Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Courageous Change for the 21st Century: McCain on farm policy.

John McCain said something today in the Chicago Tribune that has needed to be said for years, particularly the last ten years.

We as a nation are entering a period of economic boom in our agriculture sectors. Farmers look to make a ton of money for the foreseeable future. The money to be made from the conversion of grain to energy will largely fuel this boom, but other factors indicatee a very bright long term future for America's farmers. Great, the Republican goal is for farmers, like everyone else, to become as wealthy as each individual's skills and effort allow.

Every time you hear a Democrat complain about rising food costs you also know that same Democrat is admitting the reality of the farming boom in progress.

McCain’s courage arises from his statement that he would veto the current Farm Bill. The 2008 Farm Bill represents nothing more than the culmination of the New Deal’s promise to remove American agriculture from the normal market cycle. The flip side of income guaranty is dependency on the source of that guarantee. As a result, the Farm Bill is wildly popular in states like ours that are heavily reliant on the agricultural economy.

But the reality is 2008 is not 1933 or 1965. American farmers are far wealthier and more secure, and far less numerous. Our need for crops, particularly corn and soy beans, and the refineries that convert crop to fuel, will only increase and so will agricultural profits. While agriculture requires that more government intervention than most sectors of the economy are we as a nation so addicted to government that we cannot ever change any part of the liberal welfare state?

Oh, I hope Johnny Mac calls for the abolition of all tobacco subsidies. Those guys need to grow corn and build some ethanol plants and distribution systems with the resources they devote to cultivating death, disease and poverty.


just when you thought Latham couldn't get any dumber said...

He voted to sue OPEC over lack of production.

What an assclown.

The vote is here:


Russ said...

I'd like to see farmers prove the worth of biofuels by running their own machinery on them first.

For the rest of us, lowering speed limits would also lower fuel and food prices, as well as pollution, accidents, road rage, and general malaise.

This approach would take courageous leadership, but I think both McCain and Obama have that quality in them.

Anonymous said...

Farmers use Ethanol, you can be sure. And bio-diesel, too.

The farm bill is mostly a non-issue among farmers, as far as i can tell. I don't think many farmers care if the bill is signed or vetoed. ---Spotlight

Art A Layman said...


I have to agree when McCain puts on his maverick hat he often makes good decisions. If he was able to let go and be the maverick he is, Obama could be in a world of hurt.

The Dems good fortune is that conservative nutcases won't let McCain be McCain. They want him to be another Reagan but they'll settle for another Bush.

A few more frank remarks, on touchy subjects, and he'll receive more Dem votes in November than Reps.

Spotlight might be correct but if I were you I'd still look both ways before crossing the street in Iowa.

P.S. Lay off the tobacco farmers. Some of us still enjoy our smokes.