Monday, March 24, 2008

The gift that keeps on giving.

You know it is getting nasty when one of the real Boy Scouts, Gordon Fischer, takes a hard, but very well deserved shot at Bill Clinton-in response to Brother Bill’s increasingly infamous attack on Barack Obama’s patriotism.

Gordon just said what everyone thinks about Brother Bill, the blue dress and the cherubic young face of Monica Lewinsky and the shamelessness of the Clinton hedonism (and its enabling spouse Hillary) are the only unforgettable memories of the Clinton Administration. Don’t feel so bad Clintonistas, it could be the recession ya’ll left behind or the attacks from terror states like Iraq (shooting at American and British planes without meaningful response) or terror groups like al Qaeda (where to begin…).

Gordon’s momentary lapse into the primal reality of Bill Clinton’s legacy, while undoubtedly cathartic, was quickly followed by a polite apology and a quick retraction. Were with you over in this part of the blogosphere, brother.


RF said...

All the sudden the Clintons are very touchy. So one cannot mention a proven fact about Bill's past? Like you R's are not going to bring these things up if she's the nominee? While I would love to have a D president, I would not be too crazy about spending 1-2 years of a four-year term in a Clinton melodrama and damage control. Does anyone really believe there are no more Bill's bimbo eruptions out there?

The Real Sporer said...

Well, since he is spending the night a lot elsewhere when in Chapiqua (sp?) - a fact which can't be hidden 'cause of the Secret Service vans - I'm guessing yes.

You can't be all that thrilled with the Chinese money either?

Anonymous said...

From Today's Business Record Daily Update:

Iowa unemployment rate drops again

Iowa's unemployment rate dropped for the second consecutive month to 3.5 percent in February. The jobless rate was 3.6 percent in the previous month and 3.7 percent in February 2007....

....The construction sector lost 900 jobs in February, while retail trade lost 600 and leisure and hospitality dropped 300. Health services had the biggest increase of 600 jobs, manufacturing and finance gained 300 jobs each and THE GOVERNMENT SECTOR added 200 jobs.

We have declining population in Iowa. We have fewer people to "manage".

Why does THE GOVERNMENT SECTOR keep adding jobs, yet the UNION sector keeps losing jobs????

No wonder the Unions are pissed. We can't compete, so let's FORCE them.

Does the Governor really really really want to lose all his bargaining power to the Unions? Why do we need a Governor if all we need is an unelected arbitrator to decide what the GOVERNOR ought to decide and negotiate.

Democrats are saying that they trust the UNIONS more than they trust themselves to govern.

Anonymous said...

"Democrats are saying that they trust the UNIONS more than they trust themselves to govern."

And, upon that we may all agree.

The democrats have transferred their leadership to the Union boss.

Anonymous said...

Iowa Dummycrats continue to be oblivious to the world not dominated by UNION THUGS. See the latest on consumer confidence since the democrats took over the majority.

Despite all that is descending upon middle class and poor folks, Iowa dummcrats continue to thumb their nose and just pass along MORE and MORE tax increases to pay off their UNION Godfathers.

Iowa democrats have no moral authority and no moral compass.

They aren't fit to teach Sunday School.

The Conference Board said today that its Consumer Confidence Index was 64.5 in March, down from a revised 76.4 in February and far below analysts' estimate of 73.

The index has been in a downward trend since last July, and TIGHT CREDIT MARKETS, RISING PRICES and a worsening job market have heightened fears that the economy is in a recession.

Anonymous said...

Iowa democrat state Sen Dick Durbin is a big fat liar telling two big fat lies.

1 - the unions will be reasonable in their request. Reasonably certain to ask for more pay for less work.

2 - the private sector can negotiate for the things the UNION DON's are asking for. - No they don't. That is a big huge massive bald faced monster lie.

Sen. Dick Dearden, a Democrat from Des Moines, told fellow lawmakers he thought elected officials and administrators were exaggerating. The legislation would lift restrictions on what can be negotiated - it does not mandate a result to those negotiations, he said.

And unions would be reasonable with requests, Dearden said. "They're not going to break the bank," he said.

Dearden said public workers want the same rights as private workers in Iowa, who already have the right to negotiate for a long laundry list of workplace options.

Anonymous said...

Chief Dummycrat in Charge Jack Killme is a great big fat bully trying to intimidate the governor. Sounds just like how a Democrat Union Thug would sound - straight out of the movies. I wonder what character he practices in the mirror each morning before he suits up with his brass nuckles and then goes in to suck Gronstals teet.

Chet - show em that you aren't that chubby kid during recess who never get's picked for dodgeball by the resident bully - Gronstal and his lesser intelligent bully enforcer.
Senate President Jack Kibbie, a Democrat from Emmetsburg, said he can't believe Culver would veto the bill.

"Because of his future," Kibbie said. "He's running on the Democratic ticket, I presume."

Anonymous said...

when are you going to post about Kim Schmett and his showing(non showing) at central committee last night...?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Ted - Will I be getting my endorsement letter for your 2 friends on or about the 15th of the 4th month?

much love
-B. M.

the Seminarian said...

"Call the question guy" here, I am serious about what I said the other night, about getting on the committee; I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty, and I’ve already got some experience as far as fighting in the trenches.
Just a thought.
O, by the way are you speaking at the College Republicans convention this weekend?

Anonymous said...

From Bloomberg: "-- Dale Petroskey stepped down as president of the National Baseball Hall of Fame after the museum's executive committee found his financial and business decisions weren't in the best interests of the organization.

Petroskey had been at baseball's Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, since July 1999.

The Hall's board of directors accepted Petroskey's resignation because he ``failed to exercise proper fiduciary responsibility,'' the executive committee said in a statement without elaborating."

I say, "Good". Dale Petroskey was a Son Of A Bitch anyway.

Anonymous said...

The liberal controlled Iowa Civil Rights commission wants to interfere with Steve King's freedom of speech (see below). Using their criteria, I want them to investigate Obama's comments about Typical White People being racists. I want them to investigate Reverand's Wrights RACIST hate speech and Obama's support of those RACIST hate speech comments. I also want them to investigate President Bill Clinton's RACIST activities in South Carolina and beyond, and also the local NAACP and their RACIST activities against WHITE PEOPLE. Have you ever been to what one of those uplifting meetings?

"Our commissioners were following the story in the media about Congressman King's comments regarding presidential candidate Senator Obama, and they were wondering what role the commission should have, if any, about that kind of speech," said Ralph Rosenberg, the commission's executive director.
Dana Boone :: Steve King's 'Hate Comments' Provoke Iowa Civil Rights Commission
On Thursday, the Iowa Civil Rights Commission will discuss how it should respond when public officials -- like controversial U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Kiron -- make "hate comments."
King earlier this month said if Democratic presidential candidate Obama were elected president, Al-Qaeda would be "dancing in the streets." Rosenberg said a commissioner found King's remarks distasteful.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Civil Rights Commission would be well served to actually keep up on the real news - not the news they choose to view - but real news.

The update was that what King said was absolutely completely true. Indonesia, for one muslim country, is very hopeful of an Obama win - for just the reasons King said.

We know their attitude about the name Hussein is ridiculous. We agree. It's the MUSLIMS who get off on Hussein - not us. But, the fact remains, they have really DO believe this.

These people look like very silly fools with this nonsense.

Why does anyone give them money? Their mission is SOOOOO out of date with reality. The 60's have been over a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Watching the Extremist Liberal Group, The Iowa civil rights commission, desparatly seek relevancy in a modern world for something significant to do is almost as pathetic as watching NOW (the National Organization of Women) try to keep relevant by ignoring all the civil rights violations of women at the hands of muslims.

They also ignore all the mysogyny of their democrat elected leaders - Clinton, the NJ Gov who just shared with us his habit of gay three way sex exploiting his wife, Spitzer, the NEW New York Governor Paterson, the Mayor of Detroit etc.

Where are these Civil Rights folks when it comes to what Muslims do to human beings and what Democrat men do to Democrat wives?

I wish I could be at this meeting today to defend King's right to free speech.

The commission will discuss how to address such statements, whether it should take a position, what the position should be and how to communicate it. The commission will meet from 3:30 to 5 p.m. March 27 at the Grimes State Office Building in Des Moines.

Anonymous said...

The Power of Polk keeps getting bigger and more and more important to winning statewide races. RPI will likely keep up their strategy of just workin the rural areas that are already red.

Chris and Stu - Des Moines really exists. It's more important than Sioux City and the 5th District.

Iowa's biggest cities are getting bigger, according to new U.S. Census numbers released this week.

Since 2000, metropolitan areas such as Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City have seen the most growth in population.

The state as a whole also saw growth. Iowa's population in 2007 was 2.9 million, up about 2 percent from 2000.

But not every city had an increase in population; 76 of Iowa's 99 counties, most of them rural, lost people.

Art A Layman said...


My quandry has been answered.

For months I have puzzled over how a seemingly bright, accomplished lawyer could produce the tripe you come up with.

Justice Kennedy provided the answer:

"There are all kinds of nuts who could get 90 percent on the bar exam,".

I can now sleep nights.

The Chad said...

Speaking of gifts, I just read in Cityview that Kim Schmett donated $2K to Ed Fallon's campaign.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Layman - I'm fascinated by the psychology behind someone who simply posts insults and has absolutely nothing interesting to offer - just insults.

Perhaps you could ask Dr Klein for a diagnosis of what kind of person that is and what drives them to take so much intellectual energy to simply shit out insults.

Do you just do this here where no one knows you, you aren't from Iowa and no one cares about you or your lack of contributions, or do you spend all of your free time composing and posting insults?

Anonymous said...

Kim and Connie are also telling the world that they were heavily recruited to run by TOP REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP.

Just who are those folks? Who is the TOP REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP?

Art A Layman said...

anon 4:20:

You mean interesting like 90% of the claptrap posted here, including your current post.

When a topic strikes my fancy I weigh in. In the meantime I know sporie misses me, so from time to time I like to let him no I'm still here.

Intellectual energy does not abound on this blog.

You Iowa guys are far too sensitive.

Anonymous said...

What Obama doesn't give away to his black brothers, that liberal Democrat McCain surely will. Shit, forget the middle class, we're done for but good, at least for the next four years. Leave it to to goof ass old Tom Spiraler here to suck McCain's ass in print and in blogs from here on out. It's better to win that be right ain't it Terd Sparear?