Tuesday, May 13, 2008

..... and then I stumbled across Todd Browning's extras.

The internet gets scary at night.


Anonymous said...

No - here's something scary: GOP loses another congressional seat - in Mississippi. The brown log is circling the drain. November could end up being a total bloodbath.

Anonymous said...

I am curious. Do Republicans not understand that people are paying almost $4.00 for gas. Eggs, milk and meat are skyrocketing. That people are concerned about the mortgage crisis. That people are upset that the government takes in ever more money and doesn't even talk about tax relief. That people want an end to this war so that all that money can be used for that tax relief or some other novel idea like paying down our frieken debt.

From one Republican to another, we will keep losing if all we talk about is how to prevent gays from marrying or how to save the little babies from Planned Parenthood. Those arguments are not going to be dogs that will hunt over the next decade.

Get with the program folks, or we can start having our GOP conventions the local Cracker Barrel.

vlad the impaler said...


Don't say this too loud, but their own nominee admits he does not understand economics.

The science is settled and the results are in: John McCain is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

More Curious: Why do democrats (Obama) want gas prices to go up or stay high? And what is their love and facination with taxes?

Anonymous said...

RPI doesn't care about the grassroots - a.k.a. "voters". The "professionals" who know everything there is to know about elections in Iowa but don't have a non-incumbant win since 1978 ain't listening.

The voter ain't buying what they are selling. The reason they ain't buying what currently elected republicans are selling is because there is no product to buy!

Iowa Republicans stand for nothing and inspire no one. We give them no reason to vote. Our candidates are crap and stand for nothing - just Name ID.

Name ID - we've learned you need more than that, ask Hillary, ask Nussle, ask Jeff Lamberti, ask everyone.

Door knocking? What are we telling them at the door? Nothing! Just name ID.

Phone calls? No one answers the phone anymore. What are we telling them when they do answer? - Nothing. Just name ID.

Kim Schmett is running for Congress on a platform of issues that haven't been issues since the 70's-80's. Hmmm - Rip Van Winkel disease.

1) safer streets - circa pre Rudy in NY

2) more jobs - circa 1970's or someplace not in modern times. Iowa has 3.5% unenployment, US is 4.5%, 3rd district is around 1.9%.

3) government health care - nice one Kim. Not really a republican issue, but Greg Ganske used to care about this a few decades ago when he was his staffer.

By Reid Wilson

In a major blow to national Republicans, a Mississippi congressional seat that once voted for President Bush by a twenty-five point margin elected a Democrat on Tuesday. Prentiss County Chancery Clerk Travis Childers beat out Republican candidate Greg Davis, the mayor of Southaven, by a 54%-46% margin, a spread that several Republican strategists on Capitol Hill characterized as a startling wake-up call for a party in dire straits...

...The political environment is such that voters remain pessimistic about the direction of the country and the Republican Party in general," Cole continued.

"I encourage all Republican candidates, whether incumbents or challengers, to take stock of their campaigns and position themselves for challenging campaigns this fall by building the financial resources and grassroots networks that offer them the opportunity and ability to communicate, energize and turn out voters this election."

RF said...

Anon brings up the biggest political news from yesterday. Sporer, how do you think the MS congressional race reflects on today's political reality? With your usual use of logic, I'm guessing you think it reveals some sort of R strength.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

The Mississippi loss shows the GOP's cheating ways and bankrupt policy chickens have come home to roost. When I think back to my campaign, I remember being excluded and cheated.

I didn't leave the Republican Party. Rather it left me by having no honor or real principles.

Anonymous said...

#1 GOP fear for this fall should be a Democratic president with a fillibuster proof margin in the Senate.

The Real Sporer said...

rf, you said so much more of a mouthful that you realize brother.

RF said...

Not quite sure what you mean. Could you elaborate?

The Real Sporer said...

Sadly, no I cannot.

I will say, however, that its no accident that Republican look alike Dems are winning seats like that one in Mississppi.

RF said...

Understood. - I'll give you that the D winner in MS certainly does not seem like your typical progressive leftie. I, for one, am glad we are making room for those types of folks and expanding our tent. We should have room for pro-life and pro-gun folks in our party.

Anonymous said...

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P. S. Fuck you Klein.