Friday, April 11, 2008

The Week That Was: CIETC

There has already been tremendous coverage of the CIETC trial this week and we aren’t going to rehash it. Just click here and read today’s comprehensive DM Register story.

None but the most blindly partisan Democrat could deny the massive corruption that appears to be the standard operating procedure of the Polk County Democrat Machine. Testimony at the CIETC trial, from the highly placed Democrats involved silhouetted a few peaks of corruption against the PCDM’s usual panorama of dishonesty:

• The routine generation of false billing and work documents, aimed particularly at enriching the Ako/Nate Brooks front operation, “Creative Visions”.

• Boss Hogg John Mauro actively promoting CIETC, where friends and relatives were receiving lavish bonuses, all out of value with their employment status and income.

• Allowing employees to gamble all over the state while billing us, the taxpayers, for the time.

• Taxpayer funded cover ups of office romances.

There is only one question for the voter to ask that truly says it all: is CIETC an isolated act of corruption in which so many highly placed Democrats routinely engaged in the execution and cover up of bribery, theft, forgery, document falsification and other gross public malfeasances?

If your answer is “no”, then what are you going to do about it?


Anonymous said...

Notice that when Teddy makes a false accusation that he wants to state as fact he says"None but the most blindly partisan Democrat could deny the massive corruption that appears to be the standard operating procedure of the Polk County Democrat Machine"
Now notice no facts to back up the statement. None of Mauro relatives were indicted but let's insinuate that he was involved.
Where is Teddy's accusation about all those GOP county board members from the surrounding counties. Fact, One Marion County (R)supervisor spoke up before the whole mess. They were all derelict in their duty. The problem is that Teddy Parselmouth is derelict in the truth!

Ghost of gerald Ford

Is it isolated? I am sure that if there was more that Dave Vaudt would have sniffed it out or at least or Partian US attorney would have tried to make a false case out of it like mosy GOP appointees.

Hell, Ramona wasn't from Polk County but was part of that Iowa quirks of small town women officials who embezzell from from their work. It says a bunch about those small town GOP morals doesn't it

vlad the impaler said...

I would hope, if I were an elected official, that I could lay a higher class of woman than Ramona Cunningham.

If Cunningham had hit on me I would have said "Whoa, there Secretariat." Going down on Ramona must have been like pulling apart a grilled cheese sandwich.

What is it with Dems and ugly skanks?

vlad the impaler said...

Taxpayer funded cover ups of office romances.

Ramona Cunningham having sex. That mental image is where boners go to die a slow, painful death.

RF said...

Ramona having sex. Completely agree with 8:16.

Sporer - Your concluding thoughts and questions apply perfectly to the W administration. What have you been doing about that?

Anonymous said...

in your legal view, any chance that Ako will get roped into this? he sure appears awefully shady in this whole thing....