Thursday, February 21, 2008

But they do give us a defining difference.

More from tonight’s debate watch. Both the Drama and Evita continually offer to “listen” to people as a solution to virtually every problem. Most recently they offered to listen to the people in Southwestern border towns to determine where border security fencing goes. So, if a town doesn’t want a fence I guess its parochial interest will trump national security in a Democrat administration.

Both, of course, are continuing to attack the President for not listening to people in border town, and implicitly for prioritizing national security and law enforcement over the parochial needs of border towns. What a brute!

While the traditional definition of leadership is knowing what you want to do and taking people with you, in the parallel reality of liberal world, leadership is finding out what people want and giving it to them, regardless of cost or benefit.

But then, Hillary did conduct a poll to determine the most politically beneficial vacation site and pet.

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Cedar Waxwing said...

Hillary tried bloviating tonight about the University of Brownsville, saying it would be "cut off" by the border fence..

Did some fact checking.. The only part of UT-Brownsville that would be "cut off" is a golf course..

I like golf as much as the next guy..but for my country's a golf course really THAT important?