Friday, February 08, 2008

Interesting history.

For the last eight years the mainstream media, and in this I include Fox News, has described the spirited race that John McCain ran against George W. Bush. Some, like the MSNBC Democrat propagandist Chris Matthews, has so revised history as to make it seem that the 2000 primary election was close. It wasn’t. George W won 43 states, most by relatively large margins. Johnny Mac won seven states in 2000, and while it was spirited, the race certainly wasn’t particularly close.

In 2008 we are now seeing that same mainstream media declaring the Republican primary race over with no nominee within 400 delegates of a majority. While I’d certainly rather have the McCain delegation than the Huckabee delegation at this point, it seems more than ironic that Huckabee is declared dead having already won as many states, and far more delegates than Mac won during the entire 2000 campaign. Huck has the potential to win several more states, including Kansas and Louisiana tomorrow.

Given all the attention Mac received for his 2000 run after winning seven states can you imagine what the media might say about a guy who ends up winning 12-16 states, including big R states like Georgia and Tennessee. How can you blame Huck for looking down the road and staying in the race?


FAIR PLAY said...

I smell the stinch of an elitist attitude rising up in the minds and hearts of the Republican party pundits and conservative radio broadcasters. Although Romney was a flawed candidate, the professional conservative part of the party still supported him because they did not like Mike Huckabee because he seemed to common(a hick)to represent "thier party"; their way of thinking. In spite of the fact that Mr.Huckabee lined up in every way as a social, economic, and strong on defense conservative he was rejected because of where he came from,where he went to school, the circles he was/was'nt known in. Clearly a prejudicial and classless action by people who supposedly help keep the heartbeat of true conservatism(Reaganism)steady. This kind of conservatism does not represent (Reaganism)and if he were alive today it would sadden him greatly. The very people who have grabed the torch of conservatism that Reagan and this great Republican party has built, has allowed this poison of elitism that has destroyed so many empires, to trickle down into the hearts and minds and subsequently this election.
So, because of this we are now represented by a candidate (John McCain an American hero) that was a foot soldier in the Reagan army but has since strayed to the other side of the ailse far to many times to be forgiven or trusted.I believe there is still time to correct this mistake and get behind a real conservative, regardless of his origin or pedigree the bottom line is he is one of us, he is a conservative.
His name is Gov. Mike Huckabee!

Anonymous said...

There ya go, Fair Play. Let's replace a candidate who collaborates with the RATS with a Christian Socialist.

Good thinking.

Anonymous said...

Would someone explain what the liberal thing is with huck? I am not getting what makes him liberal.

Which elite decided which immigration approach was conservative and which was liberal?

Spotlight said...

Somone wonders " what the liberal thing is with huck? "

I think it's because he raised taxes to run his state government.

And then there is his view that "terrorism can come in the form of a pink slip." Man, is that heresy!

Huck's On the Move.... said...

What you dont hear is that when those taxes were raised in Arkansas..after a period..they were lowered back to their original rates.

When Huckabee left office..Arkansas had the same tax rates that it did when Huckabee came into office..

One of the tax rates was one that was APPROVED by a vote of the people..yet, Huckabee gets blamed for "raising taxes"..

I love these fools who scream "Christian socialist" about Huckabee..tell me friend..what is "socialist" about giving people a hand up..instead of a hand out..

Anonymous said...

A hand up is a hand out because in the Republican party a fiscal conservative is someone who believes in a ruling class of rich people keeping the lower class working stiffs in their place. Just goes to show there are very few real life examples of compassionate conservatives (although Huckabee certainly is one).