Friday, April 18, 2008

Jimmy Carter and his old terrorist friends.

Ex-President Jimmy Carter, in defiance of not only the Bush Administration but also all of our allies, his own party’s Presidential candidates and, of course, all reason is meeting today with the leadership of the terror group Hamas.

Those of us old enough to remember the Carter Presidency recall, of course, Carter’s important role as midwife to the Iranian terror revolution that has, in turn, spawned, inflamed and supported Islamic terror on a global basis.

left-wing media portrayals of Hamas create a most frightening picture. The terror group seized power in Gaza by simply killing its opponents. Hamas’ political goal is the annihilation of Israel, whom the terror group views as illegally occupying historic Palestine. Having read much of Carter’s most recent book in which he compares Israeli treatment of Palestine (and especially construction of the security fences that display the poor manners of Israelis who don’t want to die in terror bombings, selfish bastards that they are) to the racial apartheid of old South Africa it appears that Carter and Hamas do share the goal of the destruction of Israel, although they may disagree about the means to accomplish the goal.

TRS would like to announce that Jimmah lost credibility with this mission but we’d be about thirty years too late. No American politician in either party has been the subject of ridicule and disregard as has been Carter. Of course, from a factual historical perspective, which means “factually based” for our liberal readers, Carter’s 49 state landslide defeat substantiates the same.

But it is reassuring as we accelerate toward old age that some things don’t change. One immutable fact of our adult lives has been Jimmy Carter’s embrace of the most disgusting and anti-American dictators and causes. Carter’s visit does, however, serve a useful purpose-it reminds voters of the unfitness of liberals to manage foreign policy in the real world.

Thanks for the memories Jimmy.


Anonymous said...

What on earth is this! Gov Cuv is sounding more and more like Jimmah Cartah every day. This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of from the democRATS and that is saying something.

A minority impact statement? What, that JAIL is a bad experience? So, how about you don't do the crime?

Gov. Chet Culver signed a bill into law Thursday aimed at making Iowa's prisons more reflective of the state's population. A report last year showed Iowa had the largest percentage of incarcerated minorities in the country. The minority impact statement bill requires lawmakers to look at the impact proposed sentencing laws will have on racial and ethnic groups. Culver said the bill is the first of its kind in the nation.

Art A Layman said...


One can clearly see the excellent results of the management of foreign policy under conservatives. Abysmal!

In conservative thinking, the movie "Deep Throat" was "factually based".

Anonymous said...

Oh really? Here's what Oliver North had to say today. Artie - you really are an intellectual layman. Do you know what "factual" actually means?

"Though Carter's present 10-day Mideast trip has been overshadowed in the U.S. media by the visit of Pope Benedict XVI, the former president's travel and talks have been widely celebrated in the Arab press, particularly on radical Islamic Web sites. All have observed that the former chief executive's decisions to lay a wreath at the tomb of Yasser Arafat and his meetings with senior Hamas officials are "unprecedented."

To note that this entire venture is an extraordinary propaganda windfall for radical Islam is an understatement. If anyone knows that, it should be the former president. His Atlanta-based Carter Center has had a full-time office in Ramallah, West Bank, since 2006 to "monitor developments in the region." Apparently, the staff has failed to apprise its founder that he is being celebrated as the man who will "bring an end to Zionist hegemony."

Hamas, it should be noted, is listed by the U.S., Israel and the European Union as an international terrorist organization. Hamas radio pledged as recently as this week to "destroy the illegal Jewish entity" and continue to "deliver Allah's fire" (meaning Iranian-built 107-mm and 122-mm rockets) on "the occupiers" (meaning any Israeli within range). During the course of the past year, Hamas terrorists have fired the high explosive missiles repeatedly into Israeli communities, killing and wounding hundreds of civilians."

Anonymous said...

Hey Artie - I supposed you are smarter than Liberal Gordon Brown too, huh? Do you suppose he is "factually challenged" too?

I bet you believe the sky is really green and not blue too, don't you?

I suppose you believe in Obamas FACTS that 9-11 was an inside job too, don't you?

How do you feel about the grassy knoll?

I bet you are a big fan of Oliver Stone's FACTUAL documentaries too, don't you?

Do you also get all of your FACTUAL news from Jon Stewart?

Do you agree with Michelle Obama's FACTS about how MEAN the United States is and their silent agreement with Jeremiah Wrights FACTS about the US GOV creating AIDS to kill black people?

You truly are a simpleton Mr. Layman. But, then again, you relied on your NEA UNION provided education for your FACTS. That really explains it all.

"Gordon Brown heaped praise on George W. Bush with language evoking Tony Blair on Thursday...

Speaking at a joint press conference in the White House Rose Garden, Mr Brown said he stood “shoulder to shoulder” with Mr Bush in a transatlantic bond that was “stronger than ever”.

“The world owes President Bush a huge debt of gratitude in leading the world in our determination to root out terrorism,” Mr Brown said.

Art A Layman said...


It is a well known "fact" that conservatives will suggest that all of their inanities are "facts". To conservatives "facts" are what you interpret them to be.

For the record I am not supportive of Carter's current efforts to whatever avail they may be directed.

The British are, if nothing else, well-mannered. You do not visit an ally's home and speak ill of him. Putting a lot of faith in the sincerity of what Mr. Brown said about Dumbya, while in DC, is tantamount to believing in the Tooth Fairy.

Take off your blinders and you will see that all is not Valhalla.

In kindness I will merely suggest you are naive. Surely you are not stupid!?

Art A Layman said...

anon or whomever:

In seeking experts to educate me on current events you'll pardon me if I don't rush to see what Oliver North has to say. He is, however, one rung above sporie.

Anonymous said...

Oliver North - wow - there's a fountain of credibility there! Let's ask Ann Coulter what she thinks too!

KenRichards said...


Am I responsible for every anon post making dun of you?

Earth to Art, take off the tinfoil hat and lighten up on your meds,

vlad the impaler said...

Bush should yank Carter's passport and deny him reentry.

He could always get asylum in Syria or Iran.

Anonymous said...

Well Art, you are only a simpleton layman. So, you are on the bottom head of whatever totem pole of intellect upon which you reside.

Anonymous said...

well well well, looks like Steve King was right after all. I bet we don't see this in the register or hear it on Jon Stewarts daily show, so the democrats will never find out that HAMAS officially endorsed Obama for president.

Start apologizing to Steve King right now! I guess he had the FACTS.

No wonder Jimmah Cartah endorsed Obama. Kindred spirits.

Obama Rejects Hamas Official's Endorsement

( - "Senator Obama has repeatedly rejected and denounced the actions of Hamas, a terrorist organization responsible for the deaths of many innocents, that is dedicated to Israel's destruction," Sen. Barack Obama's campaign spokesman Tommy Vietor said on Thursday.

The comment came after Obama received an unsolicited endorsement from the Islamic terror group, the Washington Times reported.

Hamas' top political adviser, Ahmed Yousef, embraced the Obama campaign Sunday in an interview on WABC radio, saying, "We like Mr. Obama. We hope he will [win] the election."

Anonymous said...

Hey Ted - you blogged on this topic a while back. Looks like Martin Luther King Jr's daughter agrees with you and other republicans.

Planned Parenthood Has 'Racist Agenda,' MLK's Niece Says

By Josiah Ryan Staff Writer
April 17, 2008

( - The niece of the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., is among a group of pro-life black leaders calling for an end to federal funding for Planned Parenthood because of what she calls Planned Parenthood's "racist agenda."

"Planned Parenthood is definitely a racist organization - they have a racist agenda," Dr. Alveda King told Cybercast News Service.

"Since 1970, there has been something like 50 million abortions. About 17 million of those have been blacks. It's black genocide. They are killing our people and fooling us."

Anonymous said...

How is this supposed to work? If Iowa population is 95% white does this mean that 95% of those imprisoned must be white. We have a quota system?

So if you're black or Hispanic, you get a get-out-of-jail free card if there is already 5% minority incarcerated? Seems minorities can have a whee of a time without consequences.

Anonymous said...

Ted, where do you stand on the courthouse vote? Some of us dont care either way and would look for your lead this instance.

Anonymous said...

Another update to an earlier blog you did. The Pizza Hut guy got fired. Brad Zaun is leading a boycott of Pizza Hut - I heartily agree with Zaun. Here's the best comment on the Register story on the subject. Hey Ted - please help this guy out. Come on - I know you know Kayne Robinson of the NRA. Get Kayne Robinson on the story.

"In reading the comments, it appears that almost everyone is overlooking the fact that two (2) were being robbed, Pizza Hut and Mr. Spiers.

Surely Mr. Spiers had his own personal money and other valuable property on on his person at the time of this encounter.

Pizza Hut is completely out of line for the simple fact that Mr. Spiers had the right to defend his own property, as well as the property of any third party, to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

See Iowa Code section 704, et seq. In addition, civil liability is not an issue for the simple fact that such justified force is immune from any form of civil liability.

See Iowa Code section 707.6. I say that Mr. Spiers needs to contact an attorney an discuss the the case of wrongful termination.

Company policy cannot dictate to its employees that they have no right to defend their own person or property, whether their property is being defended or not."

Anonymous said...

Remember Vtech? Remember that brave, couragous wise old jewish holocaust survivor professor who sacrified his own life to save the lives of his students? He held the door etc.

If he'd had a gun, he might still be alive. Those dozens of students who lined up like sheep to be shot, one by one without resistance of any kind, night still be alive if one of them had had a gun to stop the crazy guy.

No one should be able to restrict your lawful and constitutionally protected right to LIFE which involves being able to protect yourself from life threatening harm.

Pizza Hut and all other companies that have these rules are wrong and perhaps it's unconstitutional.

Lets ask Ann Coulter, a Constitutional Lawyer from Columbia University to weigh in on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher wailing about the Catholic church reminds me of Eliot Spitzer wailing about prostitution. Bill's issues seem a little like he doth protest too much. Check out the smoking gun about Bill's sexual issues. Anyone ever see him with a girlfriend? nope. I've only seen him in celeb pictures with tall black women who look rented for the occasion.

Client number 666?

Anonymous said...

I'm buying Pizza Hut from now on. After the farce of a smoking law taking decision making away from private industry, it's nice to see a company with a clearly defined policy back it up for once. I may have a constitutional right to look at porn - but not while I'm on the clock. You'd think law and order Repubs wouldn't be backing up the rule breaker like this.

KenRichards said...

Man alive,

There are some REALLY GOOD anonymous postings on this thread.

BTW Art, I didn't write any of the anon comments.

Anonymous said...

to Anon who wishes to cede his right to self preservation to a fast food company - I think you should buy Pizza Hut - you are a meathead.

Liberals have not an ounce of self respect. They give up their rights to others all the time.

Their entire legislative agenda is to take away Freedom of all sorts. Freedom to smoke, freedom to ride a car, freedom to drink, freedom of assembly, freedom to work without belonging to a union, free speech, freedom of religion, freedom from harm, or in other words, liberal progressives are against life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Art A Layman said...


I know that not all the "anon" posts don't come from you but some of the more asinine ones sound a lot like you. My bad.

Art A Layman said...


I'm sure there is something being said in your post. It's just that your English usage is so bad it's not clear.

KenRichards said...

Art the English Professor?

Art A Layman said...


I am a man of many talents. If blogging is meant to communicate then comments ought to be discernible.

KenRichards said...

If “Discernible” means to be crystal clear rather than confused Art fails on all accounts considering his convoluted written contortions rarely resemble anything beyond the incoherent gibberish of an angry old man.

Art A Layman said...


Gracious! I didn't know you knew so many big words. Your high school English teacher would be proud; and I'm sure shocked.

"Incoherent gibberish", can often be more the fault of the reader's inability to comprehend.

KenRichards said...

Art, I suspect it has more to do with a scatter brained writer unable put together coherent arguments and blaming it on readers. Here's a clue, why not give us the Cliff Notes version of your arguments instead of the multi-chaptered variety so we can finish your book before dinner?

Art A Layman said...


Ever the typical American. Never let learning interfere with a good meal.

Read up on Windows and learn to use the scroll bar to breeze past that which you don't understand anyway.

KenRichards said...

You're doing much better now except for that incident with the twinkies.

Art A Layman said...


Could it be that your military commission was built on a foundation of Cliff Notes?