Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Democrats-a new poll.

If, as now appears almost inevitable, John McCain is our nominee then the next popular question is the weaker Democrat opponent for John McCain to face.

So, we have a new poll today. So which Dem gives us the best chance to win. Let us know.


Ken Hoyle said...

Oh come on Sporer. No way McCain can't beat the black guy in a walk. McCain versus Hillary however is a toss up.

Spotlight said...

McCain could beat Gravel. Maybe Romney could also beat Gravel.

defeating john mcquisling is priority number one said...

Hitlery is less dangerous than McCain.

Follow me here...

The RINOS would oppose the Dem program out of habit, whereas McCain would roll over and do whatever the RATS wanted.

Now, if the Pubbies have 45 seats, they can filibuster. They would simply roll over, however, when Juan tried to implement the RAT agenda. Look at how the Pubbies rolled over for Shrub when he expanded the federal role in education and the welfare state.

McCain would deliver what the RATS promise.

KenRichards said...

I don't especially like John McCain's politics but he is a lot better than true liberals so I prefer McCain over Hillary. Sitting this one out makes as much sense as Liberals who voted for Nader thinking there was no difference between Gore and Bush. Imagine 9-11 with Gore in office and tell me there's no difference. What would the Supreme Court look like with Gore vs. Bush? Luckily for us Nader stole Gore votes and with any luck he'll jump in this time and kill 'em again. In the meantime, back on Planet Earth, those who care about Republican issues better vote for McCain in the general rather than fall victim to the insane thought process that drove the Democrats to self-destruction in 2000 by voting for Nader.


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