Friday, January 25, 2008

A wind challenge to Dems from Chuck Soderberg

It appears that Republicans are all aboard the wind powered Vesta train. The state of Iowa is trying to recruit the Danish corporation, Vestas Wind Systems, to build its new research facility in Iowa.

The Vestas project would fit perfectly with Iowa’s terrain, wind patterns and our generally “green” population. It would also employ 80-100 people in high paying jobs.

Republican Chuck Soderberg, our ranking member on the almost oxymoronically entitled (well, when under Democrat control, anyway) Commerce Committee has announced Republican support for the Vestas project. This eliminates the political straw man that Democrats floated to cover the possible failure of Iowa’s anti-business Democrat leadership to land this rich and high profile development prize.

Good job by Chuck Soderberg and the House Republicans to support such a worthy 21st Century endeavor while depriving the Ds of their usual partisan excuses for failure. You know, the kind of failures that has dropped Iowa into the bottom five states for economic development.


Cedar Waxwing said...

Minnesota is offering Vesta big time tax breaks and promises to bring all sorts of infrastructure to them in order to locate in Iowa..

The question will be, will the Democrats actually attract a business to locate in Iowa..or provide more excuses for companies to pass Iowa over...

Spotlight said...

You all should read the Great American Jobs Scam.

Local taxes are such a small part of a business decision on where to locate that only suckers (like politicians) get fooled into thinking they are decisive.

Are they going to act like DuPont did last week? DuPont told the legislatures to get better schools for the children of their employees. In the next breath they said "but don't raise our taxes by closing the loophole Culver has in his sights".

They want a free lunch from us.

Anonymous said...

Sporer - Can you finally tell us what you think of the new chairman, Mr. Iverson?

I wish you would be more forthcoming in the happenings of our party. I rely on you as my SCC member to fill us in on these things!

Nothing salacious, just your opinions (one in the same?) Ha ha.

Anonymous said...


As a very active member in my county party organization..i'm extremely disappointed that once again the establishment has put "one of their own" in..instead of someone like you..

Iverson wasn't willing to stand and fight against the Dems in the Senate..what makes ANYONE think he's going to do the same now as RPI chair...