Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More Democrat twilight government

It looks like Gov. Culver has found yet another way to operate the state government like the Star Chamber.

Iowa was one of the first states to adopt a “sunshine” statute, now known as “Iowa’s Freedom of Information Act”. The IFOIA has been a cornerstone brake on the exercise of secret as well as almost unlimited power.

Going back to the destruction of Gov. Vilsack’s emails to prevent their disclosure the Democrats have been working hard, albeit somewhat secretly, to block the disclosure of information that describes the inner working of government.

Now, we learn in
today’s DM Register is reporting that Culver is actually going to bill the public for the time the state lawyer’s spend reviewing documents. At even the relatively modest charge of $25 - $35 per hour all but affluent inquirers would be priced into disinterest.

Although the State lawyers are paid salaries, hence already paid by the taxpayers to review documents that we, the taxpayers who pay the lawyers to review documents, request, Chet sees the FOIA as a profit center.

The Democrats new motto-all the government you can pay for?


Anonymous said...

Why is there no comment on a Republican legislator slipping in a late night gift for small town hospitals? Isn't this the same brand of politics? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

From the DSM Register. Your cover story is another illustration of why the voters will NOT vote to give more money down the rathole. The Polk County Supervisors are dominated by Democrats.

Today's Inbox: Voters didn't trust county to spend courthouse money

A reader's view

It’s fun to read the editorial board’s reasons for the failure of the vote to build a new Polk County Courthouse. It shows how disconnected they are from public opinion.

The voters of Polk County no longer trust elected officials to spend their money. As we watch the cash go out for CIETC and the CIETC trial, why should we vote to give the county more money to fritter away?

— Rick Neufeld, Des Moines

Art A Layman said...


I am shocked! Is it not you conservatives who promote the value of the entrepreneurial spirit. You get a Governor who takes your advice and you complain?

Anonymous said...

Bob and EJ - please listen to what this and the other recent tax votes mean. It's not that we don't believe we need a new courthouse.

Start reviewing where your money currently goes and decide if that has more priority than this new building.

You have enough tax money from us already. How about the Prairie Meadows money? How about the money you give to Creative Visions for no particular purpose, it seems. How about shutting down CIETC completely as a completely unnecessary expense. How about all that money that goes to those other useless nonprofits? How about Mauro giving back the millions in taxes he's getting from taxpayers to pay for his FOR HIS OWN PERSONAL PROFIT apartment complex?

Why do we always start with the premise that the money we spend today is still necessary to spend? Why doesn't any program ever stop!!!!

Use the money you already get. Reprioritize. Be brave. Be couragous. Be leaders. Make tough choices.

What now? The supervisors in an informal board discussion Wednesday morning seemed perplexed. Every one of the remaining options for providing sufficient space for the courts will cost money.

Anonymous said...

uhmm...so what do we need supervisors for? They NOW must take charge of the issue???? Just NOW? For once I agree with Mauro - It's time for the supervisors to "step up".


"If anything good came of Tuesday's results, at least all five board members now recognize they must take charge of this issue.

Up to now, the board has stood on the sidelines and let a group of volunteer lawyers and judges try to sell the idea to voters.

"The board has an obligation to step up," Supervisors Chairman John Mauro acknowledged Wednesday."

Anonymous said...

So, the supervisors were not involved in this project and they want us to trust them with our money???????

No wonder the public is cynical.

Anonymous said...

How about we use that new increase in our sales tax money that is collected statewide and use it to build infrastructure beyond just schools? How about that sales tax collected in Podunk Iowa be given back to polk county on a per citizen basis to pay for our needed courthouse?

vlad the impaler said...


Why do you hate children?

Anonymous said...

I remember when the nice neighborly folks came to my door to convince me to vote for this tax. They GUARANTEED me that it would sunset in 10 years. They GUARANTEED they would do what they promised to do.

They knew back then they never were going to let this tax sunset. This was the first of many lies told by various elected entities - just trust us. Every single level of government have lied to us - including R's & D's in Congress on Earmarks.

Well - elected officials, we don't trust you and we aren't going to give you any more money. No courthouse, no project destiny, no more no more no more.

"...school districts like Des Moines have long supported the statewide tax proposal largely because education officials will not have to ask voters to renew the 1-cent tax in 2010."

KenRichards said...

I remember the campaign for the local option sales tax in 1998 and the way local tv got on board reporting on school needs as well as pro tax stories. After the election I remember the news showing teachers and elementary students cheering and displaying signs saying "Thank you." Of course, within a few years the school district sought more money and many of the planned improvements never occurred. No wonder Polk County residents are saying fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice shame on me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well - at least Valley got an $8 million dollar football field out of the deal.

Anonymous said...

Remember the touchplay scam?

Anonymous said...

I will not make a secret deal withe touchplay owners. Roughly what Chet Culver said prior to election.

I made a secret deal with the touchplay owners who contributed to my campaign - former republicans. Roughly what Chet really doing after the election.

That money might have paid for some courthouses.

Anonymous said...

We promise to use the billions from the tobacco settlement to exterminate cigarette smoking in our lifetimes, cure everyone and pay for their healthcare related to smoking.

What they said prior to getting the money.

We got about $50,000 of that by taking it up front and we put in the general ledger to pay for our pet projects and their is no money in the tobacco fund to do any of those things we promised to do.

Raise the cigarette tax - dammit!

Anonymous said...

Senior living trust fund?


Anonymous said...

I just need $100 million dollars for a power fund as a monument to my superior leadership in energy. We are going to be the Silicon Valley of Energy!!!!

We will cure the world of all that ails it. Yes, with just $100 million dollars of tax money to give away to Al Gores Hedge fund companies, Joe Sixpack will benefit greatly!!!

What Chet Culver roughly said with his first legislative agenda. We all know that's ridiculous.

$100 million dollars! How many schools won't be helped? How many children won't get new playgrounds? How many children won't be able to get healthcare? How many children will have old textbooks? So any things that could be solved with %100 million dollars.

Chet hates children, teachers and schools.