Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The President did a good job of responding to the typically liberal press corps today.

Take a look at today’s
video. Carefully listen to the President’s actual words and then compare it with the coverage. You will therein find the answer to any questions about press bias.

You can also read the actual
transcript here. We're doing some op research by watching the buffoon Olberman and we are must struck with the vast disconnection of between reality and the MSNBC editorial coverage.


Anonymous said...

Yikes - looks like the tax and spender Ted Sporer will have to continue working in a rat infested courthouse. Insert your own joke about that.

Anonymous said...

ted Sporer the GOP Kool Aid guy and last person who believes Bush

Drink up Thaddeus

KenRichards said...

Libs who believe it is fine to show Al Queda footage of US Service members being blown up it may come as a big surprise that the vast majority of the US military supports President Bush. Ted is not alone admiring President Bush as his reelection in 2004 demonstrates the pundits and media decision makers can't tell everyone what to think or it would have been President Kerry. Moreover, if President Bush could be on the ballot I am sure he would get many more votes than Hillary, Obama or McCain. Finally, President Bush has a better approval rating than his Democratic critics like Pelosi and Reid.

Anonymous said...

TRS gave some great advice on the Jan Michelson show.

-Little Buddy

Anonymous said...

Hey Listen. Much as I hate to mention his name, but that fucking idiot, Ken's hero, Mark Klein is now mounting a campaign (get this) to be elected Chairman of the Board of Citigroup. Naturally this groundswell of support is being launched from the New York Times blogs. Fuckin' hilarious.

KenRichards said...

Unlike the nameless poster I have been overt in my repudiation of Dr. Klein. To be honest, I think Dr. Klein is probably insane (not the joking variety but the real deal). Regardless, I cared about a valid cause and respected others within that cause which lead me to accept Dr. Klein right up to the point I got to meet him. Once I talked with I realized he was certifiable and I moved on (unlike the calypso poster above). More than likely the guy posting is the same guy spouting the anti-black banter and he's upset nobody else agrees with him. Get a clue bozo, Dr. Klein might be insane and Art the Layman might be a nom de guerre or just a kindred spirit to Klein but at least they aren't racist maggots like you.

Show me the $ said...

I just took a gander at the RPI fundraising numbers provided to me by my new SCC member and I have a just a few questions.

RPI has no money. NONE. Yet the Finance Director, Darrel Kearney is raking in nearly 6 figures in salary. Not only has his salary not been raised, but this is MAY of 2008 and there seems to be no plan in place to fill RPI's coffers. So what exactly is he being paid for?

My second brain teaser is that I thought the new chairman was supposed to be capable of raising gobs of cash. If this is the case why then are we paying him AND a finance director that has apparently mailed it in these past few years? RPI is not supposed to be an assisted living facility for political hacks. Thank you for your service and please accept this Timex digital watch as a token for your past service.

Would somebody please explain to me WTF my $200 every year to RPI has gotten us?

Anonymous said...

The McCain Hezbollah "Connection" *
April 30, 2008 8:37 PM

The campaign of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., removed a man from his Michigan Finance Committee today.

It started after conservative writer Debbie Schlussel called Michigan businessman Ali Jawad not only a supporter of Hezbollah -- a group the US State Department labels a "terrorist organization" -- but also claimed he was a "key agent of the terrorist group in the Detroit area."

After Schlussel started asking questions the McCain campaign removed him from the finance committee for a May fundraiser.

"Apparently he is a well known member of the Arab-American community in Dearborn," a McCain staffer tells ABC News. "He is also a known Republican donor and former Bush finance committee member. When these rumors surfaced he notified the campaign and we removed him from the finance committee. The guy never raised a dime for us and he isn’t even a contributor."

Yes, that's right, the McCain campaign said they removed him because of "rumors."

Jawad is president of Armada Oil & Gas Company and founder of the Lebanese American Heritage Club.

In 1997 he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor insurance fraud. Prosecutors accused him of submitting names of non-employees to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan to receive health insurance benefits and claims. He received two years of probation and he paid approximately $6,000 in fines and restitution.

In this 2002 story, Jawad is quoted saying he "rejects talk that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization that should be shunned by the United States and other governments. 'Killing innocent people -- we reject that,' he said. 'Hezbollah does not fit this category. It has protected its people.'"

Read Schlussel's story -- she lays out many charges against him.

You will note in one photograph in Schussel's story, Jawad is sitting at a table with Michael Rosen, a lawyer and policy advisor with the U.S. Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes of the U.S. Treasury Department, and Andrew Arena, Michigan FBI Special Agent in Charge, and formerly in charge of Counterterrorism for the New York FBI.

This all seems a little odd to me.

Is there anyone out there who thinks McCain supports Hezbollah? Was McCain truly offended by the notion that an Arab-American businessman with sympathy for Hezbollah supports him? Or was today's move just to deprive Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, of some future rebuttal?

- jpt

* I don't mean "Connection" literally.

UPDATE: I spelled Schlussel's name incorrectly in this original post. Apologies to her; it has been corrected. Moreover, Schlussel says that there was more to the conclusion of USA v. Makki et al, than the small fine I reported. More than $252,000 was ordered to be repaid, most of which came from or Armada Oil, and one associate was sentenced to 8 months in prison and about $75,000 in fines and restitution

Locust Tapper said...

Who is Darrel Kearney? Is he the guy from convention that was yelling at TRS? Can someome tell me if that is the same guy?

If so how would that be a good idea for someone wanting to raise money for republicans in the back yard of Chairman TRS which is the state's largest county (Polk for those of you near the Missouri border)?

Anonymous said...

No money? Are you f'ing serious?!?!? The year is half over already. What are they waiting for? Uncle Ted or anybody here, is it a leadership issue with the party or is it an institutional issue? Not all of us are beltway insiders and we rely on those in the know to keep us informed.

LMFAO said...

***RPI is not supposed to be an assisted living facility for political hacks. Thank you for your service and please accept this Timex digital watch as a token for your past service.***

Anonymous said...

This party is dead. RIP GOP.

Still tyring to be like Ted said...

Papa Bear why are you so silent about the death of RPI?

No money, no message, no purpose.

No victories.

If you don't tell Iowa Republicans the truth, who will? If not now, when?

I know you. The silence has to be killing you.

vlad the impaler said...

I welcome the death of the Republican Party. Maybe there will finally be a two party system.

Last Call said...

If only Kearney could raise money like Wieck's staff runs the Iowa Senate. Wait...

WAR TRS's Hot Spouse
WAR BK's Hot Staffer
WAR Heather Nauert

vlad the impaler said...

So much for being the party of lower taxes.

The Congressional Budget Office says current cap-and-trade legislation (McCain/Lieberman) would amount to a $1.2 TRILLION tax hike on the American economy over the next ten years.

Way to go, Republicans!!

Bob Barr '08

Ken Hoyle said...

Ken Richards, you got a lot of gall posting that crap above. A lot of gall. Your place in here is no different than the rest of us. In other words, just post your fanatical bullshit, leave it at that, and shut up. Your place is not to judge others, lest you think you can be judged yourself. Which unto itself is laughable - anybody who can be duped by Klein (sight unseen or not) is in no

Western IA Conservative said...

Maybe Mark Klein can apply to be the new finance director at RPI? He certainly can't do any worse.

KenRichards said...

Ken Hoyle.

Who the heck are you? What have you done to separate yourself from the mass of humanity? For the record I am very concerned about the inequities of the family court system and the effect of awarding de facto full custody women in rates above 90%. It is tearing our country apart and the prisons are full as a result of single mother households. So when somebody claimed to run for President on that platform I was interested. I knew the father's movement could get anyone 5% of the vote in the Iowa Caucus if we put our mind to it and make a statement. Unfortunately, Mark Klein was a complete idiot which I did not know considering I have been working overseas since 9-11 defending the rights of idiots like Ken Hoyle to live. Surely Mark Klein would've found Ted's website with or without my referral for the Presidential poll so don't blame me for his BS.

If you recall I exposed Dr. Klein for his many lies and posted the united IowaFathers.com repudiation of him on this website. TRS has no problem with what I wrote and considering he is a person of consequence and weighty accomplishment what makes you superior to Ted or me for that matter?

KenRichards said...

Setting the record straight I want to point out RPI's fund raising has been the joke of joke for years and for RPI to be broke less than a year from the Straw Poll bonanza is laughable.

Also, it is slightly possible the "Ken's Hero" comment might have been directed at Ken Hoyle and if that is the case I doubt it was the racist guy who lurks on this blog making the comment. Again, we're dealing with slight possibilities only.

Kiss Army said...

How the hell are we broke? Can one of the "anonymous" RPI staff explain how we are not broke, but rather heading in the right direction? Please, we want to believe you.

Tell me we ain't broke. How can we possibly be broke with the likes of Rathje at the top of the ticket. Nobody is giving him any money [$528.00 on hand and $2o,000.00 in loan debt to himself]. So would'nt it seem logical that the sugar daddies of our party would give to RPI for GOTV efforts instead of also ran candidates?

Art A Layman said...

Guys, guys!

The solution to your money problems could be resolved by bringing back Professor Harold Hill.

Anonymous said...

the idiot st central thinks Ted would be bad as st chair...granted, he has zero political tact, but when Ted speaks, most want to pass the offering plate when he is done. nice work so far to the 'savior' Stu.

TRS, keep preaching fire and brimstone...against the idiots running our party[oh, and the evil, lying, wierdo(susan murphy) recruiting Schmetts too]

Anonymous said...

Ted's silence on this issue speaks volumes.

vlad the impaler said...

kiss army:

RPI blew its wad on the straw poll. All they really have is one CD for a few hundred thousand but much of that is offset by debts.

No Lincoln dinner this year either.

Anyone else wondering why I'm not a Republican?

Anonymous said...

How has Chrissy Rant's "political tact" been workin for us?

How has Stu Iversons "political tact" been workin for us?

How has the SCC's "political tact"
been workin for us?

How has Gov - oh yea, haven't had that seat in over a decade

How has Majority - oh yea, Chrissy lost us the majority in the house.

How has President of the Senate - oh yea, Stu lost us the majority in the Senate.

So - who gives a rats ass what the SCC thinks about leadership. They have exactly what they chose to have. They have blood on their hands over this mess.

They chose to pay the fundraiser over 6 figures a year to not fundraise.

Those tea parties are kind of nice though. They all feel really good about their good manners.

We could use some "political tact" Ted style.

Anonymous said...

The Core of the party in IA is broken . Most Republicans have even forgotten what it means to be republican, they often mix nativist, christian and libertarian principals.
If you are not a combination of those three then you are not a conservative. Most Republcans on a local level have forgotten the core!

Less Taxes
Less Government (that is not not government for the anarchists...RON PAUL)

Strong national security--that is protecting the lives of Americans!

A strong sense of honor duty, and integrity.. (not Tom Delay)

We need to uphold the things that make our country strong. Faith, Family and life.


Leaders who are focused on themselves and not on the good of our state and country.
Rants, Vanderplaats, Nussle, Branstad, Lightfoot, Grandy and King.

We need people that are real--IE Robert Ray, Tom Latham, Jim Leach, Charles Grassley (not his grandson), and Bill Salier

Vlad the impaler said...

Charles the Senile should have been put out to pasture a long time ago. I'm not sure Latham is smart enough to know the difference between a lie and the truth.

Terry Braindead and Vander Plaats are now irrelevant. BVP sold out to the establishment and became just another politician.

King and Salier rock! Leach was a liberal but at least you knew where he stood on an issue and that he had done his homework.

As far as the "Nativist, Christian and libertarian" philosophy goes, I think you are a bit off.

The government has three basic roles; the police, the military, the courts and such internal improvements as are authorized by Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution.

Groups like ICA and Iowa Right to Life often allow their christianity to override their capacity for rational thought. They are nothing more than tools of the Republican establishment. And what to they really DO besides pay Sheffler's mortgage?

KenRichards said...


BRAVO and spot on!


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