Monday, May 12, 2008

More Monday good news: Mac’s lead grows.

More good news for Monday. Look to the left, the electoral map update for this morning shows Johnny Mac has widened his lead over the Drama by taking the composite lead in Michigan with its 17 Electoral Votes. The Mac Attack leads in states totaling 290 Electoral votes.

We will be updating the Electoral map to the left every couple of days, or as events dictate.


Anonymous said...

So they lied to us again. Just one more big fat lie told by the big fat liar democrats. You sure can tell the Iowa democrats are heathen godless types cause not a one of them is fit to teach Sunday School.

"City officials could redirect money collected from local-option sales taxes without the public's vote under a last-minute amendment added to a state budget bill in the final hours of this year's legislative session."

Anonymous said...

"Sen. Bob Dvorsky, a Coralville Democrat who was listed as the manager of the 35-page amendment, acknowledged that the issue and a few other proposals wrapped into the amendment probably deserved more debate."
Why let a little truth telling get in the way of a good "f***ing by our elected democrats.

So much for the Register and what used to be their job - reporting for the public rather than to be an agent of the Iowa democrat party.

I wonder how long it will take for the Register to ask for some of those dollars so they can build a new headquarters in Des Moines at Taxpayer expense.

Anonymous said...

I want those tax dollars coming back to polk on a per capita basis to pay for our new courthouse!

Anonymous said...

State 29 doesn't think much of the liars and whores in the legislature either. Mike Gronstals wife sits on the Iowa Civil Rights Commission and she just tried to use that office to eliminate Steve Kings free speech. Quite a little pair those two. Abuse office for their own personal gain. I bet he's got some great land that needs some corporate welfare over their in Council Bluffs. He's learned how Jack Hatch, Bill Knapp and Mauro got rich off the taxpayer. Why shouldn't he get rich too?
Senate Majority Leader Michael Gronstal, a Democrat, acknowledged last week that he is the "primary impetus" behind the local-option change because his hometown, Council Bluffs, is interested in the plan.

Gronstal then points his finger at Rants because Rants tried to pull the same sort of thing a few years ago, which I could believe.

They're all a bunch of liars and whores. - State 29

Anonymous said...

Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn, an Obama supporter, compared Clinton to the Glenn Close character in "Fatal Attraction" -- a spurned woman turned stalker who was apparently drowned in a bathtub only to jump up one more time to be shot dead.


Anonymous said...

Check out the Clinton #'s. Thank god we get to run against Obama. Even better wait till the Dems learn about some of Obama's IL house votes. Shocking!!

Anonymous said...

Register Staff Writers

A union trying to organize Postville meatpacking workers had asked federal immigration authorities earlier this month not to raid the Agriprocessors Inc. plant while a government investigation was underway of possible labor law violations.

The illegal immigrants to whom the democrat wish to give "sanctuary" are stealing the identifications of legal citizens. Do democrats understand what happens to innocent people when their ID is stolen and used? Their life is ruined. This is stealing.

Why do democrats want to have this happen to innocent people? This is serious harm to real people. This isn't just helping out some poor folks from mexico as if there isn't any harm to anyone.

Hillary and OBama intend to give sanctuary to sanctuary cities. They don't care about the very damaging real crime of identify theft.

Anonymous said...

oh no wonder the union tried to dissuade the raid. The union sure is lookin out for Joe Sixpack whose ID just got stolen.

"The union had been trying to organize the plant’s non-union workers for collective bargaining purposes, said Jill Cashen, a UFCW spokeswoman in Washington, D.C."

Anonymous said...

A useless poll now that Bob Barr is running. Real conservatives now have an option on the presidential ticket.

Anonymous said...

Iowa Labor Commissioner Dave Neil confirmed Monday that a state investigation was underway of possible labor law violations at the Agriprocessors plant in Postville.

The probe involved alleged violations of wage and child labor laws, he said."
So Iowa law enforcement cared about wages (to help the union prove their case for unionization no doubt with respect to low wages) and kids (of course), but the theft of ID and SSN's is of no concern.

We need ICE to care about the adults.

Thanks Iowa law enforcement for caring about me - an Iowan who had their identity stolen.

Anonymous said...

I'm gettin me a ticket to Boston and I'm goin to deal with some tea.

I love how Cownie says the legislature needed to clarify it for the court. I think the court does the clarification in the 3 branch system of government and they have spoken about the illegal taxation without representation.

Now - this 1 cent sales tax scam that just happened to us needs to go to court as another illegal bait and switch tax, or something.

It's outrageous that those tax dollars would go to private citizens to develop FOR PERSONAL PROFIT commercial real estate development!


Des Moines leaders say they are disappointed that lawmakers did not strengthen the city's position in a court fight over natural-gas and electricity fees before the legislative session adjourned last month.

City leaders pushed for legislation that reinforced their right to collect nearly $13 million a year from a "franchise fee" on customers' utility bills.

The city must justify the amount to a judge in October as part of a lawsuit that calls the fee an illegal tax.

"The Legislature could have made a decision that would have clarified all of that for the courts," Mayor Frank Cownie said.

Alan Kemp, executive director of the Iowa League of Cities, said the court decision could drastically alter elected officials' ability to keep budgets healthy in the 12 cities where the fees are collected.

"That was one of the pushes we made very early for some of these cities that are cash poor as a way to supplement" their budgets, he said.

Anonymous said...

"That was one of the pushes we made very early for some of these cities that are cash poor as a way to supplement" their budgets, he said." - Alan Kemp - Ex Dir Iowa League of "F**** the average citizen league of democrat controlled city councils league.

I guess that proves the point of illegal taxation. Just call the tax a "franchise fee". Those dumb citizens will never notice.

vlad the impaler said...

McCain is leading? Good. Then he doesn't need conservative votes so I'm free to write in John Galt.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE ON ICE RAID TODAY from the register. 300 legal citizens had their ID's stolen. I remember reading about more than one Iowa bank and several other financial services companies having their data stolen for potential use. Here is one fraudulent use right here in River City.

"At least 300 people were arrested during the operation, the largest of its kind in Iowa, said Claude Arnold, a special agent with ICE.

The raid targeted people who illegally used other people's Social Security numbers and were in the U.S. illegally.

According to an affidavit, “Based on information thus far developed in the investigation, it appears, based on 2007 fourth quarter payroll reports, that approximately 76 percent of the 968 employees of Agriprocessors were using false or fraudulent social security numbers in connection with their employment.”

vlad the impaler said...

This is Vlad reminding you to help control the McCainiac population. Have them spayed or neutered.

Anonymous said...

Bob Barr has decided to leave the republican party to a party which believes in legalized drugs, Prostitution and infantcide. Hell they may even allow murder because government shouldn't settle disputes people should.

Bob Barr the nut that makes nuts go nutty!

vlad the impaler said...


What are you smoking?

Barr does not believe in legalizing infanticide. He is still pro-life and his lifetime ACU rating (98%) is higher than McCain's (86%).

Drugs and prostitution SHOULD be legalized. There is no logical reason for their criminalization other than government shock troops needing something to do.

He is legitimately for smaller government and, unlike McCain, he does not buy into the global warming hoax. That means that , also unlike McCain, Barr is capable of rational thought.

Anonymous said...

This is why Hamas wants Obama to be president. They believe that Obama will do nothing to stop their plans to eradicate Israel. The democrat party in general thinks it's ok to eradicate Israel. Heck - Jimmah Cartah supports them in this effort.

Why do Jews vote Democrat? It doesn't make any sense at all.

Democrats hate Jews and everything religious unless it's Muslims.

Tehran - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday that Israel would "be soon swept away" from the Palestinian Territories by the Palestinians. It is the second time within less than three years that the Iranian president predicted the eradication of the Jewish state.

The first time was in 2005 when Ahmadinejad hoped that Israel would be eradicated from the Middle East map.

Anonymous said...

Iowa democrats are in favor of slave labor. how do our elected democrats square this with their union masters who tell them what to do and when to do it?

"In 1999, Iowa's Governor Tom Vilsack proposed that his state be allowed a special federal dispensation from existing immigration laws, so it could import hundreds of thousands of foreign workers.

Not messing around with pretense, Vilsack admitted that cheap labor is his goal. His concerns are for Iowa's business corporations, that desire to avoid paying the kind of wages that would have to be paid to American workers..."

Anonymous said...

I remember when Perry was a real decent town. Most of the folks worked a the packing plant in Perry. They owned their homes etc.

Now? A far different story since they got rid of all those American citizens from Perry who were perfectly willing to work at the packing plant.

Not for $5 an hour though. How do democrats sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

Bob Barr Leaving the Party to a party that supports Pro-choice, Dope-Smoking, and Post-Birth Murder. Means that those issues were not really important to him in the first place. Ask anyone from GA, Bob Barr is a lunatic! The guy is disgruntled because he couldn't get re-elected to congress. He at best is relevated to angry talk radio shows. The 3-4 perscent that vote for him are basically saying that Obama and communism would be acceptable. A vote for Barr is a vote for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Barr is no more a lunatic than Steve King is. Real conservatives will NOT bend over and vote for McCain.

Anonymous said...

Barr is no more a lunatic than Steve King is. Real conservatives will NOT bend over and vote for McCain.

Anonymous said...

Steve Kings is limited career wise because he is so far out there.
There is a MASSIVE difference between Conservative, Libertarian, and Nativists. King is a Nativist! Not a Republican and not a conservative.

Please don't confuse the three.

vlad the impaler said...

My, my. You unctious religio McCainuses sure are a hyperactive lot.

Let's look at how "crazy" Barr is:

Floor manager of the Clinton Impeachment;
98% lifetime from the ACU (McCain 86%)
A+ from Numbers USA
100% pro-life rating
Barr is still pro life and believes that the decision should go back to the states (federalism).

That is the position that Fred Thompson and Romney took and the activist set was masturbating over those two.

Let's keep digging:

Barr is a member of the NRA Board of Directors.
A+ from Gun Owners of America (McCain's last four years C, C-, F, F)
He was a co-author of the Defense of Marriage Act.
Member of the Federalist Society.

The guy sure sounds bat shit crazy to me!

(/sarcasm off

A vote for Barr is a vote for Obama.

Um. No. A vote for Barr is a vote for Barr. You illustrate the arrogance of the Republicans and Democrats. They think that one of them has a [reference to deity ruled unconstitutional by the 9th Circus Court of Appeals]-given right to everyone's vote.

The 3-4 perscent that vote for him are basically saying that Obama and communism would be acceptable.

Spelling error aside, that is not what we are saying at all. We are saying that we no longer want to buy what the Republican Party is selling. In doing so, we are also saying that McCain and amnesty, tax increases, environmental hysteria and destruction of the First Amendment are UNacceptable.

You want to win, put up a decent candidate. McCain is a dangerous combination of senility and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

"Barr is still pro life and believes that the decision should go back to the states (federalism)."

This is not Pro-life! Therefore Barr is not Pro-life.

Pro-Life is supporting a constitution al amendment that re-affirms the constitution (we are granted the inalienable right to life).

Anonymous said...

Logic Say that if you vote for Barr and he gets his 3% and McCain get 48% and Obama get 49% then my Dear friend Vlad (Vladamir...Interesting that you choose a russian name) you then voted for increased government, earmarks, tax increases, massive increases in social welfare, higher gas prices, and a third rate economy. You may not like McCain but the option of not voting for him is so much worse.

Anonymous said...

McCain has never voted for or supported a tax increase!

vlad the impaler said...

McCain has never voted for or supported a tax increase!

I call bullshit. His McCain/Lieberman (funny how he never sponsors legislation with Republicans) cap-and-trade "global warming" legislation would cost $1.3 TRILLION. That is roughly a tax increase of $3,500 per person. Let's also not forget that he invoked the Edwards/Kerry/Kennedy class warfare rhetoric in opposing the Bush tax cuts.

massive increases in social welfare, higher gas prices, and a third rate economy.

And I suppose the McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill would solve the welfare and economic problems, huh? His amnesty legislation would bankrupt the US. As for gas prices, he is unwilling to drill in ANWR or off the coasts. So just how is he going to fix the gas price problem?

You may not like McCain but the option of not voting for him is so much worse.

You guys tried that argument in 2004 and 2006. How well did that work out for the Republicans?

vlad the impaler said...

Remember if you vote for McCain you get the following:

1. A President who once sought out the socialist Democrats in 2001 to become a member.

2. A President who was considered by John Kerry as a potential VP running mate in 2004.

3. A President who has been funded by communist billionaire George Soros.

4. A President who has sponsored a bill(McCain-Kennedy) with a socialist that would have granted amnesty to illegal aliens.

5. A President who sponsored a bill(McCain-Feingold) with a socialist that would have restricted free speech.

6. A President that sponsored a bill(Lieberman-McCain Stewardship Climate Act) with a socialist that is based on the fallacy of human induced global warming.

7. A President who promised to meet with La Raza during his campaign.

8. A President who admonished his own party and defended Marxist Obama because the North Carolina GOP ran an ad against Obama.

9. A President who promised not to stop sanctuary cities during his campaign.

10. A President who promised never to drill in ANWR during his campaign.

To variate on a theme: Voting for John McCain is like eating a box of Ex-Lax. You always know what you're going to get.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather vote for Barr and sleep well at night than vote for McCain, go home, shower with bleach, and still feel like I whored myself away to the Republican Party.

vlad the impaler said...


Let's have a contest. You and I can vote for Barr and the rest of these sheep can vote for McCain. Then we will see who sleeps better on election night.

Anonymous said...

Better Question will we be able to sleep if Obama becomes president?

Tell the truth Vlad!

Stop spreading half truths and lies.

Anonymous said...

I call Bull shit on you Vlad. McCain Lieberman has no taxing authority. It actually is a response to measures that would tax emissions from polluters instead it requires all polluters to report their emission levels and those who refuse to report their pollution face fines.

The provisions of this bill would only apply penalties to those who would basically pour lead based paint into the mouth of a child.

Why do you really hate McCain???

Tell the truth

vlad the impaler said...

will we be able to sleep if Obama becomes president?

Obama may be able to do less damage than McCain. Follow me here; the Republicans (in theory) will filibuster Barack [redacted] Obama if he says "Good Morning." They will roll over for McCain.

Either candidate will grant amnesty to illegals and thereby destroying the Republican party anyway. Good luck!

McCain Lieberman has no taxing authority.

McCain/Lieberman would cost the average person $3,500 per year. Same thing. The middle class gets fucked because McCain bought into a hoax. Does he think the Tooth Fairy will help pay down the debt? Maybe Al Gore will be his running mate?

Why do you really hate McCain???

See my previous posts. The guy is a flaming liberal. I don't vote for liberals regardless of party affiliation. Republicans could run Stalin as a Republican and the sheep would be on this site attempting to paint him as a conservative.

vlad the impaler said...

The best analog I can think of for this year's presidential race is the old Monty Python skit "Upperclass Twit of the Year" with each uncoordinated doofus out-spazzing each other in the dash for the finish line.

vlad the impaler said...

From Larry Thornburg of The American Spectator:

"America is so far gone in the global warming superstition that the Republican candidate for president (the REPUBLICAN!) is proposing a Soviet scheme to take decisions about energy use out of the private sector where they belong and turn them over to politicians and bureaucrats. If there's a quicker way to make America into a Third World nation, pray tell me what it is."

McCainuses, any response?