Sunday, March 09, 2008

Steve King is right…….Islamofacsists WOULD cheer an Obama victory.

Iowa’s forthright Congressman from the Fifth District, Steve King, has kicked up quite a kerfuffle this week. Apparently, Cong. King had the poor manners to inject a little reality into the public dialogue.

King’s statement that the Islamists (TFS prefers Islamofascist but we are, after all, describing exactly the same people, but, since TRS is not in Congress I can add the very politically incorrect “f” word at the end) “would be dancing in the streets” in Obama wins.

Crowds in the PLO occupied territories, Iran and Syria cheered 9.11. The Iranians have been producing crowds that chant routinely scream “death to America”since TRS had shoulder length hair. The Iranian terror regime has made the literal, physical extermination of Israel (the “Little Satan”) and the defeat and destruction of the United States (the “Great Satan”) the central facet of the Iranian terror war on the west for almost 30 years.

The rectitude of Cong. King’s position is obvious. In the same way that Hitler in the 30s and the Soviets after 1972 clearly understood American liberals to be “useful idiots” the modern Islamofascist and terrorists do today. Liberals routinely reiterate the Islamofascist propaganda. The rhetoric of Ayman al Zawahiri and Ted Kennedy on Abu Ghraib and “torture” are identical. Dingy Harry Reid used to daily repeat the al Qaeda claim that the United States was defeated in Iraq. The repeated false accusations of John Forbes Kerry and, the most vile politician in the United State, Cong. John Murtha, that American warriors are involved in large scale war crimes have made the pair of Democrats rock stars on Al Jazeera. Damascus Nancy Pelosi has actually traveled to Syria and provided assurances of a more compatible United States to the Baathist (you now, the Islamic version of German National Socialism). Those are the facts of our times. Pretending the facts to be otherwise won’t change the world anymore than playing dead saves the opossum from the on coming car.

Although Obama provides scant detail to his prospective foreign policy, what he does say is pretty terror friendly. Obama says he will leave Iraq in 2009, precisely thereby providing the terrorists and their Iranian sponsors the victory that the forces of evil could not win on the battlefield. Obama wants to have a personal dialogue with the terror states, precisely the objective for which the Iranians and other rogue states continuously clamor, and practice that Presidents Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Clinton and George W. Bush have all disclaimed. Would not achievement of legitimacy after twenty eight years of denial most surely produce celebration in Teheran? Obama has described American soldiers as “terrorizing” innocent civilians in Iraq. Mrs. Obama’s statements belie precisely the same strain of self-loathing Americanism that fueled the catastrophic weakness of Jimmy Carter.

Al Qaeda also made it clear that the global terror enemy wants the Democrats to win, or at least they say they want the Democrats to govern the United States. Why should we not believe them?

Cong. King’s point, of course, is not that Barack Obama is a Muslim, much less a terrorist sympathizer. Rather, the consistency between Obama’s consistently far left rhetoric, if allowed to materialize into actual policy, unwittingly enables Islamofascist victory-in exactly the same way Jimmy Carter allowed the birth of Islamofascism 30 years ago. The Islamofascists understand the benefit to them of an Obama Presidency. The question before the American voter is simply do we?


republicansforfallon said...

it's not just the 5th district that loves King. We love his candor in the 3rd too.

Art A Layman said...


Jesus! What a compilation of pure bullshit. You continue your affection for that which you proclaim abhorrent; ad hominem.

The simplest retort would be, just where have the Reagan and Bushie's practices gotten us?

The Marx brothers would have loved you conservatives. "Who you gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes?"

Next up in the sporie bag of tricks: All Islamofascists are homosexuals!

You often sound more like some ignorant teenager than a grown man.

The Real Sporer said...

Art, I generally don’t respond to you because you tempt my darker instincts like heroin tempts Amy Winehouse and I do try so hard to avoid the rhetorical gutter that you and those like you occupy.
Why don't you try to refute the factual basis of my argument? You don't because you cannot and therein lays the source of your rage. You have the vestigial remnant of intelligence, left over from the time before you converted to liberalism as a religion and thereby abandoned critical thinking altogether.

But like the millions of lemmings who followed false prophets before you, that remnant of intelligence prays on your subconscious, making your conscious mind entrench itself in belief as dogma, regardless of the apparent factual, logical and historical error of that belief. The tension of belief and knowledge creates anger and an increasingly desperate need to punish those who draw your attention to the facts, logical and historical context that, if true, shatter your fragile belief structure.

But today, I think I will indulge those darker instincts. You are a buffoon.

Anonymous said...


Slamming Artster's endless blather was overdue.

The Real Sporer said...

However, Arthur, I will answer your question.

Reagan, 41 and Bill Clinton, whom you neglected to mention all contained Iranian and Iraqi attempts to create a very anti American and anti Western hegemony over the Persian Gulf, thereby keeping the Western economies out of a pre WW2 like depression.

All three of W’s predecessors, including Bill Clinton, maintained a policy of economic and military containment of Iranian and Iraqi exportation of terror. All three frequently used military force against a wide variety of Islamic enemies.

AS I’ve often said, all three were insufficiently total in their response. The death cult strain of Islam and the kind of primitive and tribal nature of so many Islamic nations demanded something more persuasive.

Then they crossed the line with 9.11. Since then, the terror world lost their nos. 2, 3 and 4 state sponsors. The bases, safe havens, money, arms, and diplomatic support that the Islamic terror network used to receive from the governments of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are no longer available to the global terror network.

Thousands of terrorists have been rounded up or killed. Their financial networks have been substantially interrupted. Half hearted allies like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have been intimidated and bribed into far greater cooperation and assistance than ever previously thought possible. Islamic friends like Morocco, Jordan and Egypt have all been drawn far closer to the US than at any time previously. Most importantly, there have been no more mass casualty terror attacks.

Yours are the politics of Chamberlain at Munich, expressed in the hateful language of Hitler at Nuremburg.

Or to express it, albeit far more artfully, in the language of your typical invocation, you’re wrong you vacuous, demented and loathsome geriatric twit.

Anonymous said...

Little buddy says

Nice answer and when Art answers it proves only that God has a sense of humor when he created liberal toads.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the Bravo to Sporer. Quite the impressive smackdown.

Anonymous said...

Art is gender misidentified.

Anonymous said...

I see that Teds litle leather buddies like when Ted Answers a post. Must make them wet in a high school wrestler kind of way. Smackdowns only work when they are clever. Ted in his bully boy ways loves to answer only when the poster is long gone.

It wasn't carter who fostered the PLO and all those other Mideast militias. They all have their roots in the British colonial rule. remember that the British considered the founders of israel as terrorists! Their colonial rule is responsible for the PLO HAmas, problems in India, Pakistan Iraq Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
The one thing you can say about those groups is that they fight their own fights unlike GOP cowards like Col Teddy, capt king, Boss Cheney And Cpl Gomer Bush . All Awol when their country called. At least Mitt Romney was on a mission to evangelize all those poor people in France.

Ted and King are the best reasons for retroactive abortion . They are both useless as tits on a boar!

Real ted Sphinctor GOP

Anonymous said...

Teddy, is the sphincter character a blogging alias that you use as a foil.

Is anyone that dumb?

Why don't you just delete that asshole?

Anonymous said...

Great write-up Ted! King says it like it is and so do you. Excellent work.

Anonymous said...

If we didn't have assholes like Butt Boy and Art who lays men, we wouldn't get to read Ted's fun retorts.

I wonder if Butt Boy and Artie the manlayer are the same person, or do all libs write alike?

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny that these namecalling libs always use homosexual pseudonyms. Do you think they are projecting their real deep seated inner self? Or, are they just "gay" in a festive way?

Anonymous said...

Why do the libs love the muslims and hate the jews? Is it the same reason they hate blacks? Why do democrats hate so many people?

Anonymous said...

All All you Teddy Boy lickers:

name calling Libs? When it comes to ted and all his little wrestling coaches think alikes, name calling is all the ammunition that you have in an argument.
Ted Sporer is the Rev hagee and you guys are all the larry craig wannabes that hide in the bathroom.
repeat after me little Eichmans" I was only following Ted's orders" it is the statement that all cowards make when Justice is served.

( For most of Ted's readers who have been Home schooled by your mother) Adolph Eichmann was a Nazi ( Nazis were a lot like the GOP in Germany)as they governed by fear, had leaders who could only be described as sexual deviants and who used minorities as scapegoats. Eichman hid for about 16 years in south America to avoid justice until he was spirited away by Israeli agents. As he stood in a bullet proof glass cage in the court room, his defense was that he was only following orders. That excuse was also used by the german industrialists who profited from the concentration camps.

Eichman, like todays GOP leaders didn't accept responsibility but tried to blame long dead superiors to avoid justice.

he was found guilty and was hung like a dog.
The only difference between Eichmann and Today's GOp is that Eichmann actually served in the German Army, unlike Tough Teddy, his fans, and all the other deviants of the GOP.
republicans only Hope is that Hell is just a quaint concept and if it does exist that Roy Cohn will greet them at those gates! ( for Teds home sKooled buddies) Roy Cohn was the role model for Todays typical republican. he was the brains behind Senator Joe Mc Carthys witch hunt smears which fanned the flame of fear against unseen enemies. Mr Cohn would exchange sexual favors from men and boys who he would threaten to label as a Communist. he died of AIDS in the early 80's but not before he knowingly infected many individuals with HIV. Typical Republican values!

Mary Louise Smith

Art A Layman said...


You lovable hunk. Clearly you have been enervated by Drake’s victory to cast off the mask of witty, logical, reasonable, rational thought, revealing the true you; devoid of rhyme or reason, exhibiting a warped sense of reality, a hangar-on mentality driven by lust, not for empirical truth but rather irrational rambling, ascribing to the theory that there must have been a master plan.

Some may perhaps be surprised at your unleashing of the evil monsters harbored in the recesses of your limited mind. Anyone reading the claptrap you expound on this blog will be far from astounded.

I am reeling……knees buckling…..the room is spinning…my mind is fuzzy…cobwebs seem everywhere…I reach for the ropes as a vestige of stability…I am bobbing, weaving...not in active pursuit...not in defense of my manhood, but simply because I can’t stand straight up…the pain… the humiliation…driving my heart to submit to defeat but my soul says fight on…surely Rocky must have felt this way.

Now for all you ignoramuses who worship at the trough in which sporie urinates, this reaction is not because of some literary, logical, supra-intellectual blow that sporie has inflicted, not some semantical supremacy he has mastered, rather it is the ludicrosity of his assertions, the pure, unadulterated idiocy that he presents as representing fact. An apt analogy would be the boxer felled by the extremely bad breath of his opponent.

Sporie hails the magnificent management of the Iranian/Iraqi/Libya dilemmas by the masters of the universe; the Reaganites, the Bushies and, of course his favorite, the Clintonites. Forget Iran Contra, that fiasco that further exhibited America’s willingness to prostitute any or all of its professed principles. Forget bailing on Afghanistan and leaving it a vast wasteland in search of any powerful force that could muster a government (can we say Taliban). Forget (kudos to noneed4thneed) our rising to the aid of our good friend, Saddam, in his time of need against Iran; providing him weapons which we would return to try and find later. All these marvelous foreign relations victories sporie would have you believe were in the interest of controlling and maintaining stability in the Middle East. Even worse he would have you believe they were successful.

Sporie, like most of we Americans, believes that the whole world works on the same timetable as we do. That while we’ve been containing and managing the Middle East from our most hallowed halls, all those countries have been placidly, pliantly, twiddling their thumbs, anxiously awaiting the final chapter of peace, prosperity and democracy for all of the Middle East to be delivered by the various brain trusts in the US.

Today we are faced with ever more serious problems in the Middle East. Would sporie suggest this is due to our total ineptness in our historic dealings with the Middle East? Of course not; our current problems are in spite of our magnificent foreign policy, not because of it. Al Qeida, ever absorbing lessons from US actions, are probably still trying to figure out Reagan’s message when he turned tail and ran from Lebanon. On the other hand, let us never forget out historic victory in Greneda, a huge testament to President Reagan’s aptitude in war and one which entrenched the superiority of American military might. The powers that be in the Middle East continue to play us like a fiddler at a hoedown. Allowing us to think that our invasions, military or otherwise, are breaking new ground and arousing in the Islamic world a desire for fairness, equality and prosperity for all. They do at times get distracted by having to count all our money they are receiving.

Have we impacted Al Qeida’s dreams and aspirations? Can there be any doubt? Meanwhile their leadership keeps right on churning. Churning dollars to fund terrorist’s activities; churning more volunteers for their travel agency’s special rates for trips to the Promised Land. They are living comfortably within one of those “half hearted allies”that is on our dole. And of course, the rallying cry of Dumbya, “no more mass casualty terror attacks.” Mass is truly an eye of the beholder phenomenon. You do seem uniquely qualified to fill one of our inept administrative positions in Iraq to explain to the Iraqi populace that they don’t know what mass is. Ditto for Great Britain and Spain and Indonesia. As Ambassador to Israel, I’m sure your words would bring great solace to the Israelis.

In sporie’s impressive knowledge of history he gives us this; All three of W’s predecessors, including Bill Clinton, maintained a policy of economic and military containment of Iranian and Iraqi exportation of terror. Perhaps he should convene with Israel to clear up any discrepancies in his analysis.

Let us, also, not forget Al Qeida’s support for the Dems in this election. Don’t be confused by the conservative rants about the constant lies and distortions emanating from their every public utterance. In this case their utterances are the gospel truth. You want proof? Just ask any kindergartener.

It should be clear to all of you that the current dilemmas in the Middle East are new developments. Surely they are not the result of years of miscues and ignorance, but merely the results of chance; of current circumstance.

Given our historic success in dealing with this hotbed, why would anyone entertain a new approach?

Sporie has latched onto the star of conservative failure and has no choice but to ride it to the end. Understand he is not a buffoon, he is, however, full of enough hot air to be considered a balloon.

More insipid wisdom; Reagan, 41 and Bill Clinton, whom you neglected to mention all contained Iranian and Iraqi attempts to create a very anti American and anti Western hegemony over the Persian Gulf, thereby keeping the Western economies out of a pre WW2 like depression. Never mind that Saddam’s society was very pro Western, a reality that caused much consternation in the Persian Gulf area. Never mind that our most successful containment measures were in providing defense for the Saudi’s, the Jordanians and many other of the peace-loving nations in the region. Never mind that Saddam considered us his ally until he discovered we were also aiding the Iranians during the Iraq/Iran War (another of those Reagan fits of wisdom). Never mind that the pre WW2 like depression was merely postponed until a more opportune time.

Chamberlain’s politics were no doubt naïve; no less so than Dumbya’s.

I can appreciate that you spent many hours with your dictionary while creating this effusive, eloquent(?), essay. Perhaps a few minutes with your Logic textbook might have added an air of intellect and validity to your diatribe.

Geriatric? How evilly indiscriminate; we who are age disadvantaged take great solace in the knowledge that your day is coming.

Art A Layman said...

anon 9:56:

No less suspect are those who see homosexuality lurking around every corner.

I only hope you are not around when I wear my pink shirt.

Art A Layman said...



When perusing your complex analyses, it comes to mind that you may not be much of a lawyer for you are constantly seeking validation as an historian, a political pundit, a psychiatrist and a social scientist. It often seems you are seeking the Pulitzer Prize for Lunacy.

KenRichards said...

I think we found our latest winner in the "who can post the craziest diatribe" contest. Mary's post is sure to please the Naderites, Soros junkies, and Loose Changers even if it disappoints the Tin Foil Hater Clubbers ala Dennis Kucinich since she never mentioned the Borg’s Republican collective.

Oh, and I loved the “Little Eichmann” comments considering Ward Churchill also used that one to blame the innocent victims of 9-11 for their horrible deaths. If only Ward, Noam, and Mary were in Gaza, Tehran, or Pyongyang on 9-11 to celebrate with like minded America haters. In retrospect, Art and Sphincter are just imbeciles who use convenient Democratic positions to attack TRS and I would not be surprised if they didn’t personally believe their many incongruent statements. The aforementioned oxygen thieves better kick crazy to a whole new level if they want to catch up to Mary as she puts the L in Looney Left Liberal Lacking Logic. I think she’s the real deal and anyone interested in Whackoland should call ahead for her address. However, you better get a lobotomy before you visit her since rational thought will not be on the menu.

Mary, I hope you enjoy watching the Democratic Party self-destruct over race and gender issues as this day of Democratic Party reckoning is long overdue. The policies of division and favoritism at the expense of good governance and merit were bound to collide considering the Democrats depend on class warfare and lies to sustain their power. Not saying all, or even most, Democrats fall into that extreme category but enough do that the fireworks in Denver should result in the total destruction of the Democratic Party as we know it. The fact the aggrieved parties involved will go to great lengths to cheat each other guarantees their impending political divorce. Mary, the Democrats are about to prove that there truly is no honor among thieves and your loss is our country’s gain.

Anonymous said...

Hey artie - good news about Eliot Spitzer - don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Spot On Ken.

Is the Democratic party is about to burst?

Anonymous said...

Ken Richards, you got a lot of gall there sporto. Weren't you one of the guys who sucked Mark Klein's tit in his bid for the Presidency? Before you go calling out anybody else as being a dumbass, be sure and offer up the fact that you ate a yard of Mark Klein's shit and unleashed that son of bitch upon upon us for all those months. Talk about crazy posts, shit pal, you are the one responsible for more than anybody can even count. Get your Bat Man costume cleaned and pressed for the next primary, put it on and stand around on street corners with your MarK Klein was right sign. Scheeze, enough from you already. This blog is for intelligent MEN.

Art A Layman said...

anon 1:24:

Right now I'm holding fast to the hope that he was working undercover.

Art A Layman said...

anon 1:24:

Be sure you understand I did not mean under the covers.

KenRichards said...

Criticism from an anonymous idiot hardly qualifies as criticism. BTW - the issue of bad judges is valid valid whether you agree or not. I believe the marginalization of fathers is a huge domestic issue.

Do yourself a favor and make sure you stay anonymous like the good p-assed coward that you are.

KenRichards said...


Stop stealing oxygen! The next time you see two headlights coming towards you try walking in the middle.

Anonymous said...

What a fine upstanding, God loving, Christian, Patriot you are Ken! Suggesting someone commit suicide! That's the way, pal! Show us your true colors! Wish death upon all that dare disagree with you! That's the way!

KenRichards said...

Another anonymous contributer joins the discussion.

It is so very hard dealing with mental midgets who either don't understand humor or you're another Democrat pretending to contribute.

Anonymous said...


When you say "king's point, of course is not that obama is a muslim" i think you're wrong. i think that therein is the problem with his statement. if he had merely said, looks terrorists are goign to celebrate cause obama says he's pulling the troops out, then yes--that's a viable point. but he went further than that. when he says "his middle name does matter" he crosses the line into stuff that actually doesn't matter.

look, i'm a faithful republican, but if we keep letting this randomness spouting off happen, we really are going to look like "hate mongerers" to the gernal public, the general voters.

there was absolutely no reason for him to even bring this up, unless to just get attention.

Anonymous said...

Steve King - resident idiot and media whore. Dumbest rep in the whole wonder the rest of the country thinks we're a bunch of hicks.

Anonymous said...

"Mental Midgets"

OOOOOOO Ken Richards that's a good one! What's next, you going to say your detractors have small penises? I guess you'd be a little quicker on the draw if only you didn't have to wait for e-mails from your mentor Mark Klein. It's so much easier letting him do the thinking for you isn't it, Ken? Be sure and throw it out there again that this Art Layman guy is actually Klein to throw us off the scent.

Again, I ask you, who ever told you you could discourse with men?

Cprl. Boyle

The Real Sporer said...

Busy work day, just got a look at the blogs tonight.

Mary Louise, Art, Sphincter, and several anonymous cranks, while I truly understand that you are the price of free speech, you guys are starting to approach a kind of dangerous lunatic fringe.

I leave your posts as evidence that most liberal thought is informed by emotion and usually ignores factual reality and the lessons of history.

However, you dullards are becoming progressively more personal and deranged and it is tiresome to my somewhat more sophisticated readers. Please, go over to IPol or Iowa Liberal to spew that really violent sounding rhetoric.

The Real Sporer said...

Anon 3:10

I agree that the later part of Cong. King's statement can be construed malevolently, knowing the guy (not real well, but I see souls better than the President after all)I don't think it was meant in that capacity.

The Islamic jihad media and propaganda will claim Barack is Muslim, or an Islamic sympathizer upon his election. That is a likely scenario and it has to be considered when one thinks about the totality of an Obama Presidency.

The better question is what kind of Islamic education did Barack receive while in Muslim school. We know he belongs to a pretty radical church and holds some pretty radical social and political views. If his early education was informed by a radical view of Islam then I think its fair to assume that he might be, perhaps even subconsciously, unduly sympathetic to an Islamic perception, which, in turn,further evidences that Barack is ideologically a radical leftwinger.

Not the most important issue, but it is an issue. Both George W and Bubba, even guys like Algore and Dan Quayle had their backgrounds every bit as carefully scrutinized as is Barack's right now. W and Algore were both attacked for things that their grandparents and parents did.

Since we are in WW3 with radical Islam any connection a candidate has to Islamic culture is fair game when you think about, quite literally, entrusting your life to his or her decisions. Put another way, kind of like a candidate back in 48-88 whose parent was a Soviet Communist and whose early years were spent in Soviet schools.

This is one of those times that I don't think we gain by assuming a defensive posture to Democrat attacks. They usually only screech when they take a hard blow-which is strange because this is really a small issue either way-and we all too frequently back down. King wasn't stoking racism, he was raising one very important issue and one less important, but none the less relevant, issue.

In closing, Art, Mary Louise, Sphincter, et al--please observe the cordial nature of the exchange. Please try to emulate the same.

RF said...


I'm with Karl Rove on this one. This kind of stuff will only hurt R's. If this is the worst you've got on the guy, good for Obama. And people who buy the kinds of arguments King is offering here would never vote for a D anyways. But his rhetoric surely alienates many reasonable people in the middle.

The Real Sporer said...

I think there are two ways the name issue is raised, one is completely stupid; the other awkward but relevant.

That radio flamer that raved out the Barack Hussein Obama, emphasizing the middle name was just stupid. He was trying to race/religion bait. Dufus.

Cong. King's point is relevant for the reasons I urged. Its just awkward because we, as a nation, are so afraid to even discuss race/religion/culture issues for fear of offending that it is very hard to do, even when its very necessary.

Also, the jury is still out on the complete Obama picture. I agree, Obama is a good guy. That's why the nonsense about selling coke that the Clinton slime machine tried didn't stick.

The biggest problem is the lack of almost any discernible record, and much of what is there is either very uncompromising left or very ambiguous. But then, there is a long way to go and I'm sure we'll find out about the first time these guys ever urinated in public before we're November arrives.

Art A Layman said...


Jesus, I just spent an hour and a half trying to find that "cordial nature" you referenced. Where is it?

Based on what is available on this site I should be in line to be Pope.

Art A Layman said...


Ever the defender.

I can understand since sporie exhibits little ability to fend for himself.

But please sporie; get yourelf a worthy consigliere, kennie just don't measure up. He spends too much time on the short buses with those kids.

On the other hand, maybe spending time with kids actually adds to his intellect. Without that exposure we could be dealing with a real idiot.

Anonymous said...

I like king, but he has now gone over the deep end what is he thinking? Republicans win on ideas and substance not on childish name calling and stereotypes leave that to the democraps!

Steve King for Governor!!!!

KenRichards said...


The short bus reference was funny the first time when I had you as the passenger but your constant copycat references lack originality and humor. Even a good joke fails when repeated twenty times so try finding some new material. I won’t even touch your pedophilic references as certain subjects should never be used or trivialized in jest.

You wouldn't know good humor if it bit you and bites from your fellow retirement home friends don't count. All things considered, (I threw that one for the NPR crowd) it is clear Art has been bullied his entire life and lacks the necessary skills to participate in real debates. The guy's probably scared of his own shadow and in his silver years discovered the power of both the internet and anonymity. Art’s accidental reference to Laying Men probably has more to do with his dated vernacular rather than anything else. Art is so old he finds it hard to understand generational references and resorts to parroting jokes thrown his way rather than come up with his own material. Of course, his material would wear like a plaid suit in today’s world and he’s certainly not an old hipster like Old School’s Boy Blue. It’s not a case of Art being out of step but a case that Art was never in step even when he was a young man in ’45. A guy like Art was never part of the culture of manhood only watching it from the outside and now that he sits in a wheelchair he is lashing out at the cruel world.

KenRichards said...

Anybody else notice that Art keeps posting until he’s the last respondent? Take a look at archived posts since Art’s miraculous appearance last January 8th and note how many times he is the last to comment. Let’s see if he can resist the urge to be the last responder this time. One last thing Art, just because we don’t always respond to your nonsense doesn’t mean your argument won the day. It only means we got tired of debating your latest dementia inspired incarnation and decided to concentrate on more current events.

The Real Sporer said...

Good catch Little Buddy.

I hope for the sake of his family that Art's raves are part of a larger anger management therapy.

Art A Layman said...


First we have this:

The short bus reference was funny the first time when I had you as the passenger but your constant copycat references lack originality and humor. Even a good joke fails when repeated twenty times so try finding some new material.

Followed by this:

Art’s accidental reference to Laying Men probably has more to do with his dated vernacular rather than anything else.

"Physician heal thyself".

I won’t even touch your pedophilic references as certain subjects should never be used or trivialized in jest.

I do have limits, unlike most of the conservative nutcases on here. My reference was not in any way pedophilic, but merely to point out that you could learn from kids. They exhibit more intelligence than you do. Best if you chat with Dr. sporie, the psychiatrist, about your habit of projecting your inner demons to others.

You wouldn't know good humor if it bit you and bites from your fellow retirement home friends don't count. All things considered, (I threw that one for the NPR crowd)...

Now there my friends (shit I sound like John McCain), is an elegant example of good humor.

Speaking of not recognizing things, you wouldn't know real debate if it were lying in bed next to you.

Art is so old he finds it hard to understand generational references and resorts to parroting jokes thrown his way rather than come up with his own material.

Try as I might to overcome it, I have discovered that "old" is an unfortunate consequence of staying alive. The wisdom which accompanies age allows we "senior" citizens to identify "jokes" which can easily be turned back on the "joker" rendering his nonsense to the dust bin of inanity.

It has always been the habit of "youth" to think that they have a corner on the "right ideas". That they, and only they, have the inexperience, the immaturity, the complete lack of knowing anything, that allows them to present an "objective" view on the subject of the day. It is why we do not allow children, like kennie, to contribute to the debate; they bring NOTHING to the table.

We see, in kennie's harangue, the last vestige of the intellectually defeated mind; "I'm tougher than you are"; "I am young and virile and therefore by virtue of my superior strength, I must have superior intellect". A postulate disproven so many times in the annals of history and the fallacy is alive and well here at "The sporie". When devoid of rational ideas or arguments: Attack! Attack! Surely if I can demean his manhood I have won!

Belaboring any point, stating disparaging remarks and then repeating and repeating it, over and over, brings to mind Ralph Waldo Emerson:

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesman and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do.

kennie, since I cannot control what comes after me, I apologize for always being the last poster. If we are to consider content value, I should often be the only poster.

Anonymous said...

Arty needs to work on his impulse control.

Art A Layman said...

anon 10:31:

Hell at my age controlling my pulse is more important.

Anonymous said...

Do you really use a wheel chair and how would anyone know if you did? How old are you by the way?

- Amy in WDM

Art A Layman said...


No I don't use a wheelchair, kennie often suffers from irrational exuberance, if not just plain stupidity. "Knowing" is not a predicate for anything that kennie espouses.

Dirt might be younger. Was born in 1941.

Anonymous said...

Looks like kennie was right about you having to have the last word.

Art A Layman said...

anon 10:59:

Given that you don't know your name it might follow that you are as ignorant as kennie.

On the other hand....Gotcha.

Anonymous said...

WTF? Dude, I came over from the Des Moines Register after searching for conservative responses to Steve King and this is what I find? Who the heck is Art and what is he talking about? I expected worthwhile debate but it seems Art hijacked it. Does he always do this crap?

I am libertarian and thought King was funny as heck just stating the truth in case anyone wants to deal with the issue at hand. I voted for Clinton once but since 1996 I stayed out of the fray. If Art represents Democratic arguments I have to say the Republicans are looking better all the time.

Harry in Ankeny

JollyRoger said...

You wingtards wouldn't know truth if it tapped you on the toe from the adjoining stall.

(1.) Stop using the idiotic phrase Islamofascist. By the definition of the inventor of Fascism, Fascism is as tied to Christianity as the cross. If you don't like to be reminded of that, then don't be stupid.

(2.) The leaders of the radical Islamists have been pretty damned content with your ilk, since you have driven up both their memberships and their revenues to astounding proportions. Steve King no doubt has a lot of friends in the caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

A lot of right-leaners seem to now understand the utter futility of the Klanservative pogroms in the Mideast, but there is that hard core of pure stupid among you that can't absorb a lesson. It would be easier to pour water through a rick than it would be for a Chimpleton to learn from history.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully a Democratic answer worth appreciating instead of Art. I am on the fence here and not saying I agree with Democrats but at least this an argument worth reading.

Can somebody talk the owner of this blog into booting those unwilling to discuss the issues? I expected more when I came over from the Register.


Art A Layman said...


Welcome! I can tell from your initial post that you will fit in well here at the home of fatuous fits.

KenRichards said...

I can’t stay silent any longer despite my clear intent to leave this particular thread behind and let Art have the final word (as usual).

Let me extend a big welcome to our visitors from the DSM Register and glad you could make it. Don't pay any attention to Art as he is like a crazy old man shouting obscenities because he's either suffering dementia or just plain bitter. Either way, ignoring him is the best plan but we can all be excused for responding to him as his outlandish statements would tax Mother Theresa's patience. Art, and those like him, lack coherent arguments and instead spend most of their time attacking Ted. Ted rarely responds so I pick up the slack out of respect. You see Ted is a big time lawyer and mover and shaker in the Republican Party as well. It is not good for Ted to spar with the less feeble even when they attack him personally. Believe me, Ted doesn’t need my defense but knowing he likes to stay above it is only part of the reason I jump in. The main reason is those launching personal attacks on him do so in such vile ways it simply pisses me off on a personal level. One of these fellows used to make degrading statements about Ted’s family which is when I first stepped in to defend Ted.

Kudos to Harry for pointing out what I’ve been saying all along about Art with the “Hijack” comment. Harry, I hope you take a good look at the Republican Party and vote for our candidate this election.

Art A Layman said...


Keep up the pleas for votes; you're gonna need them in November.

Understand Harry, kennie is a poor advocate for anyone let alone sporie. Though I find many of sporie's rants as little more than ad hominem crap - and don't you indulge or sporie will condemn you for it - but he clearly has a decided edge on anything that kennie can bring to the table.

Let us always remember that I was invited here by none other than the sporie. Not unlikely that it was predicated on his knowledge that Klein was moving on and his minions would need a new whipping boy.

Harry, I have no doubt that if you are incapable of opening your mind - the initial signs don't look good - you will end up voting with kennie's camp. As it is your right, it nevertheless renders you as just one more ill-informed, imbecile.

Enjoy your stay.

Art A Layman said...


Ain't validation grand?

KenRichards said...

I just noticed something I should’ve caught before but missed. Anyway, I see Art the laymeister listed his birth year as 1941. Great year for the Axis, a great movie starring John Belushi, and the birth year of Dr. Klein. Klein promised to disappear if he didn't win big in either Iowa or New Hampshire and it looks like Dr. Demento lied when we consider the evidence.

#1 - Klein was born in 1941 his website of 2006 listed his age at 65

#2 – Both are Jewish (a religion making up perhaps 1% of our population)

#3 – Both men reside on the East Coast.

#4 – Both men spend an inordinate amount of time launching personal attacks on Ted.

#5 – Art appeared literally the exact moment Klein disappeared (Right after the New Hampshire Primary in which Klein got 17 votes).

#6 – The writing styles of Art and Klein are exactly the same.

The evidence is strong enough to conclude Art is indeed Dr. Klein in his continuing effort to harm Ted. Dr. Klein exhibited a pathological desire to harm Ted since he considered Ted the main reason he lost the Republican Presidential nomination. How can a reasonable person believe Klein would just go away after reality set in? I hope Dr. Klein keeps his dementia confined to the internet.

- "ad hominem" is Art's favorite new phrase. Not that it has anything to do with a real argument it just makes him feel important when he says it. What could we expect from a guy who had to sue his way into medical school because he was crippled? Of course this same lifelong WHEEL CHAIR bound quack later claimed to be a military veteran. MMM? Hard to reconcile that one but anything is possible for a guy with mulitiple personalities.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, you mean Klein needed a lawyer just to get into Med school? Did he really go or was that made up too? I think Klein wanted to be caught don't you?

Anonymous said...

That's funny, you mean Klein needed a lawyer just to get into Med school? Did he really go or was that made up too? I think Klein wanted to be caught don't you?

Art A Layman said...


Your continued attempts at sensible dialogue still keep coming up short.

Your delineation of circumstantial evidence leading to an asinine conclusion exhibits, once again, your inability to grasp logical argument, to say nothing of law. You come across as more ignorant than: Chief Gillespie: I got the motive which is money and the body which is dead. You don't even pose a motive. Why would Klein desire to come back as Art, as opposed to just remaining Klein? Having experienced the slings and arrows so feebly cast here, I can't envision Klein, or anyone else, cowering from the imbecilic profundity offered here.

One can only hope, that if our tax dollars are paying you that you perform your job with more proficiency than you display on the internet.

My admiration for the term "ad hominem" has much less to do with it being a masturbation vehicle and is more related to digging sporie, who made such a big deal out of "ad hominem" being the tool of feeble minds only to end up, time and again, employing that same technique. Hypocracy is one of my "seven mortal sins".

Art A Layman said...

Thank God spelling is not among my mortal sins.


Anonymous said...

I never saw that piece of shit Klein in a wheel chair. Granted he had an unusual gait but I never saw him in a wheel chair. He sued to get into Med School? What a fucking shit heel. Klein was an intolerable shit heel none the less but it still doesn't excuse the fact that you brought that vermin down on us in the first place, Ken. Christ do your homework for Pete's sake before you hook up with these nut bags.

I don't think Art is Klein. Art's shit can be kind of wild but nowhere from outside Pluto like your hero Klein and that shit he used to spout.

Cprl. Boyle

KenRichards said...

Your main motive is to drive everyone away from Ted's website pure and simple because you blame Ted for losing the Republican nomination. You mentioned, when you were Klein as opposed to your new nom de guerre, that you would leave the Republican party if not elected.

Your pathologically pursuit of Ted goes beyond all rational convention. I am sure most people on this website know you're the ghost of Klein but it does fall to me to call you out since I accidentally unleashed you. If only you could've honored your promise to disappear if you lost in New Hampshire but, like everything, you have no honor which is why you're still here bugging us.

One other thing, I doubt you really graduated medical school as no doctor could be as scatter brained as you unless you completely broke with reality and your current personality is the result.

KenRichards said...

I spoke with Klein by phone maybe twice and saw him once for a combined total of 20 minutes so I admit I thought he was a harmless fellow at first. I appreciated his concern for non custodial parent issues but I did meet him for a two hour drive over a year ago. Klein was in a wheel chair when exiting the plane but he has the ability to walk short distances which explains why those who saw him on the campaign trail never saw his wheel chair.

After I met with him for two hours I came to the conclusion he was delusional but harmless. Later, it became obvious he was very delusional and destructive given his insane attacks on Republican leaders and his crazy posts on TRS.

If he is indeed Art, and I think they are one and the same, it shows just how much of a grudge he has against TRS. Clearly he thinks TRS cost him the nomination and he wants TRS to pay. Posting endless BS about TRS just might do that trick in his fractured mind. I guess that silly rabbit klein better figure out trix are for kids (and the NY Gov) and not for fools.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Sh*t if true.

Art A Layman said...


Come on! Get your shit together! Either he is or he isn't, make up your mind. Indecision, in the face of so many protests to the contrary, can be a sign of creeping mental illness.

KenRichards said...


I personally think you're dying to admit it and take credit for faking so many for so long. Why not take the credit you deserve and stop hiding? I know enough about you to know you don't relish hiding like a coward.

It's not like Ted will banish you since you can always make a new name up after Art a Layman. I really think you need to deal with your anger issues in a more constuctive way but if honesty helps you get there I want to help.

Art A Layman said...


Geez! What a truly nice guy. I am so sorry I misjudged you. I hate that I was so harsh with you.

There are those who are just dumb and then those who are mentally retarded. I never stopped to think you might be the latter.

I have told you before, the scariest part is I don't get angry. My vitriol is cold and calculated with no emotional content.

KenRichards said...

Perhaps you meant to write "intellectual" instead of "emotional?"

Art A Layman said...


Perhaps editing is a better avocation for you. It is clear that writing and thinking are not your fortes.

Art A Layman said...


I did always have a problem when throwing right hooks. I sometimes forget to cover my right jaw.

KenRichards said...

Probably because I wasn't born in the "forties."

I should let that one stand but something tells me Klein will actually think I don't understand his usage of the word "forte."

In his mind he is so much smarter than the rest of us. Of course, he is the first guy to actually get a medical degree from a cracker jacks box so he does have one claim to fame. Unless getting 17 votes for President is a major accomplishment.

The Real Sporer said...

Harry, thanks.

I am getting close to booting the crazies. I notice Art has toned it down and the KKK nut hasn't been back since I threatened to bar them.

We actually try to talk about issues but guys like Mary Louise, Sphincter, Ghost and to a lesser extent, Art, are the price of free speech.

The Real Sporer said...
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The Real Sporer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Please ban both Ken Richards and Art a Layman. Neither of these stupid fucks bring anyhing to the the table.

Thank you.

Cprl. Boyle

Anonymous said...


And another thing there, pal. That guy you so carelessly labeled as "KKK"; sure that stuff of his is a little over the top...but peel away the bombast and everything he says is true. You damn well know it too.

Cprl. Boyle

KenRichards said...


Racism and unrestrained anger are not the calling cards of the Corps. Chesty Puller had many famous quotes but I never recall any involving racism. If you hate African Americans you hate a fairly large group within our military.

Unless of course your corporal status comes from some rightwing anti-government militia wannabe. And the next time you write something something racist like -

"stuff of his is a little over the top...but peel away the bombast and everything he says is true"

- feel free to take credit for your racism rather than hide behind the third person reference.

–noun 1. speech too pompous for an occasion; pretentious words.

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah, Ken. Ye gads if anybody is Mark Klein in disguise it's YOU!

Art A Layman said...


Don't know enough about Klein to have an opinion but 17 votes for president is a hell of a lot more than you or I or even sporie got.

Art A Layman said...


What toned down?

Anonymous said...

Ken, you're full of crap and I'll tell you why. Substitute "illegal alien" for everything that was said about the blacks and you'd be hailing that guy as your new hero, a cock and balls version of Ann Coulter. You know it, pal, you know it!

Cprl. Boyle

And another thing, this Layman joker is NOT Mark Klein. No way. And I agree with you in that there's no way that fink Klein ever served in the Military. I saw in the Duh Moiyn Reg where some slob held his feet to the fire on that too. First Klein said he served in Nam, then it was served during the Nam era, then it morphed into volunteered for Nam, which became volunteered during the Viet Nam era. What a load of shit none the less. And another thing, I have great respect for the Fathers' Rights movement and support it 100%. I'm just profoundly pissed that you allowed it to be highjacked by Klein and his lap dog Tony. It was especially hilarious watching the latter idiot try to pawn himself off as a journalist - what a scream. Ye Gad what a pair of delusional creeps. Oh and I'll forgive what you said about the paramilitary crap because I think you're better than that. School yard taunting. That's bullshit. Knock it off.

KenRichards said...

Let's not discuss the racial stuff and we'll probably get along better. I am reading a few books on the matter related to the Bell Curve and rebuttal books so I am curious about racial/cultural differences. That being case I am against racism but it doesn’t mean I enjoy reverse discrimination and the politically correct nature of our society where everyone is favored and White men are the only unprotected class. This conversation should happen but in a constructive way without assaulting the senses of those involved. African Americans are partners in our society and while it offends me to the core they vote Democrat I understand they've been mislead by their own leaders.

Fortunately, the Democratic Party is about to demonstrate their true utter contempt for African Americans in Denver. Perhaps they will stop voting lock step with Democrats on the false promises of more big government and class warfare. I don't hate my brother and I want to welcome him into my party. I don't have any friends who live off the government in my personal life so I expect the same from the rest of society. We win or lose together and that is the lesson we all need to remember.

KenRichards said...

As for Art, I am sure he is Klein if for no other reason than just how improbable a new guy, acting just like Klein, shows up on this website right after NH.

Seriously, why would a raving liberal, with no connection to Iowa, suddenly make it his mission to insult TRS at every turn? The motive is clearly personal and other than Klein who has such a motive to go after TRS?

Why would anyone from NC care about Iowa Republican politics? I admit, Art doesn’t write the totally whacko stuff like Klein but how could he if pretending to be someone else? The only difference between the two is that Art doesn't talk about looney things. He's taken on the persona of a liberal but ever notice how he has yet to reject anything Klein wrote or did? He speaks very well about Klein which makes sense since he's really talking about himself right?

Considering we know Art reads everything to the point he posts last on about every thread we can reasonably assume he’s still reading this one. His refusal to answer an easy question can be considered as further evidence he is indeed, the Kleinmeister.

--The Art A Layman vs. Klein test for Art.--

Art, take a look at the following quotes from Dr. Klein about nuclear issues/foreign policy and tell us if you agree or disagree:

“Nuclear weapons everyone might be better off if they had them.”

“North Korea since it built several a-bombs is significantly less bellicose knowing a US/South Korean conventional attack.”

“India and Pakistan have gotten along much better since them acquiring them.”

“Nuclear weapons supported by relentless diplomacy, cultural and trade contacts, and the containment doctrine got us through the Cold War unscathed.”

“Israel would be more rather than less secure were Iran nuclearized.”

“In a Klein Administration we're going to adopt the Hertz approach with a "rent-a-defense" policy”

I can’t think of any political party or group within America that would agree with these statements. Art, do you agree with these statements? Will you refute Klein’s statements as utterly insane? If so, I will certainly revise my assessment as to your pseudo identity

Anonymous said...


I appreciate the discourse and I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot. I agree with you that there are some black folks who have risen above and I certainly salute those that are in the Military. Problem is an overwhelming majority of that minority is content with their lot in poverty, and happy to promote a thug, gangland, violent, rap-bullshit culture that is absolutely worthless to society as a whole. Damned if I'll be called a racist when a fact such as that is so obviously evident around us. Look at that dirty scum that killed that girl in Auburn, look at that dirty filth that killed that girl in Chapel Hill at the Univ of North Carolina. Sorry, Ken, but that is their culture. Cats like Obama (his politics aside) are one in how many million? They've been given every available opportunity for the 40 years since Dr. King and they've squandered every last bit of it. Again, sorry, pal, I'm not a racist, but by God you can't argue with the facts. How do we change it? Damned if I know, we've tried for 40 years and nothing has worked. We've re-invented every type of welfare there is, education, de-segregation, etc., and they've still gotten nowhere. Ask them why and it's still, "the white man's fault". So, enough is enough, leave them to their own devices. But we better damn well arm ourselves heavily in the mean time.

Cprl. Boyle

P.S. Cprl is a nickname I got when I was second in command on a project that a guy named Sargeant, and that was his real first name, was running. That was back in Junior High no less.

KenRichards said...

There are double standards and political correctness prevent honest discussions on race which is unfortunate. In any event, as a former commissioned field grade officer I appreciate the minority soldiers I've served with and hold them in the highest regard.

In any event, let's keep on the high road and do the hard work getting our state and country moving in the right direction. Gronstal getting booted out of the State Senate is my top priority for the next eight months and TRS just announced the Republican candidate so I am thrilled to say the least.

Art A Layman said...


Sorry for the delay; it's ACC tournament time.

I have expressed to you before it is of no concern to me who you think I might be, or what, for that matter. Consistent with that thought I shall decline you offer to expound of the test above.

Should I put to rest your puzzlement it would cut your postings by 75%. A bad thing?????

KenRichards said...

Sure thing Doc.

Art A Layman said...


Your diatribe is pathetic. You may not be a racist, none of your prattle fits the dictionary definition, but in some respects you are worse.

A racist holds his view based on a superiority premise. As abhorrent as that premise may be, in the racist's mind it is a basis that has merit.

In your case, your assertions are based on a myopic view of blacks as a group. You rely on stereotypes to conclude that with rare exception, blacks are a shiftless, lazy, criminal bunch of freeloaders; all preferring to live in abject poverty rather than joining mainstream America.

I can only presume that you are not old enough to have seen and experienced the great social strides that blacks as a group have made in the past 40 years. Your lack of experience cannot excuse your peevish conclusions.

I grew up in a time when a black business man was as scarce as snow in Florida; when a black politician at the state or national level was viewed by many as an aberration; when a black executive in the business world was non existent; when you had to look long and hard to find a black lawyer or doctor. College campuses were a landscape of whites only sparsely dotted with a black face. It was a time when blacks, as qualified as any other, for unskilled jobs were denied those jobs because of their color. In general they had no access to credit; they were only acceptable as renters in specific neighborhoods.

All this experience was in the enlightened North, more specifically the Midwest. In 1961, while living in Florida, I viewed first hand signs denoting water fountains and restrooms as "white only"; signs directing blacks to sit in the back of the bus. Today the signs are gone in the South but many still think they were good ideas, whose untimely demise was a bad idea.

Open your eyes and look around. There are far more than "one in how many million" who have climbed out of the mire of poverty and have achieved varying degrees of success in a huge variety of fields. These "many" have belied the racist's theory but seem to have done little to alter the stereotypist's distorted viewpoint.

Your assertions reflect a severly limited, alarmist mind, suggesting an inability to not only observe but to discern reality. Your tawdry ascription to blacks, as a group, the abominable behavior of a few who happen to be black is beyond despicable. It is pitiable.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure, Art. Your rose tinted view of it is as pitiable as his. Why don't YOU look around. While a good number have made fantastic gains, the sterotypes remain for the simple fact that a majority of that minority are of no value to society whatsoever. Did you even read what he said before you went off half cocked with your diatribe? Sure change doesn't happen over night, but 45 years after the fact? 45 years, man! 45 years and this is it? This is all that there is? Five, six, seven, even eight generations later this is all that there is?

Art A Layman said...


Yes, I read his asinine absurdities. It would appear that your anal-ytic abilities are no better than his.

Need to work on your math skills: five, six, seven, eight generations in 45 years?

Are you familiar with the term DUMB?

Anonymous said...

Shit, Art. It ain't so much math as it is biology Daddy-o. The way those folks breed it's probably up to 10generations. Children as early as 15 (14 was documented in your own State of NC) having children.

Art A Layman said...


Hey genius, even at that it's a hair over 3 generations. You knowledge of math and biology appear to be seriously wanting.

In the words of our immortal kenrichards, you and your buddy are "mental midgets". My apologies to all midgets.