Friday, February 22, 2008

Two new links to read.

TRS found a great new blog today, Iowa Insider. The author is a Lee Enterprise writer. Since TRS’s mother was a comptroller with Lee for, say around 40 years, and since Lee Enterprises therefore paid for TRS’ many years of post secondary education (thereby placing the initials J.D. after the name), the least we can do is publish Ms. Eby’s blog.

The second link is Grant Young’s new blog
Questions, Comments & Insults. TRS apologizes to the G man because we thought we linked this blog weeks ago. So much for late night editing, eh?

Anyway, Grant is, as always, hilarious. The Barnstormers have a gem in G.

Both of the new links are good reads and now both are on our recommended list.


RF said...


Off topic, but seems like you haven't been kidding about the hot spouse! Lucky you. (You being such a good moral R, I have to assume it is your spouse in the header pic.)

WAR hot mature women!

The Real Sporer said...

Jo Spo thanks you for the compliment. And yes, the question often arises as to how a warthog like me got a fox like Jo E.

That pic is one of our White House Christmas party pics back in 03. Can't believe its been more than four years ago.

Are you supporting Ed Fallon in the primary?

RF said...

Feminine beauty makes life worth living for this liberal.

Yes, I'm Fallon all the way, trying to help him the best I can. Since we have Harkin & Grassley, we should have Fallon & King too.

The Real Sporer said...

Didn't think of the irony of Fallon and King. Laughing my ass off.

A couple of years ago, in a major moment of un Sporer-like behavior, I didn't go to a, quite literally "Save the Whales" rally. I really regret having not gone, EF and I see pretty much eye to eye on that one (actually, I think we should use the US Navy to help enforce the international whaling treaties so I'm probably more radical than Ed) and I think the presence of a relatively high profile R on the scene.

Whaling for anything but limited sport hunting, which would be limited since you cannot exactly chase and shoot a very large whale and Eskimo life style support is simply barbaric.

The Real Sporer said...

Ed Fallon wanted me to go to whaling thing and I declined.

Does that make more sense.

Grant Young said...


Thanks for the linkage and kind words.

Hope to have decent stuff and keeps things fun.

WAR Sporer!

RF said...


Sounds like you have some real Teddy Roosevelt type conservative (think "conservation") genes in your body, somewhere under that harsh partisan rhetoric.

What do you think of PETA? I know you appreciate ASPCA, but what about their more radical friends? Just curious.

Grant Young said...

This is a pretty good discussion when it comes to the environment and our party Uncle Ted.

We R's have a great oppourtunity with this issue. In real TR tradition, we win the debate. Not because the GOP wins... Future generations win.

RF- email me, you need to do a 7.2 Questions.

The Real Sporer said...

Like most radicals, PETA loses its impact by going the proverbial "bridge too far". But I do sympathize with many of their issues. Hell, I'd be a vegen if my carniverous (predatory?) instincts drive me to meat (although in much smaller quantities than in younger days).

G and rf, yes! We Rs invented conservationism & environmentalism as political issues. G knows I've been saying this for years but "green" makes good politics and policy if its done right. As G knows, I've been saying for that for years.

For far too long we have been unable to move forward because the Republican environmental luddites on the right and the radical tree huggers on the left have been allowed to dominate this discussion.

The Real Sporer said...

Did I say "G knows" twice. I need to get more sleep.


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