Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finally, even more good news: Mac’s Attack Leads in Michigan!

It looks like the most recent Michigan polls show Mac over Barack in the Wolverine State. The most recent electoral map remains mostly red with McCain at 318, either Democrat at 210 and New Mexico and Nebraska up in the air, for different reasons.

Hee, hee.


Anonymous said...

I was reading yet another story about Spitzer. I was reminded about how Bill Clinton explained all the women he abused. He said himself that he did it because "he could". I don't really think that has changed has it? Do dems really want that back in the White House? Doesn't the eerily similar Spitzer episode just reinforce our decision not to elect Rudy? I don't feel like having the Clinton Drama back in the White House.
"Spitzer was variously portrayed as an arrogant fool who considered himself above the law; as a burnt-out powermonger who was desperate to be discovered; and as a balder Bill Clinton, doing it simply because he could."

Anonymous said...

Polls don't mean crap right now. Wait until gas hits $5.00 a gallon over the summer and we'll see what happens.

RF said...

Agree with the above. These polls are meaningless at this point of time.

I do think it would be interesting to see McCain/Obama match-up. It could be an unusually civil campaign. Of course, the outside groups will surely make any contest nasty.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else see that Matt Elliott got popped for murder?

Anonymous said...

Sad to see.

Anonymous said...

Matt Elliot charged with murder one.

Anonymous said...

Hedge Funds are in the news as a major contributor to the collapse of a major player on Wall Street over the weekend.

Remember who works for Hedge Funds?

John Edwards
Chelsea Clinton (see below)

November 3 2006: 5:13 PM EST

NEW YORK ( -- Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton has joined Avenue Capital Group, a hedge fund manager whose founder has contributed to many Democratic Party campaigns, a person familiar with the matter said on Friday.

People familiar with the matter reported that Clinton, 26, is quitting her job at the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. and will take a position at the New York-based hedge fund Avenue Capital Group.

Anonymous said...

Know who else works for Hedge Funds?

Al Gore - See Below

Al Gore, Hedge Fund Playa
by Christopher Glynn, Reporter March 6, 2008

Al Gore has $35 million invested with hedge fund Capricorn Investment Group.

The investment is proof of how the former vice president has grown his wealth. In 2000, Gore disclosed he had $2 million in a personal finance report.

Anonymous said...

Wow - It helps to know people. More on Chelsea's job at the Hedge Fund.

Avenue Capital founders Lasry and Gardner both donated to her mother's New York Senate re-election campaign, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Well-known in hedge fund circles, Lasry has contributed to political campaigns for Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Bill Bradley, John Kerry and other Democrats in recent years, federal election records show

Anonymous said...

I wonder who's hedge fund gains if they all buy the snake oil Gore is selling on carbon credits? Plus, I wonder what Kos would think about Gore's demand that Cheney not be impeached? Hmm..trouble trouble everywhere.

Hedge-Fund Owner Al Gore Nixes Impeachment Again

June 4, 2007 (LPAC)-- Al "Gordo" Gore, Jr. was interviewed on Saturday, June 2, by Judy Woodruff on Bloomberg Television and once again put out the line from London and the hedge funds: No impeachment of Dick Cheney.

It was the second time in 48 hours that Fat Albert had thrown his (considerable) weight behind defending Cheney and the White House from impeachment. The first case was the interview on PBS, reported by LPAC under the title,.

On Bloomberg TV, a network for financiers, Gore ranted in support of fascist environmental policies, such as "a complete moratorium on the building of any new coal-fired generating plants unless there is complete carbon capture and storage,"

Anonymous said...

New York Post

BIG $: Supersized Al Gore is bloating up on $35M hedge fund money and in his slimmed-down VEEP days.

March 7, 2008 -- Al Gore - who built a fast $100 million fortune since leaving the vice presidency - is gambling about $35 million of it where his mouth is.

Gore is plowing more than a third of his recent windfalls - mostly from his Google options and royalties from his hit documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth" - into an environmentally friendly hedge fund.

Gore is investing his cash in a Silicon Valley fund, Capricorn Investment Group - founded by former eBay president and billionaire Jeff Skoll so he could manage his own $4.2 billion fortune with investments that help the planet.

Anonymous said...

Alg Gores original wealth was based in OIL STOCK!!!! Horrors!

The hedge fund deal, reported by Bloomberg yesterday, surprised some political observers because of how much Gore has amassed in such a short time.

Gore, 59, left the vice president's job in 2000 with assets between $780,000 and $1.9 million, tax filings said. It included about $1 million in his father's Occidental Petroleum stock.

Anonymous said...

July 20, 2007
Private equity staffs up in Clintonland

Hedge funders have rocketed to the top of Democratic Party donor lists in recent years, reflecting a generational shift on Wall Street that's part of the Democrats' growing money edge.

Democrats have been free to ignore them, though, on high-profile tax issues, and still collect their money — like other donors, their first forays have been about ideology and personal access. That may be changing: now, they're starting to lay out an agenda and act like other interest groups.

In fact, the hedge funders have a newish lobby, the Private Equity Council, which is fighting to continue favorable tax treatment for partners in private equity firms. And, sure enough, the Private Equity Council, Washington Wire reports (fourth item), has hired two of the lobbying and consulting firms most closely connected to Hillary Clinton: the Glover Park Group and the Dewey Square Group.

At some point soon, you've got to figure, Democrats are going to start paying very close attention to the interests of their new donor base.

By Ben Smith 11:24 AM

The Politico

So, Democrats - what cha going to do for your new donor base in this current economic environment where Hedge Funds did a run on the banks this week?

Anonymous said...

Who hired Elliot for RPI?

Anonymous said...

Who is Matt Elliot..and why does anyone care???

Anonymous said...

That shit up there about Edwards and Gore. How come it's OK for Republicans to bank roll an assload of cash but somehow sinful for a Democrat? What a herd of goons, jealous creeps the lot of you! Slinging bullshit instead of talking about the issues.

Sol Leftkowicz!

Cedar Waxwing said...


When you're someone like Edwards..who railed against the "robber barons" in the corporations and hedge funds...and then found to be engaging in the some of the SAME activities that you complained about..well..makes you look like a self loathing hypocrite...

Or someone like Gore who has made himself out to be the self proclaimed global warming guru..and then found to have a mansion in Tennesee that uses a massive amount of energy, water and had to have a sizeable amount of forest clear cut for building it.....again..self loathing hypocrite...

Art A Layman said...


Given McCain's latest gaffes it looks like we are going to need a Constitutional Amendment if he is successful. We will need two Vice Presidents; one to prop him up and one to play ventriloquist.

Obamacan said...

I swore off McCain after McCain/Feingold. Im now supporting Obama. I usually vote Republican and probably will for everyone else, but I am voting for Obama and Ed Fallon. I just think that the Republican party has lost its base and we should reform them before they reform America

Make Me Laugh... said...

LOL "usually" vote Republican..but your're going to vote for the two of the biggest liberals out there...

I know you guys over at Democratic Party of Iowa are bored...but cmon..