Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Blog Link-Murtha Must Go.

In doing some late night surfing last night, TRS discovered a great new blog entitled “Murtha Must Go”. As most readers know we here at TRS usually refer to Murtha as “ABSCAM Jack” for the bribery negotiations in which Murtha engaged in the salad days of the Carter Administration.

After the commencement of the Iraq campaign, Murtha showed his previous display of the more typical venal political sins, bribe taking, etc…, only superficially exposed the depths of his moral corruption. Murtha’s outrageous propaganda efforts on behalf of Islamofascism have risen to the same level of treason as that displayed by Lord Haw Haw, Tokyo Rose and other Allied citizens who attempted to subvert Allied morale during WW2.

There is a real world impact to Murtha's treacherous diatribes. One wonders how much Islamic hatred for America was intensified or vindicated based on Murtha's outrageous lies about the American Marines or the Abu G'hrib prison? How many new terrorists were recruited based on the Al Jazeera rebroadcasts of Murtha's screeches that Iraq is lost?
No, Murtha is a traitor and the new website provides a substantial expansion to the body of evidence that we have presented toward the same conclusion here at TRS.

While Murtha is back in the news as the
King of Pork again this year, we should never forget that his far more mortal sin is cheer leading for the most vile and violent of his nation's enemies.

Welcome aboard to MMG!


Anonymous said...

Yawn. Murtha is a traitor. . . .Rove's critics hate America. . .Democrats are self loathing . . .

Next post: Hillary is Evita . . .Nancy is Damascus . . .Harry is Dingy . . .yawn. . ..Liberals are traitors.

So many insights. We await the next one. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Murtha would've cut many deals as a POW whenever it suited him so it is lucky we had a better man than him.