with him, the Bush Administration has not been able to manufacture storms to target black people.


(/sarcasm off

mike huckabee: Supernanny said...

Huckabee raised Arkansas taxes more than Bill Clinton:

RF said...


Watched the forum as well. You clearly exaggerate and simplify the type of discussion that took place, and Klein has an accurate description of the plentiful jobs available in Iowa. Also, many of the statistics are undeniable and definitely worthy of discussion and attention.

Still, I have to agree with your important point about the discussion revolving solely around the idea that the government will solve all problems with minority communities. I was a bit disappointed that my guy Obama did not bring up his often mentioned points about the responsibility minority communities themselves have in resolving these problems. In our pc-driven world, Richardson would have been the other guy who should have been able to make this point with some authority.

In the end, it was definitely a big pander fest. Without a much more honest discussion about these issues, we will not be making any progress. As much as many of my fellow D's believe in the power of the government, I do believe it is the parents who will need to take responsibility - turn off the TV, be involved parents, etc. (points Obama has made many times in the past). Obviously the government can create a better framework to help struggling families of all colors. But that help will only yield lasting benefits to those who are willing to help themselves.

On these issues, D's are right to acknowledge the existence of these problems and their importance. R's have a lot of importanct points when it comes to identifying root causes and potential solutions.

real Ted Spincter GOP said...

Good old RF trying to be a bootlicking Colmes to Sporer's hannity.

You should be asking why do republicans hate brown and black people?
The immigration debate of today is no different from the early 20th century when the GOP ranted against Italian and Poles.
Their secure borders intiatives are no differnt from the immigration laws of the 20s which favored white western europeans
The Terrorist threats of today are no different from the 50s RED scare tactics. The republicans are fearfull cowards who talk big then hide when the going get tough. Right general Cheney, Right LT Romney or chaplain Romney?
Hell Guiliani couldn't bonk his mistress without using public funds because he was so afraid.
Riddle me this sheeple if the Terrorist are such a threat why is Bush cutting the budget in Half?
RF the GOp knows nothing about root causes of any problem.

It all makes sense to me now! It appears that the Republican Party mirrors "Thriller and Michael Jacksons bizarre behavior. Over the years both have gone batshit crazy, got a lot whiter and is known for the perversions rather than their talent!

Anonymous said...

Buttplug from above can always be counted on to attack Ted for anything to include the sun coming up today. Spincter even attacks RF who is clearly not a Republican but no matter since anyone not aligned with the whacky far left is not qualified to have an opinion in buttplug's eyes.

Regardless, those blaming Whites for Black on Black problems (about 99% of their problems) should perhaps listen to former Vikings WF Chris Carter discussing the latest high profile African-Amercian celebrity killed by gunfire. Chris Carter pointed out the number one way Black men die is by other Black men and they are statistically much more likely to die a violent death than any other death. Mmm? Moreover, the men that killed Washington Redskins player Sean Taylor were recently houseguests of his younger sister for a birthday party. Let me get this connection right then, his kid sister brings in gangbangers and the gangbanger do what most gangbangers do which is case the place and decide to rob it. Sean is unfortunately killed in the process and how is this different than any other black on black crime in Des Moines? How is different than fake leaders like Jesse and Al shaking down White business in the name of Equality while ignoring real issues? How is it different than a Black Mayor not pulling his citizens out of Harm's way when the President of the United States BEGGED the Governor and anyone who would listen to get out of the way of the level 5 hurricane? Or, explain why Blacks fired on rescue helicopters trying to help them or even why they raped and killed helpless innocents among their own populations inside the dome? Where were their leaders and why don't their leaders deal with such issues?

Blacks in america suffer because of poor leadership, lack of fathers, and a complete inability to take responsibility for themselves. Blaming Republicans is so easy but has that helped them make a better community for themselves? Not at all since Blacks are becoming a two-tiered society with a few Blacks achieving life goals thanks to education (rather than affirmative action which is not long-lasting) and the lesser class which continue to suffer from self-inflicted wounds hoping for "reparations" as another way to buy off poor Blacks for another election cycle since nobody in their right mind believes the truly poor will ever "save" money not earned.

-little buddy

real ted sphincter GOP said...

Little buddy

Spoken like a true white Iowa guy.
It is always easy to put all blame on the black guy. No where did I say that that Whites are responsible. I did ask why do Republicans hate brown and black people. You answered it perfectly. You take the extreme examples Like sharpton and Jackson. Hey white dope name some influential Black leaders. Oh thats right it is hard to read with a white pillowcase over your eyes. You cracker!

As far as Buttplugs maybe you can give one to Senator vitter, I hear all GOPers get lessons on usage when they join the party and it appears that you are full of it!

Theodore "Ted" Vanzer said...

"It is always easy to put all blame on the black guy."

As is a direct quote, cut and pasted from above.

May I answer WHY it's easy to put all the blame on the blacks? Because you make up what, just under 20 percent of the population of the United States yet you are responsible for over 80 percent of all crime committed in the United States?

And don't give me all this oppression shit either. Because of Dr. King and those brave followers of his you've been given every opportunity, every door has been throw open wide for you, opportunities have been created for you at every turn, every hand-out available has been directed at you: free education, free housing, free utilites, free breakfast & free lunch for your children at school, free health care (Medicaid), and free childcare thereafter..........

And what have the majority of my black brothers and sisters done with this? Squandered it. Squandered every last stinking bit of it and treated it as an entitlement. And then have the gall to ask for more. Show up at thanksgiving for your free turkeys, show up at Christmas for you free gifts for your children, free trees, free ornaments.......

And then, after all that, you wonder why people that have worked hard all day, who work hard to put food on their table, who pay for child care, who pay for everything, while you sit around complainging that you are not GIVEN enough to live on....... You wonder why people are pissed?

I'd say, "God help you" but you'd use that shit as an excuse too.

Reparations? We've paid that shit a hundred thousand times over for the past seven generations

RF said...

Sphincter is right in that I don't make a good partisan. I tend to call things as I see them, not consult the party talking points. I also have difficulty subscribing to the theory that half of this country comprises of complete idiots who are 100% wrong on every single issue, and somehow miraculously my own party manages to be right about everything. With that approach, intellectual honesty becomes impossible.

With the race issue, I'm with the Bill Cosby/Juan Williams/Obama camp. Too personally vested in this to deny reality.

bring back disco! said...

Rf - you provide great hope to your party.

I really hope Obama and Huck win.

I'm ready for a grown up race instead of a temper trantrum race.

The 60's generation are dominated by whiney, complaining, nagging, spoiled, selfish and self-absorbed babies that simply throw temper trantrums.

I'm voting for the 70's generation - Obama and Huck

Anonymous said...

Ted Vanzer

Very nice reply. Reparations, apologies?

I think the Civil War all by itself stands as a great big apology for slavery.

Reparations? That's called Welfare and affirmative action.

Blacks have received apologies and reparations 10 fold.

It's time now, 40 years after all those doors were opened, to finally walk through and take your place.

If you don't, it's your own individual fault, not systemic racism

Systemic racism is an urban myth right from the people who don't want to take responsibility for their own life.

Obama represents what is possible for ALL americans, including Black ones.

Ted Vanzer said...

Interesting how that gutless fink Mark Klein doesn't have the stones to weigh in on this debate. He certainly has an opinion ............ whoops, excuse me, He certainly is an AUTHORITY on everything else.