Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Debate: George vs. Chris

The Polk County Republican Party sponsored last night’s United States Senate Republican Primary Debate last night. Christopher Reed and George Eichhorn participated. Steve Rathje stuck to his refusal to debate and did not appear or participate.

Thanks to Sid and the gang at IPTV. They were friendly and cooperative and very professional. TRS surely appreciate the personal help with “TV presence” that the IPTV staff afforded. Nothing like a free post-graduate education.

Thanks also to Dave Price. Dave did a great job as a moderator. The follow up questions kept the Beltway contestants’ feet to the fire, which, of course, is the real purpose of the debate in the first place.

There was great clash on the issues. Please take the time to watch the commercial free debate, it’s the best look you’ll get at our Senate candidates.


vlad the impaler said...

Rathje is a pussy and a coward. He was probably on his tanning bed provided by the GOP establishment and couldn't be bothered to associate with mere mortals.

Hawkeye GOPer said...

Ah Vlad.. Don't be too sure about Rathje being the "establishment" guy.. So many people have had it with him..they're going to vote for one of the other two.

People have seen that Rathje has run a TERRIBLE nearly 3 years of running..Rathje has raised no money...has no war chest built up..

Then he goes on this arrogant streak--capping off with this foolish move to not debate his opponents.

Nice. So you want us to put you against Harkin..but you dont have the balls to debate your own primary opponents?

What's sad about that in 3 years..he still has the same stump speech..the same rehearsed lines..but..start questioning him..and he falls apart.

Someone who campaigns for three years shouldn't do that.

That's why when people saw his FEC reports..and how he was on the trail..that others stepped up to run against him..

That's the most telling tale right there..

vlad the impaler said...

The problem is that Leon Mosley (one of the only Repubican functionaries in Iowa who is worth a shit) has endorsed Rathje. There are a whole lot of Republicans in this state who are sheep and if they see Leon hanging out with this twit, they will be more inclined to vote for the guy.

I actually ran into one of Rathje's people at a bar a couple of months ago. They told me that they were going to run a "clean" and "positive" campaign. I informed them that, to beat Harkin, you needed to kick his guts in every day. As they say in rural Iowa, you need to stomp a mudhole in him and walk it dry. They aren't willing to do that.

Al said...

Many Iowans have seen Rathje for what he is. A wannabe politician. He can't speak, he can't debate, and he has no substance. Personally I think that Reed is the candidate that can beat Harkin, but if Eichhorn gets the nod, I can vote that way as well. I like them both. I think that we would be more likely to get Dems to vote for Reed because he is a new face and he is not a politician.

Anonymous said...

I was forwarded this email from a Rathje supporter:

"As you may know, Steve was not involved in the recent IPTV debate. The Rathje campaign was approached -- but only a few days ago -- about taking part in the debate. We advised the debate organizers that our schedule was booked solid throughout the months of May and June - with bookings already in July, August and even September.

Obviously, if we would have accepted the debate invitation, we would have had to break a commitment to others. Steve had prior commitments and believes canceling would have been going back on his word and would have shown a lack of respect for the hard work they put into planning and preparing for their event. Steve is not the kind of typical politician who passes up one event when a better offer comes along."

Steve Rathje for U.S. Senate Campaign

Let's think about this:
(A) Friday Night in Des Moines
(B) 7:30 PM preach @ Lincoln Dinner
(C) Cannot make 9:00 PM in West DM

Rathje spells "chicken" A-B-C

Anonymous said...

It took those Rathje jag offs 48 hours to come up with that lame ass excuse?

The last guy proves Rathje isn't so good at spelling, now let's try math.

Hang around the Lincoln Dinner after speaking-crowd 500.

Participate in the debate-audience 30000.

Internet audience-15000.

Rathje might fit into Congress with math skills like that.

Anonymous said...

I was not at the Lincoln Day Dinner, but am glad to hear that Rathje hung around to talk to the folks.

For two years his MO has been to arrive late and leave early. Just be there long enough to deliver his sermon from the stage or the podium.

HawkeyeGOPer said...

Well..Rathje's "excuse" in that email..doesn't match up with what he's been telling people...that those "other Johnny-Come-Lately candidates" didn't DESERVE to stand on the same stage with him...

Rathje's has run one of the crappiest campaigns we've ever seen in Iowa. 3 years...and no grassroots support base, and an arrogant candidate.

Yeah..thats gonna win the election in the fall.

Rathje seems to think that magically overnight 3 million dollars will come to him if he wins the primary..

Yeah..right..Do the words Art Small mean anyting to you Steve?

Yeah..Art Small..the guy who took on Grassley in 04'. Know what he got beat by? 75-25. That's what you're heading towards if you win on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Christopher Reed!

I sure hope Rathje follows up on all of those prior engagements he mentioned in his lame assed excuse he sent out earlier:

"We advised the debate organizers that our schedule was booked solid throughout the months of May and June - with bookings already in July, August and even September."

It appears that Rathje probably will continue to "not be in the same room" with Reed. Reed moves on and Rathje returns to work.

Will Rathje's last place finish have any impact on Leon Mosely?

What about County Chairs that chaired Rathje's efforts in their county?


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