Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Morning-Quick Hitter No. 1 Schumer caught red-handed……….

……….with a mouthful of hypocrisy. Democrat Chuck Schumer, who increasingly resembles Meyer Lansky, was caught comparing W to Pres. Hoover and ignoring trouble in the economy. The criticism was based on the current President’s refusal to “admit there is a recession”.

Chris Wallace then played tape of Schumer attacking the President during the last recession, you know, the one that W inherited from Brother Bill back in the first quarter of 2001, for “talking down the economy”.

Schumer’s explanation-totally change the topic.

The Democrat solution, more spending (thereby crowding private capital markets) and more taxes (thereby punishing the remaining productive sections of the economy) is precisely the course that Hoover followed and, even more so, Jimmy Carter 50 years later……….followed straight into depression.

On the other hand, infrastructure reconstruction, military buildup married to reducing the burdens on the productive sectors of the economy turned around the economy and, in Reagan’s case, touched off a quarter century of remarkable prosperity.


Anonymous said...

The democrats in Congress stated with their vote on Friday that people making $31,000 a year are rich and need to pay more in taxes.

Gas is going to be $4.00 an hour.

My property taxes were raised without my consent or vote by an unelected and unnaccountable entity.

The Iowa democrats want to increase my sales tax by another One Cent - 17% roughly increase in my current tax.

The Iowa democrats wish to increase my property taxes or otherwise pay for $100 million dollar slush fund which will likely go to political donors or to businesses like Microsoft at the expense of my locally owned business.

The big lug wants to cause me to pay a 5 cent tax on milk and juice bottles now. I now will have to buy fewer of those.

My salary is fixed. My Large Multi-National out of state corporation only passed out salary increases of 2.5%.

Since I have no control over how much money comes in the door - it's fixed, and I have no control over how much money is taxed - an expense - the only choice I have is to reduce my spending to retailers, restaurants, vacations, clothing, groceries, cars (hello Ford), and all other discretionary spending.

Democrats - Just how does that plan improve the economy? It does not. It leads to reduced money in the economy and a recession leads to a depression.


Anonymous said...

Oops - typo up front. It should read $4.00 a gallon, not $4.00 an hour. I just feel like I now make $4.00 an hour after I give the Demofascists their take.

Anonymous said...

The ironic thing is that I have not been a Wal-Mart shopper.

I guess I will have to be a Wal-Mart Shopper now since the Democrats are in charge. It's the only way I can reduce my spending so that I can pay more in taxes.

Anonymous said...

The demofascists hurt unions with their economic policies. I have to buy more goods from China instead of goods built by American Mufacturers who have unions because I have to reduce my expenses.

Fewer jobs would be going to China if we didn't have to pay so much in taxes - fees - etc.

The democrats hurt unions and middle income people. Why are unions held hostage to the democrats. The democrats work against the self-interests of the unions.

It makes no sense at all.

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to democrats in Congress saying that home foreclosures would reduce if people paid more in taxes.

Do you suppose they would be more lkely to be able to pay the mortgage if they didn't have to pay so much in taxes and fees - like $100 million dollar taxpayer funded slush funds that don't benefit me personally in any way and increased property taxes to pay for buses I don't use, and fees on my food and drink for which I must have to live, and increases in my USER Fees to have water and heat in my home?

There should be no taxes on FOOD, CLOTHING and SHELTER.

Hey Chet - help me pay my mortgage and forestall foreclosure by not taxing my food and drink.

It's democrats who are squeezing the middle class - not republicans.

Anonymous said...

I'm only going to exert myself to vote for candidates who tell me how they intend to do less for me rather than more. Less is more, after all.

I want the next candidate for Governor tell me how he intends to reduce government.

What programs will he eliminate?

How about someone eliminate the tax on bottles and cans by using curbside recycling and actually improve the environment and reduce my taxes at the same time - wow - what a stroke of genius that would be. Achieve the goal with a better idea and reduce taxes.

I want a Gov who promises a top to bottom review of programs we currently pay for and decisions made about programs that are out of date - or where we actually WON the goal that was to be achieved etc.

For instance: Come on - do we really need a commission on the status of women anymore? That fight was won! Declare victory and close up shop. Come on! There are loads and loads of private remedies available. What on earth do they do?

Hillary Clinton is a real contendor for the Presidency. That's a pretty good status update.

Anonymous said...

What on earth do all those job retraining groups do for gods sake? Our unemployment rate is 3.5%. It's lower than the national level. Just what are they training them to do for gods sake? learn Word and Excel? I mean - what skills are they retraining them to do? Retool machines for jobs that went to China?

We learned from CIETC and Creative Visions that mostly the taxes to be used to retrain people simply goes to pay the salaries of the ruling class.

Time to get rid of all those duplicative and ridiculous training programs. Who's teaching them? People who don't have the jobs for which they are training them.

Bizarre waste of tax money.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading about the Democrat conventions yesterday. Good stuff.

I find it very funny to find out that Roxanne "Taxanne" Conlin is a supporter of Edwards and was advising the Edwards folks to remain Edwards delegates, rather than to go to, say...perhaps the WOMAN in the race.

Roxie frequently complains - most recently this year - that the only reason she did not become Governor is that Iowans just aren't ready to elect a Woman as governor - thus implying that Iowans are just a bunch of unsophisticated hicks rather than people who just didn't like her taxing policies.

So, is Roxie saying with her support of Edwards over Clinton that she, herself, is not ready to elect a woman President?

Anonymous said...

I cut and pasted this from State 29. This is the reason tuition at our State Universities triples the rate of inflation and makes education more and more out of reach for the middle class.

These practices of using taxpayer dollars for extreme severance packages needs to stop.

It's not their money. We should get a say in these employment contracts. This is outrageous abuse of taxpayers.
Kress is such a liar.

Don't forget that the University of Iowa paid Kress $226,000 to go away after they discovered that he forged those student evaluations.

On what planet do you get paid to leave your job after you've been caught cheating?

Only in University LaLa Land do these scumbags and liars get treated with a bonus check.

Why? Because this arrogant asshole liar Kress had tenure.

That's bullshit.

That 30-member "Faculty Judicial Commission" who gave Kress his fat going-away check is bullshit, too. What a bunch of pansies. Which party do you think all those 30 members vote for when it comes to politicians? You know the answer.

Art A Layman said...


Not sure you should have made correction, you may have been right the first time.


On what planet do you get paid to leave your job after you've been caught cheating?

Only in America!

Only in University LaLa Land do these scumbags and liars get treated with a bonus check.

Contrare! Happens everyday on Wall Street and the hallowed halls of free enterprise.

We have become a nation of cost/benefit analysis. It is frequently cheaper to pay off the dimwits than to incur the huge legal costs of a lawsuit (no offense sporie).

Art A Layman said...


You forgot to mention the brief interruption of economic Valhalla after Clinton's tax hikes.

As for Schumer; it's taking we Dems awhile to adjust to the archival of video and audio transcripts.