Monday, February 25, 2008

Protection of property rights: Fallon joins Republicans in looking out for the little guy.

Republican Representatives Jodi Tymeson, Pat Grassley and Jeff Kaufmann were joined today by Democrat Congressional candidate Ed Fallon in presenting a well conceived response to Gov. Culver and the legislative Democrats’ attempts to circumvent existing limitations on the eminent domain power of condemnation. Put another way, the Democrat machines ability to seize your property in biased condemnation procedures and give it to their donors. The bi-partisan proposal is set out in the left margin under our General Assembly section. Click the link, its well worth the read.

Limitation of condemnation powers is the genetic default position of every Republican not involved in municipal development. Indeed, the sanctity of private property was a foundation upon which the American Revolution was based. Hell, it was the foundation upon which the Barons’ Revolt at Runnymeade lead to the Magna Charta
Eminent domain powers have grown because the liberal model of government, dominant in this country since the New Deal, requires ever increasing government power over the daily activities of our citizenry. The result, government at all levels require ever increasing amounts of money. One source of such money is seizing and selling citizen’s property.

Ed Fallon brings a populist’s perspective to the issue. Protection of the virtuous citizenry, set in juxtaposition to powerful, and at times unseen, elites, is also a premise of the last strain of useful liberal, the populist. Of course, populists are out of vogue in the Democrat Party, because every Democrat policy needs to vest more power in the most powerful of elites, government bureaucrats.

Aside from the obvious-we could gain a much larger share of the vote if we focused more on the populist aspects of Republicanism-it is heartwarming to see such strange political bed fellows.

Maybe it will be contagious?


RF said...


Are you going register as a D to vote for Ed in the primary? If not that, he would probably appreciate some whale-related publicity stunt with you.

The Real Sporer said...

No, my fingers would rebel.

I know a lot of people who will switch for that reason.

The Real Sporer said...

I think Leonard might be in trouble in that one.

Ed is a native of Polk County, and we have twice as many voters as the rest of the District, combined. Actually, its an even bigger advantage for Ed because there are 14,000 more Dems in Polk than R, and all of hte smaller counties have more Rs than Ds so I'll bet more like 70%+ of the D primary vote is in Polk.

Joe Kristan said...

Ted, I think you have put your finger on something. Eminent domain is a classic insider game - like targeted tax credits. This libertarian/populist sentiment could resonate. It's time to stand up for economic freedom. The opportunity to stand up against the Google and Microsoft giveaways is a classic opportunity lost.

I think Fallon might have made a decent governor. I wouldn't want him anywhere near Washington, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for whomever wants to take on my paycheck to paycheck taxes, or as they refer to them now, fees.

My gas tax, my bottle tax (fee), my property tax, my user tax (fee) on utilities, my new extra 1 cent sales tax promoted every other day for every other fanciful funding idea - it used to be 3%.

It's not just retirees on a fixed income. Nearly all workers are salaried and get an annual raise. They are on fixed incomes.

They don't get enough of an annual raise (avg this year is 2.5%) to make up for all the paycheck to paycheck increases about which they have no control?

Chet, what are you going to have poor people do? Not by milk because they can't afford the new 5 cent tax (fee), let alone your new 10 cent tax (fee)you proposed?

The only way to afford the paycheck to paycheck fees, is to reduce spending. Folks have no other choice.

Retailers lose, recreation loses, everyone loses when you squeeze the paycheck. You get increased gambling as the only way to get ahead......oh, now I get it.

That's why we have so much reliance on gambling in Iowa. It's to "serve" the people.

Anonymous said...

My health insurance went up more than 2.5%. I have no control over that. I had to reduce the amount I put in my 401K to make up the difference.

Is that what Chet wants us to do? Quit saving for retirement to buy milk?

Anonymous said...

The cost of gas for my car to drive to work to make a living so that I can pay taxes to Chet to..I'm dizzy

has gone up more than 2.5% this year. Most of the cost of my gas is simply taxes and fees.

Does Chet want me to quit my job because I can't afford the gas any more? I already downsized my car.

Why do Democrats want to increase my gas tax and make it harder for me to go to work so I can earn the living that feeds their insatiable appetite for my money in the form of taxes and fees?

Anonymous said...

The cost of my childrens college tuition has increased at more than triple the rate of the avg raise of 2.5%, year upon year upon year.

Does Chet want me to not send my kids to college because the percentage increase in tuition has far outpaced the percentage increase in income of the parents who have to pay the bill?

Only the rich and the poor can finance college easily. The middle class is squeezed to the limit.

This has nothing to do with the kids. My kids aren't benefiting under Chet.

Anonymous said...

Does Chet want to join Michigan and have a one state recession? We can't afford his grandiose fantasies of a new social order.

"Gasoline prices, which for months lagged the big run-up in the price of oil, are suddenly rising quickly, with some experts fearing they could hit $4 a gallon by spring.

Diesel is hitting new records daily and oil closed at an all-time high on Tuesday of $100.88 a barrel.

The increases could not come at a worse time for the economy.

With growth slowing, high energy prices that were once easily absorbed by consumers are now more likely to act as a drag on household budgets, leaving people with less money to spend elsewhere.

"The effect of high oil prices today could be the difference between having a recession and not having a recession," said Kenneth Rogoff, a Harvard University economist.

Anonymous said...

Whaa, whaa, whaa!!!!
Quit bitching about gas prices. Don't like paying to fill the car with gas every week - don't live 60 miles from your stinking job.
Or ride the freaking bus.

Anonymous said...

I read in the Ragister that the Democrat controlled Polk County Supervisors voted all those gub'mt workers a 7.5% raise, as if that was just a regular, normal, cost of livin increase.

It sure pays to be a democrat in a democrat controlled employment sector. Their raises are almost as big as the rise in college tuition at our tax funded universities.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to ride the bus. I don't want to have a teeny tiny car. I want to live free or die, goddammit. Whatever happened to freedom? I don't live 60 miles from work.

You are clearly a democrat who believes he deserves to have such a low socioeconomic lifestyle. You stand in line. Go to Russia. It's much easier to stand in line there. Lots more busses and lots fewer cars too. No heat in those apartments either. A libs dream lifestyle.

You can have it, but leave me the "choice" of my own lifestyle. I like the American way.