Monday, February 04, 2008

The bottle tax-why?

As many recall, Gov. Culver has called for a doubling of the deposit on existing containers and a dramatic increase in the types of containers to which the doubled deposit applies as a means of increasing tax revenue. This deposit is, at least in part, a tax.

The particular tax will, of course, be extremely regressive and will impact the very poorest in society. Of course, the increased cost of handling will necessarily result in higher retail prices for bottled products. The higher prices will, of course, hit the poorest hard as well.

Again, this isn’t the worst or most expensive of the Democrats’ unwarranted penetration of the body politic but it is just another example of the corners in which they will look to fund their bureaucratic, corrupt and inefficient nanny state.

So ask yourself why Democrats need an ever increasing share of Iowans hard earned money and when will they have enough?


Anonymous said...

Culver's proposal is dead in the water. They should go ahead and double the deposit to 10 cents and include water bottles, sports drinks, and juice bottles. That way the unemployed can make a few bucks picking up garbage.

Nahtan said...

There is way too much waste mounting in landfills as it is. I found great looking, practical reusable bottles at Now I am not spending extra money on bottled water and it seems like soon I will be saving on taxes as well.